OSI_palm trees FBWith Spring Break on the horizon—that brings us to the topic of Security. You can reduce your chances of getting into a dangerous mishap by taking a few precautions before you leave. Here are a few tips and tricks to help you stay safe while working remotely:


1.) Using Office365? Than accessing your files will be a walk on the beach-literally. Access all of your files in the cloud, from any device!

Don't have Office 365? Just click here to learn more:learnmore

2.) Secure Luggage: Are you checking your laptop or carrying on? Even if you’re carrying your bag, it’s still a good idea to add a lock on your laptop bag.

3.) Practice Good Policy: Check your company policies prior to traveling.

4.) Verify the wireless access point is legit: The first thing most of us do when we pull out our laptop at a Starbucks, an airport, or other public location is check for available wireless access points. You'll find plenty of open access points laying around, especially in the city.

5.) Pay attention to certificate errors: Don't ignore those pesky certificate errors you see in your browser. When your on the road you really need to force yourself to take stock in the errors. If you’re browsing to paypal.com and get an "Invalid Certificate" error it's possible that your getting man-on-the-middle. Do business elsewhere until the problem is corrected.



Remember that when you’re on the road you don't have all the protection your afforded at the office. Slow down and think about what and where your clicking. Good luck and safe travels!