5 Tips On How To Build A Positive Hybrid Work Culture

Orbis Solutions is paving the way to help organizations sustain a positive hybrid work culture. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

5 Tips On How To Build A Positive Hybrid Work Culture

Things continue to change in regard to the way people work. In the past years, the majority of people went into the office to perform their daily tasks, but today, more employees are finding themselves a part of the hybrid workplace. A hybrid workplace means there has to be some type of hybrid work culture, but this is something that creates a challenge for some managers and employers.

It is important to remember that employees want to feel like they are valued, and the best way to show employees that they are valued and appreciated is to focus on the new ways they are tackling their responsibilities. Since the hybrid work model is not going away anytime soon, workplaces need to be prepared and ready to build a positive hybrid work culture.

The Importance of a Positive Work Culture

To support a hybrid culture, you must first implement one. Generally, sustaining a hybrid culture for your business or organization will require you to not only focus on the remote employees but the employees who are working in the office as well. You will need to ensure there is consistency across all aspects of the organization to successfully promote a positive employee experience. If your organization has this, the organization will succeed.

Learning how to build a positive hybrid culture is not the first step. The first step is understanding how important a hybrid work culture is and how it relates to the employee experience.

Many businesses and organizations are making adjustments that will allow them to adapt to the new reality of a hybrid workforce by placing more attention on the employee experience. However, this does not mean your organization can simply offer better benefits and perks and expect the employee experience to improve. Changes will need to be made to the entire workplace if you want to implement a cultural change.

The Employee Experience

While the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic had an impact on the current emerging business trends, a few of the trends already existed. More and more organizations are turning their attention to a hybrid workplace where employees will spend some time at the office and some time at home. Fixed work used to be the only option for employees - employees were either at home 100 percent of the time or in the office 100 percent of the time.

Most organizations understand that they must work to put in a little more effort for the employees. This will include focusing on creating a positive hybrid work culture since it is not going anywhere. Many people think of the employee experience as a structured way to address the needs of employees to create an enhanced experience for those at work.

The employee experience is not really focused on service offerings, perks, and improved benefits. The Employee Experience is about the hybrid culture for the business or organization. Instead of focusing on benefits and perks, you should focus on implementing concepts like value, purpose, and trust. Moving forward, you will learn how to sustain the positive hybrid culture you are implementing.

Building A Positive Hybrid Work Culture

The Employee Experience has proven to be difficult for many hybrid teams. Since hybrid teams are dispersed, this can make it difficult for Team Member A to communicate with Team Member B at a time that is convenient for both. Unfortunately, this can lead to some team members feeling as if they are on their own with little to zero help. This can lead to even more communication issues and biases between those who are working at home and those who are working in the office.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you develop a positive workplace culture:

Create a positive community

If your organization truly wants your employees to feel valued and that they belong, it is important to build a community that is centered around inclusion and diversity.

Welcome and Encourage Communication

It is important that all team members are able to connect with one another whenever possible. However, communication is about so much more than one person talking. Team members must listen to what each team member is saying, and all team members should determine what they can bring to the table to improve the organization.

Offer Support

It is important for team members to find various ways to support one another's mental health. It is important to remember that it can be very easy to share knowledge and show support. Whatever type of support is needed, it is important to use the right communication tools that are supported by an internal knowledge base.

Create A Flexible Workspace

Having a flexible workspace is essential because it can be a major difference-maker when it comes to productivity and efficiency. Many workplaces have already transitioned from the traditional office space by eliminating the traditional desks, cubicles, etc.  Now, employees can sit at any desk and start working immediately. If you want to build a positive hybrid work culture, it is important to provide employees with the flexibility they need to adapt to a hybrid workforce.

Today's employees and prospective job candidates expect jobs to offer remote or hybrid work options. Since competition to find the best talent is on the rise, it is important to remain flexible in your hybrid work culture.

Maximize Productivity

It is crucial to maximizing productivity by ensuring there are team members physically in the office. However, this does not mean that remote work is less than important. Remote work is still a great alternative. If employees can perform their job tasks at home while remaining productive and efficient, there should be no problems with those employees working remotely.

Learning how to build a positive hybrid work culture will require you to focus on what you currently have and making adjustments. You want to create a positive hybrid work culture that will meet everyone's needs. When you are able to do this, you will enhance the employee experience, and this will lead to happier employees who are more productive and efficient.

Orbis Solutions is paving the way to help organizations sustain a positive hybrid work culture. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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