How Much Does Co-managed IT Cost In Las Vegas?

What is the cost of co-managed IT services for businesses throughout Las Vegas. Orbis Solutions shares 2022 pricing on co-managed IT.

Co-Managed IT Services For Las Vegas Organizations

This is a question hundreds of business owners wonder about every day. You know when your IT team is overloaded. You know when the busy season is coming or that you need to upgrade to the latest software version. You know you want a Co-Managed IT service that blends your on-staff IT with outsourced experts. But the one thing you don't know is how much it will cost. As a business leader, it's your job not just to plan the next steps, but also to work them into the budget. How do you know how the amount of IT support you can afford without knowing the potential cost?

When you find the frustratingly vague answer "It depends", it's absolutely true. Every co-managed IT team and project is unique, so pricing is shaped by the final co-managed arrangement. But that doesn't mean you can't get a few ballpark figures to work with.

We're here to answer the question "How much does co-managed IT cost in Las Vegas?" to a satisfying degree for LV businesses considering the Co-Managed solution.

Co-Managed IT Services For Las Vegas Organizations

Elements of Co-Managed Pricing

  • The size of your network, servers, and endpoints
  • The number of users to support.
  • The number of locations to support
  • Existing IT structure
  • The size of your existing IT team
  • The specific support services you need
  • The cost of any software or platforms

The cost of Co-Managed IT depends on how much and what type of support your team needs. We can use the standard costs as a baseline to give you a frame of reference for how much your business' co-managed IT solutions may cost. Here in Las Vegas, we like to keep the costs on the back-end reasonable and save the tourist pricing for the tourists. So if you are a Las Vegas organization seeking Co-Managed IT, you may find that prices trend pleasantly toward the middle to lower end of the spectrum unless you require extensive IT services to generate a higher cost.

Calculating the Cost of Co-Managed IT Services

Las Vegas organizations can get a ballpark estimate of their Co-Managed IT costs by using this simple range of rates. Consider the size of your business, network, and team.

Per-User, Per-Month

The one important thing to understand about Co-Managed IT (and managed IT) services is the per-user, per-month calculation. This means that for every employee user your team is supporting, the cost of co-managed IT may increase. Some brands offer a flat fee, some calculate by network endpoints instead. But your general range should be calculated per user, per month.

For example, if your Las Vegas Co-Managed IT costs $100/user/month and your business has 35 employees, that would come out to $3,500 per month.

Range of Co-Managed IT Costs:

  • $100/month to $250/user/month: The lowest cost for Co-Managed IT costs is around $100/month for basic services. But this is more like hands-off IT support than real managed IT. At the upper end, for $250/user/month, you can have support for an extensive server network and/or multi-service concierge IT support. Extremely large networks and complex IT requirements can also potentially drive the cost beyond the normal range.

Low-Range Co-Managed IT Costs

  • $75/user/month to $150/user/month: The lowest cost for co-managed IT services is typically reserved for very small businesses or small-to-medium businesses that already have their IT mostly locked down. You have a good team, they know exactly what they need from outsourced Co-Managed IT partners, and the job is simple. If you just need some backup for the busy season or to help with some work overload, this will likely land you in the lower range - provided your network isn't large.

Mid-Range Co-Managed IT Costs

  • $125/user/month to $200/user/month: In the mid-range, you'll find services for medium-sized networks (for small or medium businesses) and organizations that need a little more guidance. The cost of medium Co-Managed IT is around $125 to $200 per user, per month. Maybe you have a one-man-show IT department and your tech could really use some support. Perhaps you need help installing your network structure or are in the middle of a major migration. More work or a larger network means a bigger price.

High-Range Co-Managed IT Costs

  • $175/user/month to $400/user/month: In the upper end of Co-Managed IT costs, you'll find companies with very large networks, complex IT maintenance tasks, very small existing teams, and/or a rack of big server projects lined up for the team to tackle. Bigger networks, more work to do, and more teams to cover for can increase the price outside the usual range. If you have a massive amount of IT to handle, don't be surprised by a higher price tag on a custom Co-Managed IT solution.

Finding Las Vegas Co-Managed IT Services in Your Price Range

If Co-Managed IT is the right solution for your business, how can you make sure those services are within your budget? The good news is that co-managed IT solutions are always built with consultations and teamwork. Let us know what your budget is to start with and we can build the correct balance of team, service, and monthly tasks to meet all your managed IT needs.

This way, you gain the benefit of blending your IT department with outsourced experts and don't have to worry about blowing your budget on surprise expenses. Las Vegas businesses can safely plan ahead with custom Co-Managed IT service plans and custom pricing.

Co-Managed IT with Orbis Solutions, Inc

If you're ready to price your Las Vegas organization's co-managed IT, we're here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and get a reasonable Managed IT estimate ASAP. Every business has unique IT needs, and the right price for your Co-Managed IT services will be determined by your network, team, and existing technology. Let's work together to build the ideal Co-Managed IT solutions for your business.

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