Webinar: Everything You Need To Know About Cyber Risk Insurance

Haven’t invested in cyber risk insurance yet? Or maybe you have, and your policy is renewing soon—either way, you shouldn’t put off the process of assessing your cybersecurity to ensure you qualify for ongoing coverage.

Your cyber risk insurance policy covers your costs of recovery after you get hit by malware. Cyber risk insurance plays a key part in your response to threats like ransomware.

Find out everything you need to know about cyber risk insurance in our latest webinar, presented by professionals from Cragin & Pike Insurance Services, Socius Insurance Services, and Orbis Solutions:

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The 2 Types Of Cyber Risk Insurance Policies

For the most part, modern cyber risk insurance policies break down in one of two ways as to what they cover:

1st Party

Largely the most sought-after form of coverage, this type of policy is concerned directly with damages suffered by the insured.

  1. Breach Response Costs (Breach Coach, Forensic Expenses, Privacy Notifications, etc.)
  2. Hacker Damage (data restoration or system restoration)
  3. PCI Fines, Penalties & Assessments
  4. Cybercrime & Social engineering
  5. System Business Interruption (F-BI, C-BI, SF, C-SF)
  6. Reputational Harm
  7. Cyber Extortion (Ransomware)

3rd Party

This type of policy covers situations in which an event has occurred and a third party is alleging financial loss and that the insured is at fault.

  1. Network Security & Privacy Liability
  2. Media Liability
  3. Regulatory Investigations fines & penalties (OCR, FTC, SEC, GDPR)

Key Trends In Cyber Risk Insurance Claims

The most prevalent trend over the past year and a half is the move to a remote work environment. Cybercrime is even more of a concern in the remote working environment during this pandemic.

CISA has issued a warning to US businesses about the increase in phishing and other social engineering scams over the past few weeks. CNN is reporting a 500% increase in phishing attacks since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

These attacks are exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic, targeting unsecured users working from home, and offering false information about the crisis in order to take advantage of them.

A leading carrier's findings indicate that ransomware (41%), funds transfer loss (27%), and business email compromise incidents (19%) were the most frequent types of loss accounting for 87% of reported incidents and 84% of claims payouts in the first half of 2020.

As a majority of businesses have transitioned to remote work, exploitation of remote access was the root cause of many reported ransomware incidents—the FBI reported a 300% increase in cybercrime.

Ransomware has become a key threat. It feels like no more than a few days go by without another ransomware story in the news. What used to be just one threat present in the cybercrime landscape has now become the clearest and present danger to modern businesses.

Don’t assume we’re exaggerating this for effect—experts estimate that a ransomware attack will occur every 11 seconds in 2021. It’s almost a total certainty that you will be attacked with ransomware at some point, and possibly even infected. That’s why you need to take action and defend yourself.

Can Insurance Help You Recover From A Ransomware Attack?

The core issue is that as cybercrime becomes more common and more damaging, insurers are raising their cybersecurity standards. Furthermore, in the case of ransomware, they may not even be allowed to cover the ransom. In some instances, paying the ransom may be illegal, as it may fund a known party that has been deemed dangerous by the US government.

The fact is that your policy may not be as comprehensive as you assume:

Furthermore, any gaps in your cybersecurity may undercut your right to a payout. That’s why you need to make sure you meet minimum requirements…

5 Questions You Need To Ask About Your Cybersecurity

  1. Do you have Multi-Factor Authentication for email and sensitive information?
  2. Do you have data backups and are you sure they are working?
  3. Do you have up-to-date, active antivirus installed on all computers?
  4. Do you have a written and documented breach response plan?
  5. Do you have up-to-date, active firewall technology?

Making Assumptions About Your Cyber Risk Insurance Could Cost You Thousands…

Cyber insurance can be complicated.

What type of policy you can qualify for depends directly on your cybersecurity. Whether you can even make a claim in the event of an incident may not be as clear-cut as you assume.

For expert assistance, get in touch with the Orbis Solutions team.

Outsourcing IT Helps Las Vegas Organizations Deal With IT Staff Turnover

Managing an in-house IT department is a significant challenge. Apart from ensuring that your information systems are up and running at all times, your IT staff must be engrossed in various complex projects, such as developing new products that give your business a competitive edge in the ever-changing technological environment. It can lead to burnouts, job dissatisfaction, and ultimately, high IT staff turnover.

There's currently a shortfall in tech talent in the US. And while a lot of headlines focus on the shortage of high-end IT experts, one critical piece of the problem is often overlooked: Many businesses in Las Vegas effectively attract and hire niche tech experts, such as IT professionals, but a company will be lucky even to retain them for a year. Not known to many is that the tech sector has the highest staff renewal rate, currently at 13.2%. Work-related stress results in burnout and job dissatisfaction, causing a low retention rate.

One critical mistake that IT managers make is continuing to administer in-house IT departments despite their ineffectiveness and refusing to think over other alternative solutions. A dynamic evaluation of a business and an in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure could reveal the need to cut costs, bridge the skill gap in IT teams, reduce downtime, software and hardware costs, and recruitment expenses. IT outsourcing is an effective solution, but most enterprises and small businesses are reluctant to engage in it.

Orbis Solutions Inc. is a seasoned managed IT service provider that offers Las Vegas businesses affordable, client-focused, and business-driven IT solutions with enterprise-level capabilities. We provide deep IT analysis to identify issues plaguing your current IT network managed by your in-house team. Our expert IT gurus are ready to provide an action plan to solve operational issues, project planning, and a detailed budget to ensure your company saves money through outsourced IT support.

Outsourcing IT

Challenges of managing an in-house IT department

The debate between in-house and outsourced IT support is a matter of eternal debate. But as a Las Vegas Managed IT Solutions provider, we are a little biased on the side of outsourcing from a logistics and cost perspective. If you're afraid of outsourcing (for whatever reason), it would be best to analyze the depth of resources related to in-house IT support and why its performance remains low.

Employment costs 

Hiring in-house IT staff costs time and money. You need to recruit, train, retrain, and obtain their certifications. Additionally, there are other costs, such as payroll, healthcare benefits, 401(k) benefits, and reimbursement to and from each remote location they support. These cost margins can be financially overwhelming, depleting your resources with no tangible results.

Downtime costs 

Hardly can in-house IT teams guarantee 99.9% uptime, and downtime caused by hiccups in your IT network can be pretty costly. A surveillance report by TechRadar indicated that 25% of SMBs confirmed that they lose between $20,000 and $40,000 per hour due to technology downtime. That's a significant loss. Besides disrupting business processes and employee productivity, downtime may cause critical data loss, vulnerabilities, and failed backup systems.

