What Is the Most Common Unaddressed Cybersecurity Risk in Companies?

The human element in cybersecurity is by far the most unaddressed cybersecurity risk in companies. Here's how to mitigate the human error.

The media often report many company security incidents in a dramatic and superhuman fashion, much like Hollywood does. They paint a picture of hackers as genius computer whizzes who break through any firewall or physical security measure. The truth is that most security incidents are caused by people making bad decisions or failing to follow laid-down security measures. The human element in cybersecurity is by far the most unaddressed cybersecurity risk in companies, but it is also the hardest to admit.

Employees present a cybersecurity risk for a company when working on company equipment.

The Human Element in Cybersecurity as an Unaddressed Cybersecurity Risk

The biggest source of cybersecurity data breaches is not some unknown hacker in some basement or a sneaky malware bug; it is human error.

A study by CompTIA cited by shrm.org reports that human error accounts for more than half of all the root causes of cybersecurity incidents and breaches. Indeed, the reality is that cybersecurity events almost always surround people who are not adequately informed about cybersecurity. Weak links include uninformed or disgruntled company staff and contractor workers with secure access to a company.

While the specific nature of the errors staff and employees make vary, the most common scenarios have been documented. Here are the most common

1. Falling for Phishing Scams

Phishing scams are responsible for about one in every three data breaches, costing businesses around the globe over $8 billion in losses every year.

A new academic study published by the Journal of Computer Information Systems reveals that employees of companies that have in place various cybersecurity risk prevention controls such as anti-malware, anti-phishing, and email proxies are the most vulnerable to phishing scams because they feel a false sense of security. Thus, companies must continually provide security training and education programs to better protect their staff and company information.

2. Using Weak Passwords and the Same Passwords Across Services

Many businesses continue to put their companies at great cybersecurity risk by failing to enforce strong password rules. It is human nature to seek the path of least resistance. If that means using the same password on every service they sign up for, they see no problem with it.

Users often set passwords that they remember the most, not necessarily the strongest. Because of this, when they share passwords, they inadvertently share the exact or almost similar passwords for their corporate services. Orbis Solutions advocates password security as a continual educational process that every employee must first understand to appreciate strong password and account protection policies.

3. Closed-Minded In-House IT Teams

Another big problem that leaves a company exposed is cybersecurity professionals who insist on implementing complex security controls. While complex security systems are hard to hack, they also make life harder for employees.

Most in-house IT teams often go too far beyond what the necessary needs - whether to overcompensate for their shortcomings or make their own jobs easier. This egotistic approach to computer security leaves companies better off with a specialist managed IT services company.

Protect Your Company Against the Unaddressed Cybersecurity Risk

The best way to deter cyber threats and protect sensitive information is to incorporate sound and continual staff education. This way, compliance will be an automatic flowing process rather than an occasional event staff can invent their way around.

If you are looking for a formidable cybersecurity solution for your Las Vegas company, Orbis Solutions can help. Contact Orbis Solutions today to get peace of mind knowing that your staff and sensitive company information is well protected from cyber threats and breaches caused by human error.

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