Gaming Developer Hires Orbis Solutions For Proactive IT Services

As an active member of the gaming industry, this developer works with clients worldwide and deals with sensitive data.

Orbis Solutions Shows Gaming Developer The Power Of Proactive IT Service

As an active member of the gaming industry, this developer works with clients worldwide and deals with sensitive data. They depend heavily on their IT systems, which is why they need an IT company they can rely on to keep them running productively and securely.

For all things IT, they rely on Orbis Solutions.

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Gaming Developer Hires Orbis Solutions For Proactive IT Services

This Developer Needed An IT Company That Understood Their Priorities

This developer deals with highly sensitive data in terms of their proprietary products and the information concerning the companies they work with. They require robust access controls and authorization standards to ensure that only the right people can access this data.

Before working with Orbis Solutions, this developer had partnered with another company to handle their IT support needs. While the quality of service was satisfactory, an issue prompted this developer’s leadership to look closer.

In 2019, it was discovered that unauthorized staff members had been given access to sensitive data, and the IT company could not produce any documentation or support tickets to help determine how this inappropriate access had been given.

An internal audit had determined that no sensitive information had been misused. However, it was recommended that the developer find a new IT company to work with. The auditor suggested they consider Orbis Solutions.

Our team met with the developer’s leadership to give a presentation on our services. After demonstrating what we had to offer, the developer opted to hire our team to take over their IT.

This Developer Needed A Proactive IT Company

In hindsight, this developer’s staff also found their previous IT company to be “reactive” in delivering their services. It wasn’t until they started working with Orbis Solutions that they discovered how proactive IT support could be.

Is Your IT Support Reactive?

Call it whatever you like, but it's essentially "hourly IT support". This is the traditional style of outsourced IT services, which works by fixing your computers once they're broken.

In a nutshell, when something goes wrong—data loss, hardware failure, virus, etc.—you then get in touch with your support provider and have them fix it.

This strategy no longer works today. If you still use this method of IT service, you risk downtime that can slow you down. Reactive IT support leads to several problems…

Impermanent Solutions

They're encouraged to focus on billable hours when they're charging by the hour. It doesn't benefit them if your tech works the way it should. You could find yourself repeatedly calling them to help with a problem that never quite gets resolved.

Rapid Escalation

A minor computer problem can quickly turn into a disaster. This is especially true today with the increase in cybercrime like ransomware. What starts out with just one malicious email can spread throughout your entire network, locking down your data and your operations.

Further Delays

It could take days to fix your problem - in the meantime, your employees won't have access to the data they need to continue working. You're simply "bleeding money" by the minute.

Cost Of Downtime

Your support provider starts charging you after you've already lost work time - time spent on repairs or updates can add up fast.

Inaccurate Budgeting

It's impossible to predict how much to budget for IT services. You can't know what will happen or how expensive it might be.

Your IT Support Should Be Proactive

Proactive IT support monitors and maintains your IT on an ongoing basis.

Operationally, proactive monitoring provides a view into the health and status of IT assets. Like air traffic controllers, your IT company uses monitoring tools to see network traffic and plan actions to avoid potential problems. They can act proactively while using the tools to benchmark performance.

From active monitoring and patch management to responsive on-site and Help Desk support services, fully managed support takes care of everything you need.

Advantages include:

Freedom Of Focus

You can finally focus on running your firm and not on IT worries. Your IT support provider will minimize or eliminate downtime that could hit your bottom line.

Easy Budgeting

You'll benefit from a flat-rate payment model, allowing you to budget your tech more effectively. You'll be able to plan for growth far more easily and with greater peace of mind.


Tech maintenance from a third party is more cost-effective than relying on reactive solutions, especially considering the lost revenue from downtime.

Orbis Solutions’ Proactive Support Streamlines This Client’s IT

“I find our Orbis relationship to be much more proactive,” says an executive member of the developer’s C-Suite.

With Orbis Solutions managing their IT, the company’s staff feels more prepared and confident in how their systems work. They can trust that Orbis Solutions is thinking ahead and keeping them in optimal shape.

“I get a quarterly review from Orbis, showing the service tickets, how long they took to resolve, etc.,” says the executive. “It helps us to evaluate their responsiveness and look at problems and how we fix them.”

Orbis Solutions Keeps This Client Confidently Secure

As mentioned before, careful control of data access and cybersecurity, in general, is a priority for this developer. They know that cybercrime continues to become a greater threat, so they need an IT company they can trust to keep them secure.

“Orbis has done a very good job at ensuring that those who shouldn’t have access to sensitive data do not have access,” says the executive.

Access control is a critical part of modern cybersecurity. This means Implementing secure configuration settings (complex passwords, multi-factor authentication, etc.) for all accounts and controls for login and use, such as lockouts for too many unsuccessful logins, unsuccessful login alerts, and automatic log-off after a period of inactivity.

Access control is just one component of the zero-trust cybersecurity methodology. The zero trust approach to cybercrime assumes that every aspect is a potential vulnerability until it can be confirmed otherwise.

That means instead of investing in a strong firewall and antivirus and assuming you’re protected, every part of your IT environment and every user trying to access it is assessed for its security.

An organization following a zero trust security model cannot, even by default, offer any trust in any interaction in its protected systems. Risks must be continuously assessed and mitigated, and access must be continuously verified.

It’s important for business owners to understand that every potential part of their network is a target. Given the overall connected nature of the systems, comprising one part can give the cybercriminals control over the entire environment.

Orbis Solutions Takes Care Of This Client

As our partnership has developed and strengthened over the years, this developer has come to value Orbis Solutions’ support because it is straightforward and helpful.

“I have nothing but good things to say about the relationship,” says the executive. “I’m an enthusiastic supporter of Orbis and everything they do for us.”

They can tell that Orbis Solutions isn’t thinking about the bottom line—we’re just trying to help this developer develop the best possible IT environment for their needs.

Client Success Stories

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“Orbis’ experienced team assessed our situation, listened to our concerns, and educated us to the ever-changing world of technology. Not only are they professionals at what they do, they’re a pleasure to work with and always have a unique, personal approach to our needs.”
Jane Doe
“Thank you Orbis Solutions for providing me and my staff with your monthly Tech Tips. As a Las Vegas business owner I don't have time to keep up with changing technology and your tips are always on point. Always professional and attentive to our growing business needs.”
Jane Doe
“We are a small business in Las Vegas, and therefore do not have the revenue to staff full time IT personnel. So last year, we partnered with Orbis Solutions Inc. and they are the “IT Department” for our company.”
Jane Doe
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