The Best Ink Printers For Businesses Across Las Vegas

Having a reliable and affordable printer is an essential part of keeping your office IT in good shape.

Low Cost Ink Printers For Las Vegas Businesses

We all know about the inconvenience and expense of replacing the ink in our office printers year after year. More than a few opinions have been made about how much unnecessary money we have to spend annually for that ink.

If it feels like you're being scalped buying printer ink every few months, it's time to find a printer with cheaper ink capability. Various ones do exist out there, and we have them listed for you here.

Having a reliable and affordable printer is an essential part of keeping your office IT in good shape.

1. Canon's MX922 All-In-One Printer

You might be surprised to learn how many top-tier printer brands offer cheaper ink. Canon is one of the best printer manufacturers in the world, but they understand how offices often operate on a budget.

Their MX922 All-In-One printer is a great example of giving you quality prints without the hassle of overpricing replacement ink cartridges. This model is also wireless, has a scanner, plus fax capability.

An auto document reader on this is another convenient feature to prevent feeding individual pieces of paper into the printer. Even better, it prints 15 pages per minute, which is fast, if not the fastest available in the printer industry.

For a basic printer to use in a home office, it's ideal. Ink cartridges cost anywhere from $10-$14, making it a superior budget printer without sacrificing print quality.

2. Brother MFC-J995DW

We all know Brother makes some excellent printers at more affordable prices. They've also moved into the market of creating printers with cheap ink replacements thanks to their MFC-J995DW.

Their INKvestment Tank ink system is already a major plus on this model. It helps you get a very good cost-per-print ratio before your cartridges need to be replaced.

The cost-per-print on this is very low thanks to the INKvestment printing technology alone. Replacement cartridges are cheaper than the average as well.

One drawback is it does print slower than some printers. However, if you're just doing casual prints in your home office, it's one of the most affordable out there. This can still handle printing multiple pages for months without costing you a fortune.

3. Epson EcoTank ET-4760

While Brother is usually made for home use, Epson has a cheap ink model that's best used in a professional office. The EcoTank ET-4760 continues to be one of their most affordable models with seldom-needed ink refills.

The ink economy is thanks to one of the lowest cost-per-print percentages on the market. You can print a remarkable number of pages on this printer before it shows any sign of needing new ink.

With high-scan resolution, a scanner, and wireless capability, it's truly a winner. Its only drawback is color prints do take longer than black prints. Nevertheless, it's an excellent choice for a small office setting.

Expect to pay around $500 for this one, though Epson has similar 3760 and 2760 models with cheaper price tags.

4. HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e

HP still leads the way in printers as they have for decades. At one time, they didn't offer many cheaper ink alternatives. Now they do with their 9025e model, currently priced at around $350.

As another wireless printer, it also has the distinction of being a faster printer on a budget. This prints up to 24 black ink pages per minute, and 20 pages per minute for color pages.

Two-sided scanning is another plus on this one, though the real standout is HP's recent incentive to give you six months of free ink. To do this, you have to sign up for HP+ first, so there is a trade-off.

Still, HP+ is a good investment since it also gives you cloud-based printing features, something very important for your office nowadays. It's even possible to create documents on the printer itself, making it one of the more feature-rich budget printers around.

5. Brother HL-L2300D Monochrome Laser Printer

Yet another Brother model had to go on our list. Considering this is a laser printer, it's one of the most affordable available, albeit being strictly monochrome. One reason for its affordability is the toner you buy doesn't cost as much as it does for other laser printers.

Its only downside is the toner is a bit complicated to install. This is still terrific in how it prints. It can print 2000 pages per month without the toner ink wearing out overly fast.

Those of you who've wanted a laser printer in your office should consider this to save a little more money. Mobile printing on this is also exceptional, making it perfect if you need to print when out of the office for long hours.

While you can't do color prints on this, basic black-ink documents are going to look better than virtually any other monochrome printer available today.

6. Canon Office Products PIXMA TS5020 BK Wireless Printer

We picked this other cheap Canon ink printer because they made their PIXMA TS5020 very compact, making it perfect if you need more office space. Besides being wireless, it has the capability to do black and color prints. Plus, at $200, it's a good mid-range price.

A 5-point individual ink system brings more ink economy, not including duplex printing on both sides of the paper. Best of all, it comes with a free ink set, giving you more money savings.

Both Canon and Epson ink cartridges are becoming some of the most affordable, even if one can argue all ink is still more expensive than it should be.

7. Samsung Xpress M2070W Printer

Yes, Samsung also makes printers, and this is, arguably, their best one. Even though it's a laser printer, it prints fast and has an eco-mode that makes toner replacement only necessary occasionally.

This even lets you scan images to your mobile device, giving it innovative features you'd expect from Samsung. Know this only prints in monochrome, which is suitable for most businesses.

For printing images, the eco-mode lets you replace bitmaps with sketches, adding another clever eco-friendly option.

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