Top 5 Apps To Help You Boost Productivity In The Modern Workplace

If you’re not taking advantage of the many mobile tools designed to help you and your team be more productive, then you’re missing out. 

If you’re not taking advantage of the many mobile tools designed to help you and your team be more productive, then you’re missing out.

The drive to become more productive is a seemingly unending fight, in both the personal and professional worlds. At its core, it’s simply a matter of trying to save a little more time; time that you could spend relaxing, doing the things you enjoy, or even getting a head start on the next task.

Do you feel you or your team could be more productive, but don’t know where to start?

5 Apps That Will Help You Become More Productive

Try these mobile apps to help you organize and streamline your team’s daily work:

  1. Todoist: This multi-platform to-do scheduler is simple and effective. Based in the cloud, you can access and update your to-do list on any device, scheduling items according to date and custom project categories. Projects can be shared with associated contacts to foster collaboration and oversight on progress. More advanced features, such as commenting, color coding, and more will satisfy the Type A users, but at its core, Todoist is designed to be simple and usable. It can easily become a key daily tool to help you track ongoing tasks across a range of projects or areas in your life.
  2. Microsoft Office: Your favorite series of business apps from Microsoft (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) have all been translated effectively to the mobile platform. These apps make it easy to manage document processing, spreadsheet development, and the design of engaging presentations, all without being stuck at a desktop or carrying your laptop around.
  3. 1Password: One of the best ways to maintain complex passwords is with a password manager like 1Password. Password managers are the key to keeping your passwords secure (as well as not having to worry about forgetting them). A password manager generates, keeps track of and retrieves complex and long passwords for you to protect your vital online information. It also remembers your PINS, credit card numbers and three-digit CVV codes if you choose this option. Plus, it provides answers to security questions for you. All of this is done with strong encryption that makes it difficult for hackers to decipher.
  4. Pocket: This app makes it easier than ever to save and access any web-based content you need to keep track of. Whether it’s a recent news article you’ll want to read on your break later, or a key online resource that you’ll want to reference in your next presentation, Pocket integrates seamlessly across platforms to let you save what you need. Rather than copying a URL into a memo document, you can simply use your mobile share function to add the web page to your Pocket, which locally downloads it, ensuring you can access even while offline.
  5. Microsoft Flow: Keeping your business organized is easier said than done, but don't worry —  Microsoft Flow is here to help. Flow allows you to automate workflows across applications and services. You can develop automated workflows and coordinate processes, spreadsheets, databases, and even integrate it with a range of programs like Dynamics NAV and Microsoft 365.

Harness The Right Tools To Boost Your Productivity

Don’t forget, productivity has a direct effect on your bottom line. The more you harness tools like these to help eliminate tedious work and other bottlenecks in your processes, the more productive you and your team will become, which will only serve to benefit your organization as a whole.

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