Las Vegas IT Support Provided By Orbis Solutions

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Las Vegas IT Support Provided By Orbis Solutions

The past decade has seen many businesses adopting new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, VoIP communication systems, IT, cybersecurity, cloud computing, and many more. For the better part, these technologies have been highly beneficial to companies, often leading to increased productivity, better returns, cost savings, enhanced customer experience, workplace satisfaction, etc.

However, there’s the flip side of the coin; tech improvements have also come with their fair share of challenges for Las Vegas businesses. These include lack of the best talents, cybersecurity concerns, compliance issues, and just lack of quality Las Vegas IT support.

In this comprehensive blog post, we’ll discuss each of these tech challenges and provide their best solutions. So let’s get down to business!

Top Tech Challenges for Las Vegas Businesses and Their Best Solutions

Lack of Quality IT Support and Services 

In today’s Las Vegas 24/7 economy, nothing can be more hurtful to a business than suffering a technical hitch in the wee hours and not getting immediate assistance. Issues such as network downtime, server crash, or systems slowdown come unannounced, and every minute that passes by without their resolution can cause massive losses.

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “can’t I simply hire an in-house IT team to take care of my tech issues as and when they arise?” Well, that’s probably not a good idea, especially if you’re a small and mid-size business. Why so? For one, in-house teams only identify IT problems after they arise, so you’ll always be at risk of incurring losses before a solution arrives. And another thing, maintaining such teams isn’t child’s play because full-time employment comes with a salary, benefits, sick leave, etc.

So, what’s the best solution for overcoming the lack of quality IT services and support? Simple! All you have to do is partner with a reliable managed IT services provider like Orbis Solutions. Unlike in-house teams that take a reactive approach to tech problems mitigation, the best managed IT experts act proactively to detect and prevent potential threats before they come to light. Thus, your business enjoys zero to minimal downtime and 24/7 optimal systems functionality, enhancing productivity and returns.

When on the market for the best Las Vegas IT support firm, be sure to confirm that the company offers the following on-demand services:

  • Network performance assessment, monitoring, and maintenance
  • Round-the-clock help desk support
  • Onsite and offsite tech support
  • 24/7 systems monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Proactive troubleshooting for potential threats

Cybersecurity and Compliance Concerns

Cybercriminals are becoming more innovative and sophisticated in their attacks, and small and mid-size businesses are the most targeted. Think of all the HR records, confidential digital communication, client information, and trade secrets that are documented and stored in your computer systems. These are valuable data sets that can result in far-reaching losses if they fall into the wrong hands.

Some techniques that cybercriminals use to gain unauthorized access to companies’ sensitive data include phishing, business email compromise, ransomware, and malware. And in most instances, it’s the employees who unknowingly assist the criminals to infiltrate the systems through tricks like impersonation, malicious links, or duping. So partnering with a top-rated IT and cybersecurity firm to offer security awareness training and simulated phishing to your employees is an excellent start at preventing cyber risks.

Besides security awareness training, other services you should expect from your cybersecurity support firm include:

  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Advanced email filtering and security
  • Malware detection and removal
  • Penetration testing
  • 24/7 security support center Vulnerability and risk management
  • Comprehensive system assessment and testing
  • Employee compliance and support
  • Protection, detection, and response services

Talent Shortage

Despite being one of the most lucrative sectors, the tech industry faces a significant shortage of qualified personnel, creating a massive gap among businesses. Tech talents like software developers, IT support specialists, cybersecurity analysts, etc., are hard to come by, and the ones available are being poached by large companies and multinationals.

So, how can small and mid-size businesses enjoy the same essential IT support and services accessible to bigger companies? Well, managed IT services by top-rated firms like Orbis Solutions are here to level the playing field. As a Las Vegas SMB, you only need to outsource your IT department to a reliable third-party firm.

Here are a few reasons you should work with a managed IT services firm rather than grapple for the limited services of independent tech experts:

  • Reliable services. You may argue that hiring an in-house IT team full-time is a better idea. But have you thought of the sick days, vacation, regular retraining, employee benefits, etc., that they’ll need at your expense? And who provides IT support during those interrupted periods? On the flip side, working with a managed service provider guarantees 24/7 365 reliable support and services, no matter what.
  • Values for money. In hiring a team of tech experts, you’ll pay them fixed monthly salaries plus other benefits, regardless of their workload, for a given period. That’s quite expensive compared to a third-party firm that only charges based on the services and support they’ve provided.
  • Rapid response times. With a dedicated managed IT firm, it doesn’t matter at what time during the day or night you suffer a technical glitch; a team is always on standby to offer support. MSPs understand the essence of business continuity, so they respond swiftly to urgent calls and resolve issues like hardware failure, network downtime, and server crashes to keep productivity alive.

Orbis Solutions is Your #1 Rated Las Vegas IT Support and Services Firm!

Are you on the market for a reliable managed services firm to provide efficient IT solutions that match your business-specific needs? If the answer is YES, then Orbis Solutions is your go-to Las Vegas IT services company. We’re a team of self-motivated and certified experts, and we pride ourselves in helping businesses use technology as an asset for growth and not a hindrance to productivity. Besides, we’ve always on high alert and ready to respond to emergencies 24/7, saving you from unexpected expenses.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with one of our experts today, and let us take care of all your technology needs while you focus on more value-adding business responsibilities.

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