IT-staff replacement costs 

The average job tenure for a Gen-Z employee is about three years. According to a study by the Center for American Progress, a business incurs a fifth of the outgoing employee's salary to replace them. Although that figure might increase among the highest-paid IT staff, employers generally incur high replacement costs. Apart from that, there are costs related to low productivity as new recruits take time to adapt to their new positions and job responsibilities. There are also training costs and the intangible cultural damage caused by the high turnover rate.

Technical skill gaps 

IT has become the "Achilles Heel" of many businesses' operations in a tech-driven business world, yet companies grapple with skill gaps when managing IT architectures. A skill gap occurs when an IT department lacks the technical expertise to meet a company's IT demands. C-level executives report that the lack of IT skills remains a major hurdle in aligning technology with business. In fact, skill gaps cost companies up to 416 hours, equivalent to $22,000 per employee annually.

Still, less than 60% of businesses increase their skill development opportunities through technical training. Remember, even training your current employees comes with high costs. Several factors lead to IT skill gaps:

How IT infrastructure outsourcing can alleviate high IT staff turnover

To understand how IT outsourcing companies help mitigate IT staff resignations or turnover rates, it is best to first dig deeper into the causes of high employee renewal rates and the role that outsourced IT services play in their prevention.

A 2016 study by Walden University: "Role of Outsourcing in Stress and Job Satisfaction of IT Professionals" offered valuable insights into why the IT staff turnover rate remains high, and it determined the following as the primary causes of employee resignations:

Work-related stress

In IT, work-related stress stems from mismatching employees' abilities and work demands. Sometimes a company's demands may be overwhelming to an employee and maybe harmful to their well-being, resulting in distress. That negatively influences their ability to meet their job requirements, well-being, and overall business success.

That's true, especially during organizational changes. IT staff are often subjected to increased workloads, working hours, and changes in working environments. Physical pain, headaches, exhaustion, and changes in sleeping and eating habits are usually the implications. A third of American IT employees identify job-related stress as the primary source of stress in their lives. An equal proportion projects that they will burn out in the end, while three-fourths account for their low productivity and health problems to work-related stress.

Ultimately, that leads to job dissatisfaction and undesirable work outcomes for employees and companies. An IT staff member working under such conditions will typically have a profound intention to resign, leading to higher staff turnover.

Job dissatisfaction

Job dissatisfaction is when a worker has a negative opinion about their job as influenced by their work duties and responsibilities, organizational management, and inclusion in decision-making.

IT staff express displeasure in the workplace because of work-environment mismatch. The consequences are low job commitment, poor performance, non-compliance to a company's norms and expectations, and a high turnover intention.

Lack of performance and career development also makes employees dissatisfied with their jobs. As aforementioned, less than 60% of decision-makers say they offer career development opportunities and technical training to their employees. That denies IT staff a pathway to progress their careers.

An employee needs positive outcomes in their work, whether it's through professional development, promotions, or professional effectiveness. If a company can't offer that, a lack of fit between work and environment occurs, and job satisfaction dwindles. The outcome: the employee will be more inclined to change the work situation or resign with the prospects of finding a job match in another company.

Turnover intention

This refers to an in-house IT worker's desire to quit their job. IT staff turnover is directly influenced by job satisfaction and organizational commitment to meet employees' needs. Staffs are likely to remain in their companies if their interests are satisfied and will usually tolerate the work-related physical and mental challenges because of their love for their job.

An employee's behavior predicts their turnover intentions. While others carry themselves professionally before resigning, others exhibit negative behavior, such as detachment, lost interest, absenteeism, purposely reducing their performance and productivity levels, and low interest in receiving positive feedback from their superiors. Such behavior compromises a company's effectiveness, including the quality of products and services offered to clients.

At such a point, the company may initiate the turnover intention due to an employee's ineffectiveness and negative attitude. If it's due to job dissatisfaction, the staff member will express their intention to quit and find alternative employment.

Outsourcing IT department: An effective solution to high IT staff turnover

By outsourcing IT infrastructure, you contract your networking assets, personnel, and information systems management to a third party, thereby alleviating the need to hire an in-house IT team. Many organizations have discovered that tasking an in-house IT department with their technology needs leads to significant costs, technical-skill gaps, and poor IT-infrastructure performance.

Therefore, IT outsourcing companies alleviate the need to hire an in-house IT department. Having done that, you won't have to worry about high turnover rates or costs related to managing your IT infrastructure on your own.

Bridging technical skill gaps

Additionally, IT outsourcing bridges the technical skill gap within your in-house IT support. Typically, IT professionals acquire broader knowledge and skills in the field. That presents a challenge when a company wants to narrow down or require a specific skill to improve its networking architecture. Usually, they are left with no other option but to hire an employee with general knowledge of IT instead of a competent one with specialized skills to handle the specific task.

Outsourced IT support leverages the sharpest minds, experienced, and skilled IT professionals specializing in various facets of IT infrastructure. The flexibility of managed IT services gives businesses the freedom to choose the specific solutions they need. Whether you need an entire IT infrastructure built from scratch or need to out-task a specific, time-sensitive task, Orbis Solutions is here to help.

We have the expertise and specialized knowledge, hardware, and software to satisfy any IT needs you may have. Our client-centric IT solutions help companies improve their performance, productivity, specialized technical skills, quality, and competitive advantage.

Best IT outsourcing practices

One of the best means of determining the reliability and quality of outsourced IT services is to evaluate the provider's staff churn rate. An MSP's employee turnover rate is closely connected to their clients' staff retention. As a trusted Las Vegas IT support provider, we are overly committed to our employee retention strategy. We do that through:

Businesses that choose Orbis Solutions for their outsourced IT department unequivocally experience the business benefits of the partnership and get the best outcomes from their IT infrastructure. We boast a knowledgeable IT team backed by robust company culture, work ethics, and core values, and that's critical in improving employees' job satisfaction level and IT staff turnover rate.

Outsource IT services; reduce IT staff turnover while maximizing your IT infrastructure

If your company is splurging more resources in your in-house IT department with a low retention rate, it's time to consider outsourcing IT department. Orbis Solutions Inc. is a trustworthy managed IT service provider in Las Vegas with a full-service portfolio of IT solutions, from cybersecurity and business communications to cloud computing and business continuity. Visit us online today or contact our sales desk at (702) 710-8950.

