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Kelly Connery Joins Las Vegas Computer Support Company Orbis Solutions Full-Time as Our VP of Business Development!

Orbis Solutions Inc, Top IT Firm for computer support in Las Vegas would like to welcome Kelly Connery, VP of Business Development, to the ...

How Easily Can Hackers Steal Information by Exploiting Heartbleed?

Security Watch Tests the Vulnerability to Find Out! Last week, security researchers revealed details about a dangerous security flaw known as Heartbleed. The security ...

Warning: Prepare To Encounter Phishing Emails In The Wake Of Heartbleed!

A dangerous security flaw, known as Heartbleed, was discovered in OpenSSL Web servers. The security flaw enables cybercriminals to steal sensitive data from vulnerable ...

Orbis Solutions Inc. to Host Wake for Windows XP

Las Vegas, NV - Orbis Solutions Inc., Las Vegas’ premier IT managed care provider to host wake for the end-of-life support for Windows XP. ...

Windows XP Support is Ending Support

Tomorrow is the End Of Life for Windows XP. Channel 8 News Now interviewed Chief Information Officer Sean Connery of Orbis Solutions Inc in regards to this looming deadline. Here is that ...

Celebrate the Life Instead of Mourning the Death of Windows XP!

If you’re still running Windows XP on business-critical systems, you’re probably aware of the end of support date on April 8th, 2014. Microsoft has reminded customers of the end of support date for two years, ...

Considering a Migration to Windows 8.1?

The following are some great reasons to consider Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Operating System.     Some people complained that Windows 8 had problems.  But now ...

Distracted With On-going Technology Issues?

Stop Wasting YOUR Hard Earned Profit & Let Us Stop IT Issues Before Disruption Occurs! Do you find yourself getting distracted by day-to-day technology issues? Whether they’re minor or major, technology issues ...

Do You Need to Ban Technology from Your Meetings?

In recent years, people have switched from good old fashioned pens and paper to the more sleek and interesting iPad and ...


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