Easy Steps to Stay Safe Amid the Rising Microsoft 365 Hacks

At Orbis Solutions, your business security is our primary concern. We provide customized solutions and help you optimize your IT security to ensure your company remains protected.

Easy Steps to Stay Safe Amid the Rising Microsoft 365 Hacks

Microsoft 365 is undoubtedly one of the world's most productive platforms. Organizations, both large and small, use it to run their operations. To illustrate, the coronavirus pandemic saw many companies ask their employees to work from home. To keep the remote teams connected, collaborative, and productive, these companies had to choose online tools to make this possible. Microsoft 365 consistently ranked high as one of the best choices.

It is one platform that has brought cloud computing to the center of human flexibility against the epidemic. Microsoft 365 has enabled more than 250 million users across various industries to reform work, build flexibility, and address multiple challenges emanating from the pandemic.

The Looming Microsoft 365 Security Problem

Unfortunately, Microsoft 365 is also one of the most targeted platforms by cybercriminals across the world. Since organizations shifted to remote working conditions or hybrid working environments, statistics show that there has been an increase in Microsoft 365 breaches, and the figures are staggering.

What was previously the most secure platform in the cloud is now the most vulnerable to cyber incidents. Sadly, even the government is not spared from these attacks, as it recently suffered a data breach targeting its Microsoft Office software. The hackers penetrated the systems through a malicious code known as SolarWinds, giving them access to the network and Microsoft's email client.

Microsoft later released a set of guidelines on how organizations can boost their Microsoft 365 security to prevent such attacks.

Whether yours is a small or large enterprise, you need to take some steps to enhance the security of your Microsoft platform. Working with an expert in IT services can increase your chances of getting these steps right. The team from SemTech IT Solutions is here to help. Here's what we advocate that you do:

Activate Multifactor Authentication

Using multifactor authentication is a simple way to protect your business from cybercriminals. The process adds a layer of security to account sign-in by asking for a factor that is only available to the user.

For example, once a user attempts to log in, the system sends them a verification code to their phone to verify their identity. Since phone numbers are not shared, the technique is personalized and ensures only the authorized person gains access to your business systems.

On the other hand, users can use the default authentication method, which entails using the Microsoft Authenticator app. They can download it on their mobile devices, and it will give them a unique code to enter every time they try to log in. The code expires within a specific time frame.

SemTech IT experts have your business security at heart. We are here to provide you with suitable software for setting up reliable multifactor authentication. Besides, we strive to ensure all end-points in your systems and networks are well protected to make it harder for hackers to penetrate your business platforms.

Protect All Business Passwords

Shocking statistics show that most of the breaches that result from hacking activities are related to password vulnerabilities. Cybercriminals usually target passwords as their point of entry, especially those that allow for privileged access. So if you don't properly manage your business passwords, you put your business operations at risk.

Setting up strong passwords is a sure way of protecting your accounts, but it is not sufficient. Other things you need to sensitize users about their passwords include:

  • Not using the same password for multiple accounts
  • Making the passwords unique and at least eight characters long
  • Using a combination of letters, numbers, special characters, and symbols to make them hard to guess
  • Using a solid and reliable password manager to keep track of all passwords
  • Not using passwords that hackers had previously stolen

At SemTech IT Solutions, we can help with your password management. We provide you with password management solutions and create awareness in your team on the importance of taking care of their passwords.

Use Security Assessment Tools

The Microsoft 365 platform features several security features, but they are not set up automatically. As such, many organizations miss out on the security benefits the features provide. They also lack a clear understanding of how to update security settings or make the necessary changes. Unfortunately, this can cause intrusions and data breaches based on misconfigurations of the security settings.

Fortunately, the team at SemTech IT provides you with security assessment tools to identify any vulnerabilities in the security settings. We also help you take the appropriate actions to ensure your data is safe and out of reach for hackers. With our secure IT assessment tools, you can also identify the areas that require attention and the right course of action to reduce the risk of an attack.

Train Your Team

Your company cannot afford to be lax about creating a strong cybersecurity culture. Cultivating security awareness in the workplace is crucial in creating layered protection against cyberattacks. Teach your employees the importance of being careful with their passwords, recognizing phishing emails, and understanding the company's security policies.

Phishing scams are the most common type of online attacks, where hackers impersonate someone from your company. Then, they email one of your team members, tricking them into revealing personal information by clicking on malicious links or downloading corrupted files. Your employees should know how to identify such emails and avoid them.

While you may provide in-house training, outsourced cybersecurity training services are more beneficial. You can trust the team at SemTech IT Solutions to develop, maintain, and update your security programs and policies while providing regular employee training.

Partner with Orbis Solutions to Beef up Microsoft 365 Security

The current state of remote and hybrid work has made it vital for companies to be more proactive about their online security. Therefore, your company must understand the security aspects of its Microsoft 365 platform.

The most efficient way to achieve high-level security is to partner with a professional IT service provider. At Orbis Solutions, your business security is our primary concern. We provide customized solutions and help you optimize your IT security to ensure your company remains protected. Contact us today to schedule a consultation about this and all your business IT needs.


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