Special thanks to Paul and Troy with Pure IT in Calgary for their help with this article. Click here to visit their website.

Las Vegas IT Support By Orbis Solutions

Other critical things mean more to you in business, and the last thing you want is to deal with business technology problems. It's also possible that you have concerns about your current information system. Why not partner with a reputable provider who's ready to offer quality, cost-effective, and client-focused Las Vegas IT support solutions with high scalability?

Orbis Solutions is your trusted Las Vegas IT Support Company providing a full suite of innovative, collaborative, and comprehensive IT support services. Whether you need to out-task a single function or require IT infrastructure built from the ground up, we are here to offer the help you need.

From cloud solutions, network security, business continuity to data analytics and managed communication and collaboration, Orbis Solutions provides unmatched Las Vegas IT support so that you can focus on the most important stuff – your team, clients, and business goals.

Start a conversation with our team in Las Vegas...

Las Vegas IT Support Company

Why Partner With Orbis Solutions For IT Support In Las Vegas, NV?

Timely response and its availability when you need it are some of the most critical characteristics of a managed IT service provider. We are available 24/7, 365 days, meaning you can contact us at any time of day to troubleshoot or maintain complex issues with your IT architecture. The reason we offer dedicated ongoing support is to alleviate any hiccups that may cause downtime, keeping you connected and up and running at all times.

We are a Las Vegas IT support company with a robust niche in the US and globally. Leverage our expertise and experience in managed IT services and stay ahead of your competitors. Our certified IT professionals are ready to collaborate with you to understand your specific needs. We'll then tailor our solutions to satisfy your unique IT concerns.

Additionally, we provide cost-effective managed IT solutions because we understand that you need not spend much on an in-house team or outsourced networking systems. That's why we provide hassle-free, firm-fixed quotes for our managed IT services. Besides, our flexibility and service scalability allows our clients to tweak the managed services we offer depending on the infrastructure and user count. You can worry less about your business IT network with us by your side. We have you covered from all angles. Whatever your IT need may be, you'll find a solution with us.

Our Support Options For Las Vegas Companies

At Orbis Solutions, we boast an extensive managed IT service portfolio with a concierge of solutions that Las Vegas businesses need. Our team of IT experts is skilled and sharp with a deep understanding of the IT world. They will help you set up an entire IT infrastructure or offer a single function that you prefer not handling in-house. Here are our IT solutions:

Managed IT services

Our objective in providing Las Vegas IT support is to free you up to deal with the essential things in your business and ensure you have a reliable IT infrastructure at your disposal. At Orbis Solutions, we only hire certified IT professionals with the sharpest mind in the Las Vegas IT sector. Once we know your business needs, we will use our know-how, business technologies, and process-improvement model to help you set up an optimally functioning IT network.

While an in-house IT department will learn about IT issues after they've occurred, we prefer taking a proactive approach to IT maintenance. We use powerful monitoring software to identify potential issues or threats before they occur. Our response is timely, and we'll perform diagnostics and troubleshoot any issues to alleviate downtimes for increased productivity.

Cloud computing services

Cloud is everywhere, providing critical data storage, improved team collaboration, and increased productivity levels to many businesses. However, you require a knowledgeable and expert partner to help you handle the complexities of transitioning to the cloud.

Orbis Solutions is your trustworthy partner when it comes to cloud integration. Leverage our know-how to accelerate your business growth with cloud services; our team of certified and seasoned IT personnel can guide you towards your company goal by planning and implementing a business-driven cloud platform.

We also understand that there are wide-ranging options in the market, and making the proper selection can be challenging. Any wrong decisions can be devastating to your brand, both financially and business-wise. Trust us to help you choose the right cloud solution that suits your business. Our job is to help you migrate and transition to the cloud easily.

Network security

The COVID-19 brought revolutionary technological adoption as many companies resorted to remote working. With such extensive connectivity, cases of cyber threats and attacks have become more and more frequent. If you think your mid-market enterprise is not at risk of cybersecurity breaches, you'll be surprised at how a potential target you are; perhaps today might be your last day to consider hiring managed cybersecurity services.

Forget about the typical cybersecurity programs that only provide a collection of software and policies; Orbis Solutions focuses on creating strategic multi-leveled cybersecurity programs that capture attempted breaches from the core of your IT infrastructure, navigate the complexities that come with vulnerability analysis, identify and neutralize any threats, anytime.

Other common sources of cyber threats (and some of which businesses grapple with) are internal breaches. One of your employees may unknowingly click a link or an email containing malware, opening a gateway for hackers to phish critical organization data, such as financial profiles, clients' personal details, and passwords. Orbis Solutions can provide employee training in cybersecurity, helping your team members identify malicious websites, phishing emails, infectious links, etc., so they can avoid them. It's an effective means of protecting internal data.

You can rely on us to provide the following network security solutions:

Business continuity

In the data-driven business environment that most companies thrive in, information storage and retrieval are critical to business operations. Disasters strike unexpectedly. These events can lead to data loss. The only challenge is that many businesses lack the know-how to implement a contingency plan that guarantees timely data storage and backup systems for data recovery.

That's a problem that Orbis Solutions can solve. We offer a comprehensive data-retrieval strategy through our business continuity services, encompassing planning, prevention, and protection of data, systems, and networks. No more downtime after a disaster-induced data loss; we are here to help you recover your data, get up on your feet and resume your operations within minutes, not days.

In a nutshell, our business continuity solutions mean that:

Business telephone (VoIP)

Imagine losing business because you've missed a call from a potential client. That's a big deal, and you can do better to prevent a recurrence. In the current globalized market, having advanced telephony has become more of a need than an option. In fact, 58% of consumers reply to a missed call. It's critical to have over-the-internet telephone functionality that enables you to receive every call and text message, whether from a local or overseas client.

Orbis Solutions partners with reputable and acclaimed communication companies to offer reliable VoIP phone solutions to Las Vegas businesses. These tools enable companies to leverage enterprise-level capabilities while bypassing the hefty budgets associated with traditional landlines. Besides, you'll alleviate issues like missed deadlines or poor consumer experience due to dropped or low-quality calls.

Apart from reducing your communication costs, our business telephone services bring at your disposal innovative tools to streamline and manage in-house communication channels. They include automatic responses, voicemail to emails, Find Me/Follow Me, call recording, and many more. With our VoIP solutions, you'll always be connected to your clients, employees, and business partners.

