Challenges Hiring a Chief Security Officer (CSO)

In house CSO's are in high demand across the United States, being one of the industries highest salary increases year over year.

That said here is a bird's eye view on the CSO trend. The first major challenge is justifying the cost.

  • 2022 Median Salary is $230,801
  • Experienced CSO: $299,115

The secondary challenge is timing. CSO's take time to hire and the cost associated with that time is mitigated if your CSO has a long tenure.

  • Average Tenure: 18-26 months
  • Average Time To Hire: 6-7 months

Benefits of vCSO

We aren't saying that CSO's are overpaid by any means, but a vCSO service set a standard for our client’s data and we are able to scale that model making it more affordable for small and medium business. Our vCSO services include everything a seasoned CSO would provide such as:

  • Threat Modeling - We know the models that hackers and other threats use to get into a system. This gives us an opportunity to check for structural vulnerabilities before they can.
  • Risk Management - We prioritize threats and put safeguards in place accordingly
  • System Patching - We fix any vulnerability within our software(s) that could potentially be susceptible to cyber-attacks.
  • Regulatory Compliance - We monitor, adjust, and adhere to all standards and regulatory requirements set forth by local and federal laws and authorities
  • Security Architecture - We set a standard operating procedure on how the company can transfer data around potential risks in specific scenarios.
  • Penetration Testing - We attempt to break into our own system. If we are able to do it we adjust and run the test again.

Lower & Fixed Costs

We bring economy of scale to the world of CSIO to save your company time and money.

Get access to Top vCSO

We know the security challenges that small and medium business face.

Broader Experience

We have different people and approaches for different verticals, security challenges, and more.

Implementation of The Newest Technology

We pilot the newest technology, including AI, to provide the most advance security available.

Risk Management

Get Risk Assessment and education to develop a mature plan.

Regulatory Compliance

Compliance mandates from FTC Safeguards, NVGCB, PCI DSS, CIS, ISO 27000, NIST.

Cybersecurity Landscape

Keep leadership informed of the changes, including the evolution of cyber tools and cyber-criminal activity.