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Windows Computer Support in Las Vegas

Windows is the most popular operating system around the globe. According to Microsoft, about 1.3 billion PCs run on Windows 10. A good proportion of these PCs will upgrade to Windows 11 after its official release on October 5th, 2021.  However, the high preference for Windows does not mean the OS is perfect. You may encounter a few challenges with your Windows computer that may delay your operations or increase your internet expenses. While some challenges are easy to fix, you may not have enough time to solve them. Getting a Windows computer support partner will, however, relieve the burden and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business. Here are some Windows 10 and 11 issues that our IT support in Orlando can help you solve.

Windows Computer Support When Upgrading to The Latest Versions

Windows computers have constantly upgraded their operating systems since the release of Windows 1 in 1985. The upgrades mean that if you started using Windows computers in 1985, you have upgraded your OS nine times in less than three decades. Currently, your computers are most probably running on Windows 10. However, you may require to upgrade to Windows 11 after its release in October 2021.

Although Microsoft provides guidelines on how to upgrade to the latest versions, you may need Windows computer support to navigate some technical issues. Some issues with upgrading to a new version include:

Reduced Performance and Inadequate Storage Notifications

You may notice a decline in the performance of your computer after upgrading to a newer version. Such a decline in performance may cause disappointments since the upgrade was intended to enhance performance.  However, the reduction of performance is caused by inadequate drive space. Usually, Windows retains the previous version of your OS in the drive, leading to reduced storage space.

To enhance the performance of your PC, you need to free up the space occupied by the obsolete Windows version. To free up space on your Windows 10 PC, simply click the start button and type cleanup to delete the previous OS file from your C:/ drive. However, caution is required to avoid deleting other important files. If you are not confident in deleting the previous OS, contact a Windows computer support provider to help you.

Installing Periodic Updates

Windows releases minor upgrades of a version from time to time. If you are using Windows 10, for instance, you may be required to install periodic updates. You receive periodic updates automatically. However, sometimes the updates may not install automatically, and you may need to install the update manually. Your Windows computer support partner should guide you on how to install such updates.

Updates That Force Your Computer to Reboot

Some updates will force your computer to reboot. Such reboot requests or forced turn-offs can be annoying, especially on a busy day. Having your Windows updates managed by a Windows computer support team minimizes the slowdowns since the updates are done with minimal interference to your normal operations.

Health Check Before Migrating to Newer Versions

Windows provides a system update health check that allows you to check whether your PC will support the new version. Currently, users are performing health checks to ascertain their PC's compatibility with Windows 11. According to the preliminary reports by Microsoft, there will be a free upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, but users have to perform a health check on their Windows 10 PCs.

However, not many users are able to perform the health checks.  If you do not know where to begin on the health check, you should consult a Windows computer support team to help you before upgrading to Windows 11. You should be sure of your CPU specifications before migrating to Windows 11 since all Windows 10 computers may upgrade to Windows 11, but not all will benefit from subsequent upgrades of Windows 11.

Windows Computer Support Windows Environment

Windows 10 upgraded most of the features in Windows 8. Users of Windows 10 benefited from increased performance and diversified applications. Although some users reported some challenges, Windows 10 could integrate with Android mobile devices. However, not all users utilize their Windows 10 optimally. To benefit from all the features of Windows 10, you need an experienced Windows Computer support team to train your staff.

Windows 11 has even more improved features. The latest Windows version is designed to inspire creativity and improve productivity.  However, you may never reap the benefits of Windows 11 if you do not have adequate skills on how to utilize the new features.

You will need a Windows computer support team to take your employees through the new features to maximize their productivity. Your staff need to understand how to use the Snapchat feature to enhance teamwork in a virtual environment. Since the same Windows 11 features used in virtual sessions were not present in previous versions, your team need some training to effectively use the features.

Windows 11 also comes with a more interactive interface. The display is also slightly different from other versions, since the start button is at the middle of the taskbar. Windows 11 has also improved its browser by incorporating AI browsing. Such features may never be utilized if you do not get a good Windows computer support team.

Windows Computer Support in Security

Windows 10 and 11 are more secure than the previous versions. However, few users are able to fully utilize the security features on their Windows computers. Windows computer support will help you to understand how you can use the features on your Windows computer to enhance the security of your data.

Do You Need Windows Computer Support?

Orbis Solutions understands some issues with your computers may slow you're your operations. We also understand you need enough time to handle other aspects of your business. As a Windows computer support team, we are there to help you navigate through or prevent Windows computer issues that may slow your business. Contact us today for any Windows computer issues around Las Vegas.

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