On-site IT support services in Las Vegas

Some IT issues are better solved on-site for optimum IT infrastructural functionality. At Orbis Solutions, we have on-call and pre-scheduled IT consultants who provide field services that bridge technical gaps at your business premises. These services are designed to optimize your network and information systems to suit your business needs, because your business goals and technology change with time.

A significant challenge among most SMBs is that they don't have adequate funds to meet the cost of having a competent and skilled team of IT experts on a full-time basis. And even with the lower budgets they have, they partner with IT generalists who lack the cutting-edge skills and expertise to handle all the nitty-gritty and complexities of IT system management.

Orbis Solutions also specializes in on-site IT services that include:

Hire Orbis Solutions As Your Las Vegas IT Support Team

Are your networks steeped in speedbumps that hurt your productivity levels? Perhaps you're using more resources in an in-house IT team, but you don't get the results. In that case, partner with Orbis Solutions Inc and get cost-effective and business-driven Las Vegas IT support services. Contact us today at (702) 710-8950 or visit us online to learn more about our managed IT solutions.

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IT Technical Services In Las Vegas

Do you want to know about the rate for IT technical services? Are you curious if you are in a position to pay IT technical experts for your IT needs? IT technical services are not required regularly when it comes to most companies. Unfortunately, when technical support is needed, the cost adds up quickly, and your monthly budget can be used up quickly in a matter of days or hours.

To determine the rate for IT technical services, we will help you understand how these costs are calculated. From this, you will be able to know if your business will benefit more from contracting IT technical experts or paying for support when you require help. Keep reading to learn more!

Going Rate For IT Technical Services In Las Vegas

What is the rate for IT technical services?

The truth of the matter is that no single amount can answer the question on the rate of IT technical services. This is because the cost varies depending on the time specialists devote to solve an issue, the complexity of your IT system, and the IT firm's size.

Bearing this in mind, if you hire a computer technician, you may pay as little as $65 an hour. However, an individual with much experience may charge you as much as $100 an hour.

Hiring an individual is not the right choice. This is because they may not be able to help you with critical problems.

On the other hand, if you choose to use an IT firm that employs 5-10 technicians, expect to pay approximately $100-150 each hour. However, it is essential to note that costs can differ depending on your location and the competition in your area.

You might incur an average cost of $40,000 per year if you hire an in-experienced in-house technician. For a more experienced expert, you might incur $7,000-10,000 more. This fee does not comprise the benefits usually given to these people.

IT technicians with less qualification may not be in a position to solve all your tech problems. In contrast, the qualified experts may not be in a position to justify their costs ultimately, especially if your IT system rarely experiences problems or it is simple.

Furthermore, inexperienced and experienced IT technicians will sometimes request sick leave, time off, or vacation. If you hire only one technician, there are high chances IT problems might arise when they're away, this might force you to outsource the necessary support.

Choosing contract vs. paying as you go

The most impressive thing about paying for IT technical services as you go is that it takes a few minutes to solve. The downside of this method is that most IT firms or technicians charge for a minimum number of hours, usually 1-2 hours.

On the low end, you may be paying a rate of  $170; on the high end, you might be charged $300 for a job that takes only half an hour to resolve. In case other issues arise with your IT system, you will be required to call other technicians for technical support or have the same technician return and pay for their services once again.

Technical IT experts who earn an hourly rate offered by their clients directly may have little incentive to correct IT problems fast because their money is made by the hour. This isn't great because it could lead to IT issues that are never addressed thoroughly, resulting in a recurring call for help.

On the other hand, deciding to outsource your IT technical service provider may only cost $100-300 each month. Most IT technicians will only provide you with certain agreed-upon services. These services might constitute software updates, network monitoring, data storage, print management, and other additional services.

Considering that IT technical service providers normally provide 24/7 monitoring and round-the-clock support, the estimate of $40,000-$50,000 you spend each year will average to a lesser hourly cost.

Some IT experts normally provide flat-rate pricing depending on the company's chosen service tier. Other service providers normally offer their billing based on the total number of users per month.

Our services and pricing

At Orbis Solution Inc, we offer a wide range of support for any type of business as well as flexible options that can fit your budget. Among the benefits of choosing our services is that we offer cybersecurity-focused services. Other than this, you won't require to staff a full-time IT department as we come with exceptional expertise and skills to serve your IT department. Partnering with Orbis solution Inc gives you access to the sharpest minds in Las Vegas.

In addition to this, we also work with our clients to provide a technology roadmap for the future. This is because we understand that the future can change the business landscape and your business will be well prepared for whatsoever comes its way.

Among other things you enjoy from choosing our services is enjoying affordable pricing as we bill at a flat rate. Because of this, you will know how much you owe every month, with no additional costs, surprises, and complicated billing.

Besides our standard monthly plan, we offer other technical services that make it possible for you to get the most out of your monthly plan while including other solutions that meet your IT needs.

With our affordable IT technical services, You will realize that Orbis Solution Inc is a perfect solution to all your IT technical needs. Our team of experienced and reliable technicians is always available around the clock to answer any pressing questions, provide support and tackle any complicated IT issue that might be ailing your business.

As a business person, if you would like to get a better understanding of the rate of IT technical services in Las Vegas for your business and know how much you can save from contracting a team of qualified technicians, give Orbis Solution Inc a call today!

Our support team will be glad to answer your call, discuss your monthly bill and the type of IT technical services that you can expect to be included.

Which Phone Operating System Is Most Secure?

As many individuals rely on their mobile phones to access information and buy products and services, businesses create mobile-first websites. Additionally, smart devices have become an integral part of organizations' IT infrastructure as they adopt remote work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, making mobile devices the most convenient work tools for many employees.

Nonetheless, the increased connectivity of mobile devices has opened loopholes for malicious cyber-security threats to people and businesses. But these devices use two major operating systems: Android and iOS. It begs the question: which operating system between the two provides better data security against cyber security attacks?

This post will answer some critical questions about the two operating systems concerning the level of proofing each provides against mobile security threats, such as malicious apps and websites, ransomware, phishing, Man-in-the-Middle (MITM), device and OS exploits, etc.

Which Phone Operating System Is Most Secure?

Android vs. iOS: Which operating system is more secure?

Although this question is very much up for debate, I think iOS offers a more secure mobile operating system. Why? It is a closed system. That means Apple doesn't provide developers with access to its source code. It also implies iPhone and iPad owners cannot tweak the code on their devices themselves. That makes it challenging for hackers to find weaknesses on iOS-powered devices.

