Why Keep Your Computer Operating System Updated

Did you know that not keeping your operating system (OS) up to date can cause serious problems affecting your device and personal security?

Why Keep Your Computer Operating System Updated

Did you know that not keeping your operating system (OS) up to date can cause serious problems affecting your device and personal security? Unfortunately, the pop-up notifications to update our operating systems seem tedious and unnecessary for many of us. As a result, we are often inclined to ignore or postpone the process, but that should not be the case. Instead, OS updates are important and should be given high priority to ensure the security and reliability of your computer.

Given how rapidly technology changes, it is necessary to launch newer versions of operating systems regularly to keep up. Usually, updates include improved user experience, extra features, security updates, etc. An update helps fix any possible bugs and security loopholes while cleaning up outdated programs that could interfere with your device's performance. Therefore, we explain three reasons why you should not close that prompt to update your OS the next time it appears on your screen.

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1. Security

According to Microsoft, over 300,000 malware samples are created and spread daily. As a result, cyber-criminals are constantly at work trying to find any vulnerability within different operating systems and exploit them. The challenge is for software publishers to stay on the lookout for any exposure and provide a fix before someone exploits it. The fix is usually in the form of an update that allows the OS to identify and block any malware that could try to infiltrate your computer.

Hackers and cybercriminals thrive where security flaws exist. When you ignore updating your OS, you will miss out on new and improved security patches, thus leaving you helpless against the exploit. And in most situations, you will not see the exploitation come; it could be something simple as viewing a rouge website or opening a compromised email that could jeopardize your device and data security. Once malware gets into your computer, criminals can use it to steal data from the device or facilitate a ransomware attack.

And while most of us think that cyber security is just a personal problem, that is not the case. When one computer device is compromised, especially in an organization, you risk affecting your associates too. For example, if you receive media loaded with a virus and send it to friends, family, or colleagues, it takes them playing the media to spread the malware to their devices. Therefore, important your operating system is not just for your security but for those around you as well.

2. Performance

Besides patching security holes, did you know that OS updates can add and improve new features? To tap into the capabilities that the latest technology has to offer, updating the OS is necessary. If, for example, you had bugs causing your computer to slow down or constantly crash, improvements in the operating system could be all you need to improve performance. OS developers are always working to find new ways to improve the software and maximize user efficiency. It could be adding a new feature, optimizing the speed, or improving the User Interface for a friendly experience.

Although the changes may appear small, they greatly influence how you interact with the system. Outdated or ineffective systems are often a source of frustration, getting in the way of your work. However, simply updating your OS can give your business the reputation of always being ahead in technology. In addition, you can also offer improved services to your customers, which promotes customer loyalty and satisfaction, which are both good for business.

3. Support for Modern Applications

You may find the constant reminders to update your OS annoying, but what is even more annoying is working with an OS with compatibility issues with your current hardware and software programs. You will often find yourself working to fix one problem or the other. Common signs that your operating system has compatibility issues include:

  • Failure to launch
  • Constantly displays permission errors
  • Inability to support certain features or functions
  • Trouble connecting your computer to other hardware

All these issues affect your productivity and, in some instances, can be costly in terms of the damage and disruption they cause. An OS upgrade must improve compatibility with newer hardware and application. When you are stuck with an old operating system, you may lack the necessary drivers to support new hardware, such as speakers and printers, that could be essential to your computer experience. This is because, for supporting drivers to be up to date, the OS first needs to be updated. In addition, some applications may also fail to work due to having an obsolete OS.

Updating your operating system gives you confidence that your computer will get you through whichever task by allowing access to hardware and software support. This increases productivity and efficiency as it promotes using support tools whenever needed. You also get access to the latest technology and work across multiple devices since the OS has the capabilities. For example, if your computer is using Microsoft Windows, you can now sync it with Android devices to access work and files on your smartphone.

How Do You Keep Your Computer Operating System Up to Date?

Now that you have learned the importance of keeping your OS updated, you may wonder, how do you ensure it stays up to date? The most intelligent way to stay on top of your updates is to allow them to happen automatically whenever they are available. Automatic updates save you the trouble of checking to see if new updates are available and then running them. Most operating systems have this feature, but you must enable it first. Other options include finding the latest version of the OS and installing it or downloading the update via the program.

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