Reliable Computer Consulting Services In Las Vegas

Orbis Solutions provides business computer consulting services for large and small businesses throughout Las Vegas.

Computer Consulting Services In Las Vegas

Computer Consulting, also known as IT consulting, focuses on advising organizations on how to best utilize information technology to accomplish their business objectives. Besides providing expert advice, Orbis Solutions Inc. can estimate, manage, deploy, implement, and administer IT systems on your behalf.

Orbis Solutions Inc. is your single resource for Computer Consulting Services in Las Vegas and surrounding areas. Our mission is to ensure your company receives the maximum benefit from IT investments. We take a proactive approach to design, implementing, adopting, and maintaining all of your information technology needs.

Computer Consulting Services In Las Vegas

What Orbis' Computer Consulting Services Entail

Our exceptional IT consulting services are designed to help you assess different technology and methodology strategies and align your network strategies with your business or process strategies. Our skilled IT consultants support your IT initiatives by providing strategic, operational, and architectural implementation planning for your networks. Through strategic planning, we provide advisory services that help you assess your network requirements and formulate efficient system implementation plans.

Architecture planning encompasses advisory services that combine knowledge in emerging technology and strategic plans to create a logical design for your network environment and the entire supporting infrastructure to meet your requirements. Our operational assessment and benchmarking include services that assess your network environment's operating efficiency and capacity. Through implementation planning, Orbis provides services aimed at advising your company on the rollout and testing of new network deployments.

Customized Computer Consulting Services in Las Vegas

Technology is a driving force of growth in every industry. Strategic IT consulting services can contribute to achieving great goals and building a digital transformation plan for your business. Orbis Solutions understands that IT is a critical part of business development, and computer consulting services can help bring innovations closer to your company for a successful transformation. Our approach is to evaluate different technology strategies and match them with your business strategies. We can help you build strategic, operational, and architectural plans.

Our experienced IT professionals also offer advice on designing and deploying a system that will uphold competition and suit your unique requirements. Afterward, we will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the operating efficiency and capacity of your company's IT environment.

More importantly, we offer end-to-end computer consulting services ranging from consulting on specific IT issues to system implementation and management advice. Besides, the process can be targeted at developing a new IT system or enhancing the existing one. Overall, Orbis computer consulting services encompass the following:

  • IT infrastructure planning
  • Risk assessment analysis
  • Security Assessments
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Network Strategy
  • Remote Computing Options
  • Cost Analysis
  • Systems Integration
  • Online Strategies
  • IT Troubleshooting
  • Project Scoping and Planning
  • Business Process and System Design

When you hire Orbis Solutions to provide computer consulting services, we'll schedule a meeting with you virtually or in-person to discuss your requirements and the issues you want us to resolve and define the scope of your project. Our skilled IT engineers will take time to research your site, meet with your team to outline the hardware and software needs, and find a viable solution to the issues posed. Additionally, we offer training of your employees on the new system adopted to help maintain a streamlined IT infrastructure.

How Orbis Computer Consulting Services Benefit Your Business

Orbis computer consulting services can benefit your business in multiple ways. First of all, we can help you considerably cut your expenses and save a great deal of time. When you hire our experienced IT consultants, you pay less for the services than you would pay to hire an internal employee and invest in extra office space.

What is more, having an outside person take a fresh look at your IT systems could be a great way to bring new ideas to your company and address problems from a different angle. Of course, the key benefit you get from hiring our IT consultants is the deep knowledge we possess. We have a vast base of expertise in the IT field and lots of experience designing and implementing IT systems for businesses. By hiring our IT consulting services, you can focus solely on growing your business and not bother about the tech part.

There are several different reasons why customers call on our computer consulting services. Despite the diverse range of industries we serve, all of our clients benefit in the same ways:

  • Gain access to our IT consultants' specialized expertise and years of experience.
  • Gain objective external advice and recommendations.
  • Help and expert advice during a one-time IT project, where there is no need to hire permanent employees.

Saving Money with Orbis' Computer Consulting Services

Orbis Solutions is always looking for ways to help your company save money. If we can solve your computer issues quickly with expert guidance over the phone or video call, we can keep your employees clocking in at maximum time each day. As a professional IT consulting company, we don't just come in to offer you computers and servers. We come in to evaluate how your organization runs and provide practical solutions that ensure you work smarter. We also offer advice on customized software solutions, state-of-the-art technology, and system upgrades you need to leapfrog your competition.

Orbis is Your Trusted Computer Consulting Services Provider in Las Vegas!

Orbis Solutions Inc. provides reliable computer consulting services for businesses throughout Las Vegas. We have helped businesses from all industries with computer consultation, maintenance, repair, network creation and monitoring, and other IT services at affordable and predictable prices. Our experienced team of IT professionals often strives to forge long-term relationships with our esteemed clients and grow our business through trust, not deception.

In fact, we don't see ourselves as an independent entity from your business – our team treats you as though we were part of your company. By acting as your IT department, we can only succeed when you succeed. So, if you are a savvy business professional looking for a reliable IT partner to take care of your IT network and ensure your cybersecurity needs are addressed, Orbis Solutions Inc. is your ultimate partner. Contact us today to schedule your computer consulting services.

Client Success Stories

Still On The Fence About Switching IT Services Provider? Check Out These Real Success Stories From Real People

“Orbis’ experienced team assessed our situation, listened to our concerns, and educated us to the ever-changing world of technology. Not only are they professionals at what they do, they’re a pleasure to work with and always have a unique, personal approach to our needs.”
Jane Doe
“Thank you Orbis Solutions for providing me and my staff with your monthly Tech Tips. As a Las Vegas business owner I don't have time to keep up with changing technology and your tips are always on point. Always professional and attentive to our growing business needs.”
Jane Doe
“We are a small business in Las Vegas, and therefore do not have the revenue to staff full time IT personnel. So last year, we partnered with Orbis Solutions Inc. and they are the “IT Department” for our company.”
Jane Doe
~ Las Vegas CPA Firm
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