Android devices rely on open-source code, which means Android device owners can modify the code on their phones or tablets. Continued modification exposes vulnerabilities on Android devices. Then there's the case with manufacturers. If a phone brand rolls out a new device with modifications to the OS, it exposes vulnerabilities to the code, making it easy for hackers to find it.

Still, it's high time even iOS users be vigilant and change their security practices with the change in the working environment. Forbes found out that: In this business age when employees are working from home, Apple users has access to more company data now than in the pre-pandemic era. That has motivated hackers to develop target iPhone and iPad owners to retrieve critical data and use it for malicious gains.

What are the security advantages and disadvantages of iOS?

The biggest pro of iOS is that it leverages a closed ecosystem, and the entire line of Apple devices (both hardware and software) come from the same company. Apple needs not support thousands of devices with different components that use their own drives.

Unlike Apple, Android's open-source code means developers/phone manufacturers can change the code to support the devices they build. The caveat is that developers have varied levels of cyber-security expertise and experience, leading to various levels of mobile security in Android devices. A seasoned hacker can easily find vulnerabilities within the Android OS to retrieve the device's data.

Another upside to iOS devices is that users can only download apps from the Apple Store. Any app in the store is carefully vetted to ensure there's no malware. While the screening program has its weaknesses, having the entire suite of apps in a centrally controlled store minimizes the risks for installing malicious apps on iPhones or iPads.

The only disadvantage is that it functions on a closed code. Hence, its security capabilities can't be scrutinized like Android since people outside Apple can't access the source code.

What are the security advantages and disadvantages of Android?

Android's open-source code is an advantage and disadvantage. Here's the upside: The open-source ecosystem allows developers to scrutinize the code, identify any vulnerabilities, and report them for revamped security.

The downside is that the open-source leaves all the security responsibilities to the end-product manufacturer. They must ensure that the modified codes installed in their devices are ultimately secure since tinkering the code is critical to ensure its device usability. These developers don't have a standard security standing, which means that the level of security varies from one manufacture to the other.

Furthermore, Android doesn't limit device owners to install apps from Google Store. Users can install apps from any source, including third-party sources which don't have as strict vetting processes as Apple. It's easy to install an unverified app steeped in malware. It would be best for users to purchase apps from manufacturers and app stores with the best security practices.

Which OS update has had the worst security flaws?

There have been myriad mobile OS updates. And while most have had their security flaws, the worst vulnerability in the mobile OS history is the Android text message (MMS) vulnerability. It can infect your mobile device simply by receiving an MMS file or text message.

It's highly infectious because, unlike other malware, Android users don't necessarily have to open the message for their phones to be under threat. The hack happens even before the chime in your phone alerts you of a received message. The silence and subtleness it comes with are what make it so dangerous. Together with other vulnerabilities, an attacker can access any account accessed by an Android device, including emails, banking profiles, and social media.

According to the New York University (NYU) IT News, Google Hangouts and "Stagefright" media player are the causes of the vulnerability. After activation, Hangouts automatically processes all MMS files. If you receive a malicious text, Hangouts will read it, and Stagefright will execute and send the malicious code to your phone.

Although Google has tried to update security programs for Android, the OS's open-source code means device manufacturers (LG, Samsung, Techno, HTC, etc.) have control of the software. They are the ones to modify the code in their devices to further protect users against this threat.

Is Android's open-source code a weakness or strength?

Android is an open-source OS and a corresponding Google open-source project. It means any developer or phone manufacturer can use it to design their device. While that presents a security threat to Android users, the open-source infrastructure is a weakness.

It opens up several layers and susceptibility considering different developers and companies are responsible for device security and OS updates. The lack of a central, uniform control increases vulnerability exposures, providing potential hackers with a chance to phish data and create complex algorithms that attack Android users' mobile data.

In my opinion, iOS provides more security than Android. The latter's open-source system allows many parties to share within its ecosystem. Additionally, the process of downloading an app is different in either platform. Apps in Apple are strictly screened for malware before approval, making it inherently more secure.

In this iOS vs. Android debate, the former takes the crown hands-down.  It closed-source code and thorough app evaluation makes it more secure. Android's open source system means anyone can customize it, introducing more variability throughout the system and hackers take advantage of the vulnerabilities created. Think of it as too many cooks in the kitchen. It results in inconsistency in the broth.

Leverage managed IT solutions; minimize cyber-security threats

At Orbis Solutions, we provide client-centric managed IT services and cyber-security solutions in Las Vegas. If you'd like to set up a reliable IT infrastructure or are concerned about your current technology, contact us today! We'll offer IT solutions that alleviate cyber security threats, increase productivity, and help you achieve your business goals.

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IT Services in Henderson, NV

Your business, team, and clients are three of the most critical aspect of your organization. At the core of it all is information technology. You need not worry about the latter, and the last thing you need is to share that responsibility with your IT provider.

That's why Orbis Solutions Inc. was established – to provide reliable managed IT services tailored to your Henderson, NV business needs and budget. We boast an extensive IT service portfolio encompassing network security, cloud computing, and data protection to backup and recovery, business continuity, and ongoing IT support.

IT Services In Henderson NV

Orbis Solutions: Your IT Services Company For Henderson NV Organizations

Leverage our full-service IT department; focus more on what matters

Why inflate your operational costs by hiring an in-house IT team when you can take advantage of Orbis Solutions' full-service IT department and get client-first IT infrastructure? We have a crew of certified and seasoned IT professionals who are dedicated to providing information-systems services, IT knowledge, and ongoing maintenance to ensure your company weathers the uncertainties of the ever-changing business environment.

When you hire Orbis Solutions, you get unrivaled access to the sector's most experienced and sharpest minds. We feel tacitly mandated to cater to your IT problems, so you need not be concerned or frustrated about technology. Instead, you can pay attention to what matters most to you – your clients, team, and business.

Differentiated IT solutions to improve your networking infrastructure

2020 brought unprecedented challenges to businesses and entirely exposed vulnerabilities in the IT world. It's understandable to worry about what your current provider is doing to your business. We are ready to give you a second opinion and an alternative to your below-par outsourced IT services. We ensure your business gets customer-first information systems custom-made to meet your unique IT needs. Orbis Solutions does that in three ways:

IT Services For Henderson Organizations

Don't settle for deficient, incomplete, and unsatisfactory IT services. Work with Orbis Solutions and get access to a full suite of IT services that help keep your operations running and your data protected. Below are the services we offer:

We have systems in place to ensure continuous delivery of IT solutions and the resources to make that happen, including backup equipment, critical personnel, alternative IT infrastructure, and legal support. As such, you won't have to worry about disasters, power outages, communications failure, or security issues hurting your workflow.

