Orbis Solutions offer SentinelOne to provide protection against diverse modes of attack: Executables, Fileless, Documents, Browser, Scripts, and Credentials. All of these are monitored live, 24/7 by the Security Operations Center.

SentinelOne believes that your next-generation endpoint protection solution should give you complete confidence that your sensitive data is protected against ransomware and other sophisticated attacks.

In fact, they will assure it.

In an industry leading move, SentinelOne is offering customers a warranty to ensure that no ransomware attack will go undetected and cause irreparable damage. SentinelOne does not advise ransomware victims on whether or not to pay the ransom but understands that there are times when it is necessary to recover data quickly. In the event that your organization must pay the ransom, SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP) customers covered by the SentinelOne Ransomware Warranty will be reimbursed up to $1,000 USD per affected endpoint if we’re unable to keep you safe from a ransomware attack, and up to a maximum of $1,000,000 USD per company.

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