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Need-To-Know Tactics To Protect Your Company From Cyber Criminals

Making Tech Work For Your Business 24/7

How Technology Will Shape The Future Of ALL Small Businesses

Make Sure Your Employees Aren’t Setting You Up For A Business-Paralyzing Ransomware Nightmare

With a recession officially upon us, small businesses are starting to feel the squeeze. But you can choose NOT to participate in this recession and instead have your best growth ever as a company. Bestselling Business Author Mike Michalowicz reveals multiple, actionable strategies to uplevel your business, acquire more clients, make more money (when others aren’t) and come out of the recession stronger than ever.
If you’ve ever opened an email, you’re a target for a cyber attack. Hacking and cyber threats are becoming more prevalent and don’t just affect large corporations. According to Forbes, small businesses are THREE times more likely to be targeted than large companies. Former FBI Counterintelligence Operative Eric O’Neill will speak on national security and cybercrime, which has increased in folds since the pandemic. He will provide practical insights into real work situations and how to stay ahead of the hackers to ensure that you and your business stay protected.
Every business relies on technology to operate, from common things like internet access to sophisticated systems that run plants, store records and enable payment and everyday operations. When anything stops working, it costs hours of productivity and thousands of dollars. Used right, you can get more productivity from everyone and ‘do more with less’. In this session, you’ll see how to use technology the right way and how to protect your company, your data, and your livelihood from online threats.
With a labor shortage projected to last 3-5 years that includes rampant inflation and salary increases, businesses have to change to prosper. When used right, technology can fill that gap. Businesses can then be MORE productive with FEWER employees, deliver a superior client/customer experience and actually increase profits and reduce expenses. Shark Tank Celebrity Kevin O’Leary will discuss how small businesses can adapt quickly and use these next few years to leapfrog over their competition that’s unwilling or unable to change.
If you are like most CEOs, you believe your systems are safe from hackers. Heck, you’ve made it this far, right? Do you think the organizations that fall victim to these hacking events felt they were safe as well? Yep. They sure did. In this quick session, Bruce McCully shares some simple steps you can take to protect yourself and your business. He will also cover some of the mistakes that lead to ransomware, blackmail, wire fraud, and other scams that quickly turn into business paralyzing nightmares.
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