Partner With Orbis As Your Henderson NV IT Services Team

If you're thinking of installing a reliable IT infrastructure for your business or switching from your current provider, contact Orbis Solutions Inc. today. We are a renowned company providing quality, affordable, and client-first managed IT services in Henderson, NV. We'll handle your company's networking needs, leaving you to focus on your business and clients.

Worse Thing That Happened On The Internet In 2021

Professional journalists often rely on HARO's pool of experts and peers to source authoritative answers to critical IT issues. Some of these questions speak to a broader audience, but I tend to identify those relevant to my clients. As I browsed through the questions, I came across one and thought: "I think answering this to my customers would add value to their business process."

Here's the question: Technology experts, please share your stories – What was the worst thing to happen on the internet in 2021? Why was the internet a mistake?

Well, there's a lot we could say to prove that the internet is NOT a mistake because there are many ways the World Wide Web has transformed human socio-economic life. For instance, it has facilitated connectivity, communication, and sharing through e-mails, chats, and VOIP. Other advantages include:

Despite the benefits of the Internet, online connectivity has also had some significant negative occurrences that threaten the business world and individual life. So, the big question remains:

Internet 2021

What's the Worst Thing to Happen on/to the Internet?


As the world becomes increasingly connected, and website capabilities grow, content distribution networks (CDNs) enable companies to business online as they accelerate website speed and global access to their sites. But what happens when a major cloud-computing provider experiences an internet outage?

It halts businesses that depend solely on CDNs. The collapse of the Disney+ mobile food ordering system, Turnstiles, and Microsoft Azure are only examples of how outages among bigwig cloud-storage providers can halt online business activities and opportunities.

Cybersecurity threats

The internet offers malicious users the chance to develop complex algorithms to disrupt, distort, and deteriorate information security. Sophisticated cyber-attacks, such as data phishing, ransomware, cryptojacking, social engineering hacks, and the spread of misinformation have made corporate, governmental, and personal data and assets vulnerable to money-motivated adversaries.

Social Media 

Social media is probably the worst thing to happen on the internet. These social sites have led to the rapid spread and sharing of content, whether from a verified source or not, leading to a loss of high-quality information. With news overload, attention becomes limited, and no one cares about quality anymore, except the number of users who have viewed or read specific content.

It's pretty clear that the internet was not a mistake, but we let it become one. Here's what one of my peers on HARO had to say:

I think the most prominent issue with the internet is disinformation. It started as a go-to platform for information sharing, allowing people to access more unfiltered information than they could have otherwise obtained using other media, such as textbooks, journals, newspapers, etc. Today, disinformation is widespread, veiling solid facts from the public eye. It's a disturbing trend that I have no answer to. But I think we're better off with information sharing than without. My advice now is to perform due diligence and fact-check to determine what other content says about a subject before choosing what to believe.

What Was the Worst Thing to Happen to the Internet in 2021?

Twenty-twenty-one was a memorable year for internet users as governments, companies, and individuals used it for selfish gains, spread propaganda, and even blocked access to information. Below are some worst things that happened to the internet in 2021.

Governments and Tech Companies Blocking Information

In May last year, Russian internet regulator, Roskomnadzor, threatened to block or slow down Facebook, Twitter, and Google if they couldn't pull down content it deemed illegal. That internet crackdown came as Russia ordered the tech companies to withdraw any anti-Kremlin content that it believed spurred the January protests in the country.

On another note, Cuba blocked communications to avert protests that plagued the country in July. During that time, the Cuban government stopped major virtual network providers and communication apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, and Alp Toker. It was clear that the protests were not social-media-catalyzed but were due to the country's health crisis and economic plunge.

On 4 October 2021, Facebook, alongside its suite of apps (Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Oculus), experienced an outage that halted communications and information access for billions of people globally. In its statement, Facebook explained that the crash was caused by a configuration change in one of its central systems that connected major data centers. Still, it indicates how dependent the world is on a single tech company that has been subject to scrutiny in the better part of 2021.

Multiple AWS Outages Halt Online Businesses

Amazon cloud-computing division, Amazon Web Services (AWS), experienced historic internet outages in December. The unexpected collapse of AWS cloud services brought an instant halt to Amazon's own retail operations, inconveniencing both consumers and third-party shippers.

AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud services are the world's largest CDN backbone providers. The ramification of the dependence on these major cloud-computing providers is that when they experience outages, businesses across the world break, too. The December outage means that an entire 33% of the global cloud infrastructure and the businesses that depend on it were curtailed. Apps crashed, including Disney+, McDonald's mobile, Venmo, and many other US and overseas businesses.

A Backup Plan Can Cushion Your Business from Internet Outages

Having understood how your cloud-dependent business may crash following an internet outage, it would be best to have a backup plan. I work for a network security company that uses an AWS-supported password manager. The December outages blocked our customer support and engineering arms from accessing our clients' passwords. It had a damaging effect on the company and its operations.

That gave me the idea to start the habit of exporting our passwords at the start of every month and storing them in an encrypted, independent vault on another business. That enabled us to access these passwords and assist our customers during widespread outages.

I want to leave you with a question to think over: What's important to you, and what backup plan do you have?

At Orbis Solutions, we provide client-focused IT solutions, from cybersecurity and cloud storage to managed IT and technology mapping. If you'd like to proof your business against outages, contact us today, and get client-focused IT services backed by ongoing technical support.

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IT Services In Paradise, NV By Orbis Solutions

If your business is still dependent on your in-house IT experts to maintain your systems, well, it is time you start considering a change.

Technology is rapidly advancing, and the truth of the matter is that most internal IT experts are not well versed in keeping up with the rapid pace in innovations. Because of this, most organizations find their IT to be more volatile than proactive, and thus their systems struggle to keep up with the demand of a growing business in the digital world.

However, if you've never considered outsourcing IT services in Paradise, NV because of concerns about cost or you think your team is fine, now is the time to think again. This is because there are numerous benefits you can get from outsourcing these services. Let's look at some of the benefits that managed IT services offers your Paradise, NV organization.

IT Services In Paradise, NV

Focus on Your Business Objectives

Your IT needs will continue to grow as your business expands. Although your team of IT experts may be able to handle the increased workload, the truth of the matter is that they are most likely to find themselves overwhelmed and thus unable to scale up with your expanding business needs. This might force you to assign additional duties to employees who are not in the IT team, which might distract you from realizing your business objectives.

