Pros and Cons of Co-Managed IT Services For Las Vegas Organizations

Orbis Solutions specializes in co-managed IT and co-managed cybersecurity. What are the pros and cons? Find out more here.

The Pros and Cons of Co-Managed IT Services For Las Vegas Organizations

Every company has a unique landscape of IT to build and maintain, and its own selection of on-staff professionals. If you already have an IT person or a small team, they may be on the ball for your everyday IT support but over time, the technology needs of all businesses and the size of your business, in particular, can swiftly outgrow your on-staff capabilities.

When this happens, you can start hiring a bigger IT team - a daunting task in today's job market - or you can outsource. But wait, you say. You already have an IT team and you're hardly going to sacrifice them for a less personalized managed service. That is where co-managed IT becomes your optimal strategy to get the IT support and upgrades you need while keeping the great IT team you've built.

Co-Managed IT Services

What Is Co-Managed IT?

Co-Managed IT is a type of service that blends an outsourced "managed IT" team with your on-staff IT team. It packs all the benefits of managed IT into a custom service designed just to fill in the gaps where your team needs more professional brainpower.

There are two ways to approach co-managed IT, depending on your style and the needs of your business. The first approach is the most organic, bringing on outsourced technicians to become de-facto members of the team. They take direction from your on-board team who has the history and insight to know which solutions best serve the company - while offering professional advice in each tech's own area of expertise.

The second type of co-managed IT is split-location collaborative. Your team can call upon the outsourced support services at any time to deal with a rush of work or provide support on specific needs like cybersecurity or data migrations. But, unlike Managed IT, your team continues calling the shots instead of handing over your IT reins entirely over to the outsourced service.

Co-Managed IT Services in Las Vegas

In Las Vegas, Co-Managed IT is a practical choice growing in popularity. Right now, the IT requirements for a business - even a small business - are higher than ever. You may need your on-staff IT who understands the subtle inner workings of your business technology and your team's workflow needs. But you also need to meet standards as if you had a full IT department behind you.

Fo-Managed IT services make sense for Las Vegas companies looking to achieve the highest quality IT at reasonable prices with a practical plan for implementation. Because co-managed IT is scalable, you can adapt to your busy season, plan for projects, and keep your team at the helm.

What are the Advantages of Co-Managed IT?

Staying In the Driver's Seat for IT Services

Unlike Managed IT, Co-Managed IT keeps your team in control. You are not importing an entire IT department, just as much IT department as your current IT team needs to create full-service support for the business. Your onboard team will decide the direction, priorities, and completion while calling on their co-management partners when specific expertise is needed.

Access to the Latest Technology and Security

When you bring on an outsourced IT team, you gain the benefit of our full suite of software and solutions. That includes the latest business platforms, cloud network management, and the latest cybersecurity techniques. These are some of the best benefits of typical Managed IT services at your fingertips.

Lower Cost than Managed IT

Managed IT is a full-service IT concierge suite of support. With Co-Managed IT, your team determines how much IT you need, and how much you pay for it. The more complete your current IT team, the lower your cost. This also gives you the option to scale up as your business IT and predict the costs as your company grows.

Access to Multi-Specialty IT Team Members

There was a time when one IT professional could support an entire small business. Now, the specializations are so varied that you really do need a team of technology professionals to cover all your bases. Network architecture is very different from web hosting and cybersecurity. By partnering with a co-managing IT team, you tap into the experts you need to consult on those specialties that every business tech structure now requires.

Escalation Point and On-Call Scalable Team

The best part of co-managed IT is that you can call on as many or as few outsourced IT team members as you need. Whether you need a single expert consultant or a fleet of support during a seasonal rush, your IT staff is flexible. By outsourcing, you can plan for the natural ebb and flow of IT work that every business goes through.

What are the Possible Disadvantages of Co-Managed IT?

1. Time Investment to Blend the Teams

When you bring two teams together, it takes time for them to get used to each other. Two teams from different companies will need to learn a mutual software stack. Hiring a Co-Managed IT service is really partnering with an independent IT team. The outsourcing company builds a large, modular IT department of IT professionals who then blend into the teams of client companies.

Your team and our team will need some time investment to build a mutual workflow and learn how to work together.

2. Possible Friction Between In-House and Outsourced Team Members

There is always the chance that two people, upon meeting, will not work well together. They may have different work preferences, conflicting leadership styles, or just not like each other. This is always a gamble when choosing any new hire, contractor, or outsourced team to bring onboard. Fortunately, preliminary consultations and team interviews can often detect these instant conflicts early enough to find solutions.

3. Training on New, Collaborative Software

When new experts are brought onboard, usually this leads to technology upgrades. Stack improvements, new integration methods, new cloud platforms, and new security protocols are all normal symptoms of a new co-managed IT partner coming onto the team. This will lead to a little bit of learning-curve lag as your entire staff adapts to the new dashboards and protocols as they become available.

4. Rebuilding the IT Structure

The final challenge is re-balancing your IT workload to best utilize the benefits of your co-managed team and optimally strengthen your onboard team over time. This can be done by staffing through your outsourced team, hiring slowly as the best hires become available, and looping your IT partners into your onboard IT hiring process. It's not uncommon for your staff IT to worry about their job permanence. Instead, make them your foundation.

Co-Managed IT services make it easy to build the IT solutions and team size you need when you need them. Get all the benefits of Managed IT with your team at the helm by partnering your staff IT with a flexible team of outsourced IT professionals. Contact us today to consult on the right co-managed IT solution for your business needs.

Client Success Stories

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