Why Your Staff Needs CISSP Certifications

CISSP training provides your staff with the necessary cybersecurity knowledge. Here is a brief explanation of CISSP certifications.

CISSP training provides your staff with the necessary cybersecurity knowledge, so your company can stay safe from hackers. Below is a brief explanation of CISSP certifications and more reasons why you should embrace the CISSP certification for your employees.

Did you know that hacking starts with mere things like a simple phishing email? According to recent findings, up to 91% of cyber-attacks were traced to phishing emails that hackers used as a starting point for their hacking. The hacking happens when an employee opens one of the phishing emails hence granting the hackers access to valuable information. Currently, every business faces the danger of hackers regardless of its size. There is always someone with malicious intent ready to hack the business computer system and retrieve the company's valuable information. The hackers target anything from your financial information to your customers' data. Unfortunately, not only are the effects of hacking immediate, but they can also ruin your company's reputation. For this reason, businesses need to have well-equipped employees in cybersecurity with CISSP certifications.

What Are CISSP Certifications?

CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional, and it is a field of study in information security. People who take CISSP get to learn how to keep information safe from hackers. Professionals regard CISSP as the gold level in information security because of the advanced level in information security studies.

With more than 25 years in existence, CISSP is recognized in the entire world as advanced information security training offered by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium, abbreviated as (ISC) ², a leading global organization specializing in cybersecurity training.

CISSP enables cybersecurity professionals to know how to secure business information stored in electronic form since they will be in charge of designing, controlling, and managing the business's information systems.

CISSP Requirements

While CISSP certification is not as readily achievable as there are several requirements that one must meet before sitting for the certification exam. These requirements include:

  • Full-time work experience in any two or more (ISC)² domains like asset security, communication and network security, security operations, and software development security
  • Part-time experience of not less than 20 hours per week
  • Relevant education in information security

These are some requirements for one to take the CISSP training.

Importance of CISSP on Staff

Below are some reasons why CISSP is crucial for individual professionals in the cybersecurity sector. Thus, as a business owner, consider enrolling your employees in CISSP certification.

1. Maximize Career Potential

Compared to other professionals in the information security sector, professionals with CISSP certification have a significantly higher demand.  With the increased demand comes the opportunity to grow career-wise. Currently, the (ISC) ² is experiencing a global shortage of experienced and qualified professionals with CISSP certification. A recent study conducted by a worldwide organization revealed this. The study showed a shortage of about 2.9 million professions with CISSP training. Thus, this is a great time to take up the course if you haven't yet.

2. Earn More

Did you know that an average professional with CISSP pockets US$ 131,030 every year? As an information security professional, the easiest way one can increase their earning is by getting trained on CISSP. Since most employers value CISSP certification, one will be better positioned to ask for better pay.

3. Become the Most Valued Employee

According to a report on cybersecurity trends published in 2017, the CISSP certification is one of the professional training employers value the most. Besides the employers, your peers are likely to show CISSP certified employees respect since CISSP certification is not easy training. With this training, one can demonstrate to their peers and the industry that they are passionate about their job as an IT professional.

4. Become a Cyber-Security Expert

Once one acquires CISSP certification, they become knowledgeable in all areas surrounding cybersecurity. This includes the fundamental aspects of cybersecurity, such as network security. CISSP certification enables one to carry our operations that ensure the business information is safe. These operations include risk management, as well as network security testing. CISSP entails all aspects of cybersecurity, so a professional who takes the certification program automatically becomes an expert in cybersecurity matters.

A female IT employee with CISSP Certifications.

5. Get Hands-on Experience in Cybersecurity

Employees who take on CISSP certification have to tackle matters of cybersecurity before they are certified. Thus, you can be sure that your employees have the necessary cybersecurity experience once they take the training.

Before being certified, the employees must demonstrate their cybersecurity knowledge in handling cybersecurity issues for not less than four years. A cyber-security professional needs four years as a full-time worker.

In addition to the working experience, one needs an endorsement by another CISSP credentials holder before receiving CISSP certification.

6. Be the Best of the Best

CISSP certification not only makes you the best; it also makes you the best of the best professionals in cybersecurity in the entire world. The certificate is globally respected and valued because it is only attained after years of research and development. Additionally, the certification meets many other strict conditions, such as the US Department of Defense's requirements.

The Australian government permits CISSP certified cybersecurity professionals to become members of the Australian Government Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP).

7. Become a Member of (ISC) ²

Acquiring a CISSP certification automatically makes one member of (ISC) ², the global association for CISSP certified professionals. Besides being a globally recognized cybersecurity professional, membership in (ISC) ² gives one access to other professional courses. One can also participate in the various summits held throughout the world, such as the Secure Summits. Multiple webinars discuss multiple trends in cybersecurity.

Learn More About CISSP Certifications

Given its immense recognition offered to the CISSP certifications, CISSP frequently ranks as one of the best ten information technology certificate programs. At Orbis Solutions, we ensure that we have trained our staff in CISSP to be sure that you get nothing but the best cybersecurity consultation. We secure your data, so you can continue being productive. You can contact us for the best cybersecurity services in Las Vegas.

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