Among the benefits that managed IT services hold is that it not only frees up your employees to focus on the jobs they were hired to handle, it also allows you to fill the gaps appropriately. A qualified managed IT service partner will offer flexible service that allows you to determine what level of services you need.

Keep Costs Low

Managed IT services lower labor costs by eliminating the cost of training and hiring new staff. It is pretty compelling to have skills on a scalable basis. Most managed service providers offer a hybrid model of offshore and onshore resources, which reduces the average rate and widens your resource scope.

As a business owner, if you have signed a service level agreement that is custom-made to your business needs, you will never have to worry about unforeseen service costs. This will help your business to move from a capital expense model to an operating expense model. Find a service provider that has a solid strategic relationship with your cloud provider or solutions for more savings. This is because they will be able to advocate on your behalf, so you can reinvest the money you save back into your business.

Avoid Costly Downtime

Managed IT service providers always take a proactive approach when it comes to maintenance rather than wait for something to go wrong. These experts make use of remote monitoring and management to detect, troubleshoot and diagnose the potential problems before they escalate to become a problem.

With the fact that network downtime can cost more than $5,600 per minute, this equates to $300k every hour. These figures indicate how crucial outsourcing managed IT services is crucial to your business.

However, in the unlikely event, things do not go as planned, managed IT experts can offer expert backup and disaster recovery services so that you can have your systems back in operation.

Scale Up Or Down As Required

Supposed your technology needs evolve over time, you must scale up or down to be able to support them. Luckily, technological systems are scalable by design. However, you require some help. Managed IT support experts can respond to changes in the present moment so that you may never have to be anxious about system downtime.

Therefore, when looking for Managed IT services, find experts with several consultants to reach out for assistance if the need arises. Furthermore, it would be best if you had experts that offer advanced services like reporting,  upgrade services release management, proactive monitoring, and many more so that you get the ultimate value scalability out of your partnership.

Get Quality IT Services For Your Paradise, NV Organization When You Need It

After partnering with a Paradise, NV managed IT service provider, you never need to worry about getting support, as most experts offer support all around the clock. For instance, you can receive weekend and on-call options at an added cost.

Therefore, when looking for Ideal partners for our IT services,  you need to look for a global company that offers support in multiple time zones on a 24/7 basis. This is to ensure that you get assistance whenever you require assistance.

Get The IT Services Expertise You Need Right Here In Paradise, NV

New tech comes with its perks and disadvantages. Unfortunately, your in-house IT team cannot handle some of these challenges as they might not have the experience and knowledge to deal with the issue. Then there is the management problem; you might need a handful of resources to support your business solutions, even if your systems are in the cloud or on-premise.

These two problems can be solved by outsourcing new members. Unluckily, the cost of training and hiring new employees can be very high. For a single employee, it can cost over $1886.

However, one of the advantages of acquiring managed IT services is that it will allow you to hire an entire team of IT professionals at a flat monthly fee. Other experts will handle the whole project on themselves if the need arises or depending on the requirement of every support required. Some of these professionals constitute technical, architectural, and training consultants who can keep your systems up and running while unlocking their full potential.

Before hiring managed IT services, key considerations must be looked into. These elements include reliability, around-the-clock support services, advanced services, consultation services, offers the expertise you need, and many more. If the team is able to meet all these qualifications, you can rest assured that your systems are in good hands. Ready to transform your business? There is no better team of professionals to partner with for your IT managed services like Orbis Solution Inc in Paradise, NV.  Contact the experts, and you are sure all your IT needs will be addressed.

Las Vegas Business Owners Guide To Managed Services

The global demand for managed services is fast on the rise. The industry was valued at $243.33 billion in 2021. That figure will skyrocket to $557.10 billion by 2028.

In the world of managed services, businesses outsource the role of maintaining and anticipating the need for certain processes and functions to enhance operations and minimize expenses. It's a popular alternative to the break/fix model in which you hire a company to perform on-demand services and pay for the services done.

Under the managed services subscription model, you as the client own or have direct oversight of the system being managed. The managed services provider (MSP) is tasked with delivering the managed services. Both of you are bound by a service level agreement (SLA) that details the performance and quality metrics of your relationship.

Are Managed Services Beneficial to Your Business?

Yes! Opting to work with a managed service provider like Orbis Solutions Inc. can take your company to the next level. Here are proven benefits of managed services.

You Get Predictable and Scalable Spending

It's difficult to predict how your company's IT needs will grow, especially when you're a new business. Managed services help consolidate all your current expenses into a single set of OPEX costs. And when your IT needs increase, it's easy for your MSP to scale their services to meet these needs.

You Avoid Sunk and Operational Costs

Managing an in-house IT team can prove expensive. Salaries, insurance, benefits, office upkeep, and other sunk costs can break your bank. You also need money and time to train your team to use your systems and processes.

When you opt for managed services, you minimize the capital expenditures involved in managing your IT systems in-house. You also get to save on licensing, training, consulting, and emergency repairs. In total, deploying managed services helps save your IT costs by 25 percent to 45 percent.

You Get Fast Response Times

Downtime can cost your business more than you imagine. Gartner estimates that businesses lose a colossal $5,600 per minute of IT downtime. That's more than $300,000 per hour, which is enough to put most small companies out of business.

A reputable MSP like Orbis Solutions Inc. can offer an uptime guarantee of close to 100%, ensuring that your team will always be productive. These providers ensure you have 24/7/365 support so you never slow down.

You Get Data Compliance Support

There are strict standards that many US businesses have to meet when it comes to handling data, especially client data. These standards are set out in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Failure to adhere to these regulations can result in hefty fines.

MSPs are usually well-versed with all the IT standards you need to follow in your industry. They do what it takes to ensure that you comply with these standards, which helps maintain your credibility before customers.

What Types of Managed Services Are There?

As a company, there's a variety of managed services you can benefit from, depending on your needs. Here are three of them.

Backup as a Service

This service focuses on backups and recovery. All data in your infrastructure gets duplicated and stored on an off-site server. Your recovery plan determines how frequent your backups will be.

As part of this service, you get a disaster recovery plan (RDP) that outlines what'll happen if your digital environment ever goes down. You and your MSP set Recovery Time Objections (RTOs) that state how soon you expect the MSP to get your systems restored.

Networking and Infrastructure

This service can entail several things. Some MSPs maintain your servers virtually. They conduct maintenance and backups off-site. Other providers will offer to host and maintain servers in your data center.

You can know which option is ideal for you by looking at the size of your company and the amount of data you intend to store. If you opt to purchase and host your own servers, you'll need to pay much more than having an MSP manage things for you offsite.

