Create a Great Company Work Culture

Every organization has a company culture. Different people have a different understanding of what a company culture truly is, regardless, the benefits of a strong culture can’t be denied.

Create a Great Company Work Culture

Every Las Vegas organization has a company culture. Different people have a different understanding of what a company culture truly is, regardless, the benefits of a strong culture can’t be denied. It reflects on how the leadership of your business treats customers and employees. Basically, company culture is the set of shared core values, goals, attitudes, and practices that characterize an organization. Having a great company culture boosts productivity, decreases turnover rates, improves employee engagement, and will attract the right candidates for open positions.

This article lays out the “Do’s and Don’ts” of creating a positive company work culture that will inspire your staff and will help your organization thrive.

Company Culture Do’s

  • Set Clear Departmental Goals - Clearly outline company objectives for each department and allow for feedback to make appropriate adjustments when needed. This will encourage collaboration between employees.
  • Promote the Organization’s Goals - Besides departmental goals, it is important that every employee knows and incorporates the long-term objectives of the organization. This will provide employees with a sense of professional purpose and will motivate them to achieve the company’s mission.
  • Promote Diversity and Inclusivity - Hire employees with different backgrounds, beliefs, and interests. This will create a positive and inclusive workplace culture, ensuring diversity and acceptance.
  • Allow for Humor - Resolving issues or problems is the ultimate goal but allowing for humor and a positive perspective can lighten negative moods. This will encourage employees to work harder because they know you have their back.
  • Prioritize Respect - Whether long-tenured employees or new interns, all employees should be respected, valued, heard, and feel empowered to share thoughts and ideas.
  • Establish a Strict Zero Tolerance Policy - It is important that employees know they can openly speak about issues they face, in and outside the office. Employees should have access to the support and resources they need. Also, create a secure and private way in which employees can report incidents in the workplace such as sexual harassment.
  • Create an Employee Recognition Program - Recognizing and rewarding employees for outstanding work will encourage employees to continue excellent productivity. This will also motivate employees to a friendly interoffice competition which will lead to high performance throughout the organization.
  • Be Flexible - We are all human and we all experience events that are out of our control outside the organization. Allow flexibility in the work schedule so employees can take care of what they need to without repercussions. This will earn you the respect of your employees and will encourage them to work even harder for you.
  • Be Transparent - Promote transparency and open communication among all levels of staff. Employees will feel heard and valued which creates a positive work environment. Consider implementing a recurring internal newsletter or inspirational morning emails.
  • Plan Social Events - Annual company picnics, monthly pot-luck lunches, company sports teams, or a “Team Day” field trip are all great ways of allowing social interactions between employees. This will help foster meaningful working relationships.

Company Culture Don’ts

  • Don’t Encourage Working Through Lunch - People need to break for at least 30 minutes during their 8-hour workday. They need to step away from their computers to recharge. Regular breaks will improve productivity and contribution to the organization.
  • Don’t Reschedule One-on-Ones - Honor the time you set aside to meet with your employee. This will show you value, respect, and care for your employee.
  • Don’t Keep Disengaged Employees - A disengaged or disgruntled employee can bring down morale and they can inspire a negative work environment. Counterproductive individuals should have an opportunity to discuss and change their behavior. If no improvements are made, you should let go of that employee.
  • Don’t Limit Learning Opportunities - Encourage employees to pursue their passions in and outside the office. By encouraging employees to share information and knowledge will improve employee relationships, collaboration, and productivity.
  • Don’t Hire for Culture Fit - You want to hire employees who share your core values, have a unique perspective, and do not necessarily fit into your recruiting model but adds to it.
  • Don’t Tolerate Poor Managers - Managers directly work with employees and impact engagement and performance. Those who lead your team should do so with conviction and in accordance with your core values. A bad manager will encourage employees to leave your organization while a good manager will encourage a positive work environment.

Having a positive work culture will greatly benefit the productivity and success of your organization. You can create a great work culture by ensuring your employees feel valued, respected, heard, and protected. Great work culture will encourage employees to work hard, stay with your company, and strive to meet your organization’s goals.

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