Sophos Firewalls Rank #1 With Organizations Across Las Vegas

Sophos has been named a 2022 Customers Choice Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer: Network Firewalls.

Sophos Firewalls Rank #1 With Organizations Across Las Vegas

Looking for a user-friendly and dependable way to defend against threats like ransomware? Consumers like you agree there’s no better choice than Sophos.

It feels like no more than a few days go by without another ransomware story in the news.

66% of businesses were hit by it just last year. That’s why finding the right protection is so important.

As with any security solution, there are a lot of options when it comes to firewalls. Do you know which one you should choose?

Why not go with the option selected by your peers…

Sophos Is Customers’ Choice for Network Firewalls

Don’t bother dealing with marketing and sales content when you can get advice from users just like yourself.

Sophos has been named a 2022 Customers Choice Gartner Peer Insights Voice of the Customer: Network Firewalls. With numerous customer reviews, Sophos’ firewall solutions rank first with those who make use of them every day.

Sophos firewalls offer an intuitive and convenient user experience, with benefits including:

  • Enterprise protection at a small business price point
  • Centralized Security
  • VPN Licensing included
  • Monitoring and analysis of user activities
  • More uptime & reduced latency

Sophos Delivers Industry-Leading Firewalls

Simplicity is key to the way Sophos designs its cybersecurity solutions. Each element works in harmony with the next, providing layers of protection for your business:

Sophos’ XG Firewalls perform an in-depth inspection of state and active directories, virtual private networks, and packet filtering. They also come with additional features like active directory integration support, SSH, and SSL inspection, as well as malware reputation-based filtering.

This solution allows you to neutralize threats, and isolate infected systems as need be. Sophos’ line of firewalls checks each and every box we explored above.

The fact is that today’s cybercriminals have a vast arsenal of weapons to choose from when they target an organization like yours. You need a firewall that offers a multi-layered defense to keep you secure.

Whereas other options may be limited, or require you to invest in add-on services and products, Sophos’ offers every protection you need with one solution. The firewall you rely on is critically important today given the ever-present threat of ransomware…

What’s The Reality Of Ransomware in 2022?

According to Sophos’ annual State Of Ransomware Report, this popular weapon in use by cybercriminals around the world is only becoming more common. :

  • 66% of organizations were hit by ransomware in the last year
  • 65% of attacks resulted in encrypted data
  • 72% experienced an increase in cyber attacks

The Threat Of Ransomware Is Evolving

Just a few years ago, ransomware wasn’t as big of a concern.

While high-profile incidents like the WannaCry attack on the NHS were concerning, they were far and few between. If you had a recent backup of your data in place, you could rely on that to replace your data in the event it was encrypted by ransomware.

Since then, however, the way cybercriminals use ransomware has evolved. They have improved their tactics and capabilities, allowing them to do much more damage, and demand much more money. Characteristics of modern ransomware attacks include:

Expanded Timelines

Sophisticated attackers sneak ransomware into a breached network and then lay dormant for weeks or months, ensuring their method of entry isn’t discovered right away.

This gives them time to embed themselves, steal data, and more, all before they actually activate the ransomware and infect the systems.

Without undertaking extensive forensic processes, an infected business won’t know how far back they need to go to back up their systems. Or, even worse, it will be so far back that they’ve already expunged those backups to make room for more recent versions.

Improved Capabilities

Modern forms of ransomware can even target and infect backup hard drives and cloud-based data if the connections are left unsecured. That’s why cybersecurity professionals are now recommending digitally-air-gapped backups as well.

Given the effectiveness of modern ransomware attacks, defensive methods and best practices from just a few years ago are already losing feasibility. All of this is to say that you can’t assume you won’t be infected at some point.

No matter how strong your defensive capabilities are, ransomware may still get through. That’s why you need to plan out how to respond to an attack.

The Good News: Ransomware Defenses Are Becoming More Effective

Don’t worry, it’s not all bad news. Sophos notes that many businesses are becoming more adept at recovering from ransomware attacks.

99% of organizations hit by ransomware in 2021 recovered some encrypted data after the fact.

Between backups and ransom payments, 44% of the organizations considered in Sophis’ study employed a range of methods to restore their data.

However, don’t assume that paying the ransom will necessarily get you your data back—companies that paid received only 61% of their data on average.

Need Expert Assistance With Your Ransomware Defense?

When you’re not sure if you have the skills or knowledge to get the job done, what can you do? Consult with cybersecurity professionals like those on the Orbis Solutions team.

Our job is to manage your cybersecurity, simple as that. Instead of needing an employee or internal team to keep your tech and data secure, you let our team do it for you.

Orbis Solutions Will Manage Your Sophos Firewall For You

While you may understand that you need a next-generation firewall from Sophos, now you have to go about getting one. It’s a lot of work to handle it on your own—but you don’t have to.

Instead, you can choose to work with a trusted, expert IT services company like Orbis Solutions.

We have experience working with firewalls, cybersecurity technology, and organizations like yours—we can help you make the right choice, and handle the set-up for you from beginning to end.

Get in touch with our team to get started on your Sophos-based ransomware defense today.

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