Security as a Service 

This cyber-security model is deployed via the cloud in most cases. However, some MSPs will also install a physical security component in your environment. At its basic level, a security as a service package should include:

Choosing the Right Managed Services Provider

The US has one of the largest managed services industries globally, with roughly 40,000 registered MSPs at the moment. When hiring an MSP, you need to sit down with them and interview them. This way, you get to see what a potential MSP brings to the table. Here are three interview questions to help you find the right MSP for you.

How Will You Respond to My Infrastructure Going Down?

IT disasters are extremely common, and it helps to get prepared for one early enough. Look for an MSP with an elaborate plan to avert disasters or deal decisively with them should they occur. If you aren't satisfied with a particular MSP's recovery policy, move on to the next provider.

What Services Does the Contract Cover?

MSPs differ significantly on how they provide services. Some offer an all-encompassing suite, while others provide solutions À La Carte. Knowing how your MSP service provider offers their services can help you know whether their package is right for you.

Let your potential MSP know exactly what you're looking for. Have the provider clarify how they'll charge you for it. When everything's clearly broken down for you, you get to avoid surprise fees at the end of the month.

What Sets You Apart from Other MSPs?

With so many MSPs available out there, it's important to know the one you choose gives you the best value for your money. This question helps you know that you'll be getting the best possible services out there. If you feel that the service provider is giving you a generic answer, push harder to get a more genuine answer.


Regardless of the size and type of your business, well-sourced managed services can prove beneficial to your company. You get to focus on your business's core objective while a professional MSP takes care of complex and time-consuming IT projects. In the end, MSPs help boost your company's efficiency and competitiveness.

Ready to outsource your IT needs to an IT company in Las Vegas? Call Orbis Solutions to schedule a no-obligation review of your business IT service needs.

Las Vegas Internet Security Awareness

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, cybercrimes have risen by about 600 percent. Bearing this in mind, it is more critical than before to provide internet security awareness within the organization and educate the employees about the dangers that could put stakeholders and the business at risk. Even though several technologies can provide great defense against cyber threats, nothing compares to proper internet security awareness training.

Internet security awareness training encompasses enlightening the workforce on cyber threats that pose a significant threat to the business. Creating awareness allows employees to be vigilant, avoid anxiety, and take the necessary steps to keep the business and themselves safe in case of any suspicious online activities. Here are the top benefits of internet security awareness for your business.

Creates awareness

Among the things that play a major role in cyberattacks is human error. A well-trained workforce is critical for effective security. The right internet security awareness training program will instill confidence and knowledge in employees to be in a position to recognize and deal accordingly with threats that present themselves.

If training is regularly offered, it strengthens the significance of user technology security education among the staff and builds a security-aware culture. The more aware your workforce is of cyber-attack threats, the better. This is because it serves as a defense mechanism for your business. Furthermore, you will be more alert with your cybersecurity measures.

Reduces threat

An internet security awareness program plays a critical part in reducing the risk that could result in cybersecurity threats and data breaches.

With proper training, employees will be mindful of the information security best practices application and technologies regularly used in the workplace, including social media, email, apps, and websites. Internet security awareness educates employees on social engineering attacks such as phishing and spear phishing.

Phishing is a cybersecurity attack method in which cybercriminals send an email containing a document or a link that seems legitimate but aims to steal information. These emails look as if they are sent from a trusted source, but they are part of a complex scheme in the real sense.

By training employees, they can be in a position to identify these phishing scams and thus help better protect your business by reducing the threat.

Avoid Downtime

It is always costly and time-consuming to reinstate normal business operations after a breach or other security incidents.

However, if employees are knowledgeable about internet security principles and are aware of the role they are supposed to play in keeping the business secure. In that case, there is little likelihood that a security breach will take place, and thus essential business operations will remain operational.

Improve Customer Confidence

There is increased awareness and concern about internet security issues among customers. Businesses, therefore, must respond accordingly by implementing the right tools and solutions that prove they are protected from cyber breaches to improve customer confidence.

According to a study conducted, 31% of customers said following a breach, they discontinued their relationship with the breached entity. Additionally, 65% said they lost confidence and trust in the entity after being affected by the security breaches.

This indicates that internet security awareness is critical and shouldn't be overlooked. This is because it allows employees to follow the ideal practices to deal with cybersecurity threats. If customers are aware that a business is taking proactive measures in dealing with cyber threats, their confidence in the business is deemed to increase, and thus they are more likely to do business with them.

Increase Employee Confidence

A recent study at Kaspersky Lab revealed that 69% of people reported feeling stressed by data breach news. However, if employees are kept up to date about the latest cyber threats and attacks, it can help mitigate anxiety caused by cybersecurity uncertainty. Furthermore, internet security training can make staff confident in their abilities to protect against cyber threats and keep sensitive information secure.

For Compliance Purposes

As a business person, if your business deals with classified or sensitive information, regulation compliance is not an option as it helps in the protection of data. If information is mishandled, there could be a detrimental impact both financially and reputation-wise.

Starting internet security awareness training will make sure your workforce is familiar with compliance policies and knows how to deal with delicate data. This will add another layer of security to your business and, at the same time, allow you to meet your regulatory requirements.

Reduce the Likelihood of another Breach

Each business is prone to unique risks based on location, industry, regulatory and technical circumstances. Luckily, by training employees on how to identify signs of suspicious activity and how to address a potential breach, you can significantly reduce the chance of experiencing a successful data breach.

In order to avoid another breach and avoid huge losses, businesses should have a plan to assess and deal with privacy incidents and put together a breach response team with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to deal with any breaches that may present themselves.

Save Money

Cybercriminal attacks do not just hurt businesses' reputations, but also hurt the business financially. According to the study by Ponemon Institute, on the cost of Data Breach, the average cost of a data breach is roughly $3.83 million. Unfortunately, in the United States, the data breach cost has surpassed an all-time high of $8.64million.

However, creating awareness among employees about cyber-related attacks can have a significant impact on businesses, as businesses can save money on lawsuits and penalties resulting from cybercrimes.

There is no doubt internet security awareness holds a handful of benefits. Working with a well-informed workforce will keep employees vigilant and allow them to take the necessary steps to deal with any cyber-related attacks. However, it is also essential to ensure that you choose the right training program to make sure that the employees understand their information security responsibilities. To ensure your cybersecurity issues are taken care of and your workforce is well-trained, contact Orbis Solution Inc as they are reliable IT partners.

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