Five Top Tech Trends Transforming the Gambling Industry

Major transformations have taken place concerning gambling services and bettors' experiences.

Five Top Tech Trends Transforming the Gambling Industry This Year

Throughout the noted history of the gambling industry, the public has paid witness to numerous advancements and changes over time. In the past, gambling was viewed as something that people do in rundown buildings or in alleys. Over time, we saw the progressive rise of elaborate casinos that became instant hotspots. The gambling industry stayed this way for decades, that is until the world discovered how powerful the internet is.

The transition of the gambling industry into the digital space certainly did not happen overnight. Online gambling businesses started appearing in the 1990s, but they were not immediately popular. This was around the same time the internet was starting to become mainstream, and many people had apprehensions concerning gambling in a digital space. Also, not everyone has access to the internet during this time, and those who did have access to the internet had concerns about cybersecurity and the legal aspects of gambling online.

Fast forward to today and the gambling industry has been transformed by technology. More people have access to mobile devices and high-speed internet connections every day. Globally, more locations are opening up to the possibilities of online gaming opportunities. Change is on the horizon, and the gambling industry is part of this.

Major transformations have taken place concerning gambling services and bettors' experiences. The gambling industry is expanding quickly in various aspects thanks to multiple reasons, such as new technologies, improved applications, the COVID-19 pandemic, and more that have made gambling more popular than ever. What is it that is taking the world of gambling to greater heights, in the digital space and the physical space?

Let's take a look at the top tech trends that are transforming the gambling industry:

Online Casinos

While the COVID-19 pandemic certainly had a hand in the decline of gambling in physical spaces, online gambling is one of the main reasons why traditional casinos are not as popular as they once were. Today's younger gamblers were born into a world that has been online for decades, and the essence of today's digital world was already visible. Many of today's younger gamblers are attached to their digital devices, and they prefer to participate in online gambling rather than traditional gambling. For the younger gamblers, online gambling has been the ''norm'' for them. Casino providers quickly began to understand how many business opportunities they were missing out on, and made the necessary adjustments.

Mobile Gambling

As the number of smartphones and mobile devices continues to rise, it is becoming natural to see more players gambling online. Also, as online gambling because more available on a global scale, it is only natural to see more people testing new gambling and casino websites on their mobile devices. Many players prefer the mobile gaming experience because it provides them with more flexibility, allowing them to play whenever they want.

Smartwatch Gambling

Once new and improved technologies started to hit the market, mobile gambling quickly catapulted to the top, and it continues to be a major profit maker for the gambling industry. However, there is another major player that is transforming the mobile gaming industry. We are living in an era of the smartwatch, and developers are introducing a new gaming experience with smartwatches. Yes, players will be able to place bets through their smartwatch. There have been numerous trials for smartwatch gaming for quite some time now, and we anticipate that only gaming on smartwatches will transform the industry in a major way.

AR and VR Gaming

It is only natural for the gambling industry to embrace AR and VR technologies. Most of the smartphones on the market can augment reality in their gaming features. Those who have already been introduced to the world of AR and VR gaming understand the concept of virtual reality and will understand why AR and VR gaming will become major players in the gambling industry. Players will experience the feeling of being in an actual casino while sitting in their living room.


Do you remember when the bitcoin network came into existence and many people thought it was something that would quickly fade away? Well, this has certainly not been the case. Many businesses across the world are accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for products and services. Bitcoins are starting to dominate the world, and many casinos are accepting bitcoins and other cryptos as payment methods. Some casinos only accept bitcoins as a form of payment. Crypto payments are decentralized, and this allows transactions to be made anonymously. Bitcoins also allow players to bypass geographical restrictions because a player's location will not be revealed. For these reasons, we anticipate that bitcoins will always have a place in the gambling industry.

It does not matter if it is in the digital space or the physical space, casino owners are aiming to provide players with entertainment using the latest technologies. The top tech trends we mentioned have played a key role in taking the gambling industry by storm, in addition to transforming the gaming experience. We anticipate that some trends will begin to grow exponentially, especially AR and VR gaming.

We are no longer in the days when the only way you could gamble at a casino was by being in an actual casino. Today, slot machines are more like Playstation consoles or Xbox consoles that hold a player's interest for hours. Developers are aware of these trends and are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the competition. At Orbis Solutions, we have teams that have been a part of executive teams and have served in an IT role for hotel/casinos and gaming Manufacturing.

We understand the measures that need to be in place to ensure the online gambling spaces are secure and safe for everyone. Players do not want to have their personal information fall into the wrong hands while they are playing online, and casino owners do not want to become victims of cybercrimes. We are approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, so we are an approved vendor to work with gaming properties and gaming manufacturers.

We are committed to the security and success of your organization. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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