3 Ways to Help Employees Care About Cybersecurity

It is up to you to ensure that your employees keep your systems secure. Here are a few tips to make your staff care about cybersecurity.

In December 2019, Infosecurity Magazine published that when it comes to small businesses cybersecurity, Las Vegas is still the most insecure city. The main risk is accessing cloud apps using high-risk networks, yet the State of Nevada's cybersecurity budget remains hugely underfunded.

Therefore, given the costly consequences of cyber-attacks, it is up to you to ensure that your employees are doing everything possible to keep your systems secure. Let's give you a few tips to make your staff care about cybersecurity.
Employees learning new cybersecurity measures while in the office.

Training in Cybersecurity

According to Secure Sense, employees don't care about cybersecurity due to their lack of knowledge of organizational policies. Others know the security policies but believe they get in their way, while others do not understand the risk they expose the company to because, to them, IT security is not in their job description.

It is your job to make your staff know of all the policies that exist within the organization upon recruitment. That way, you will create a mindset reflecting the organization's stand on cybersecurity matters. Since technology keeps advancing and hackers devise new ways to attack, ensure that your employees get regular training to keep abreast of new developments.

Therefore, annual workshops are not enough; employees must undergo constant updates the same way you update your hardware and software as often as possible. Live training is the best type of cybersecurity training as it helps you see firsthand how staff will react.


It is not enough to train your employees about cybersecurity. You have to enforce the policies, but a negative response will not yield positive results. If you blame an employee for not following through, they will prefer to cover up their mistake next time. 40% of employees worldwide hide cybersecurity incidents. However, you can prevent this by laying down infrastructure for your staff to report any threats as soon as they suspect it, without them being blamed for it.

Instead of punishing such discoveries, you can encourage employees to always be on the lookout for any vulnerability. For instance, test their preparedness and reward the person who scores highest. Such motivation will boost employees' morale in enforcing the cybersecurity policies you have laid down in your organization.

Lead By Example

Create a security culture by continually communicating with your staff about what is expected of them. That means changing passwords regularly, using strong passwords, and never using the same password for different accounts. Recognize those who are passionate about security and provide advancement opportunities. Go as far as sponsoring those who want to further their security studies. You have to put your money where your mouth is; otherwise, your staff will not be serious about cybersecurity.

Your seriousness about cybersecurity should also be evident in how often you update the software. Insist that updates are done when they should. Any delays on your part and your staff will see that you also don't care about cybersecurity, so why should they.

Hire a Competent IT Services Provider for Cybersecurity

Orbis Solutions Inc. provides security awareness training (SAT) and imparts relevant skills and knowledge. We offer email security by educating your staff on recognizing phishing and what to do should they come across such emails.

Never compromise your cybersecurity; cover all the bases with a reliable IT company such as Orbis SoIutions Inc. Regardless of your business's size, we offer solutions to suit your needs. We are licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission and have been operating for over ten years providing all Las Vegas businesses with IT services. Contact us today to schedule your no-obligation risk-free IT assessment.

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