10 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in 2021

While different parts of life are slowly going back to normal, this year's Mother's Day celebrations may still be atypical.

10 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in 2021

While different parts of life are slowly going back to normal, this year's Mother's Day celebrations may still be atypical. There are numerous creative ways to spread love to mom without simply settling for a Mother's Day card.

Are you looking for ways to celebrate the most important lady in your life? Here are fun Mother's Day activities to consider. Pay close attention to the virtual fun activities.

Mother's Day 2021

Buy a Thoughtful Gift

Find a great present for your mom aligned with her hobbies. Mail the package to her if she lives far away, or drop it at her doorstep if she's nearby. Add a tender touch with her favorite flowers or treats. A surprise sweet wreath at her doorstep will build the excitement further.

Create Kid Crafts

Have fun with your children creating Mother's Day crafts. Work on a craft project together, either virtually or in person. You could try making a heart-shaped rag wreath. Create a soft piece that says "I love you!" and warm her heart.

Tend Mom's Garden

Find out if your mother needs help in her kitchen garden. Pick out some new flowers or vegetables from a local nursery. Play in the dirt with your family all day and create lasting memories. Get your hands dirty during this prime gardening time. Find veggies or herbs from the garden for dinner or lunch.

Take a Zoom Class Together

Spend quality time with mom in a virtual class. Select an interesting course from the numerous options like, baking and flower arranging, then place gorgeous blooms into creative flower arrangements. Explore expert art lessons virtually as you create colorful pieces together. Test your artistic abilities with guidance from leading art studios.

Explore a Virtual Museum Tour

Leading museums, including Louvre and Vatican, offer virtual online tours. Explore intriguing exhibits from the comfort of your home with mom on a video call. Experience fine art together as you catch up on different issues. You could also invite her for a virtual tour of stunning gardens, like England's famed Kew Garden or Claude Monet's garden in Normandy.

Decorate Her Driveway

Does your mom live in your neighborhood? Work with your kids to decorate her driveway with colorful murals. Use sidewalk chalks to liven up mom's driveway in honor of Mother's Day.

Curate a Special Playlist

Show your love with a special Mother's Day playlist. Remember to include her favorite songs, including several oldies. Try to find the best Mother's Day songs and remind her how much you value her.

Deliver a Delicious Brunch

Explore delicious brunch recipe ideas and create sumptuous meals for Mother's Day. Deliver the brunch to her doorstep, and she'll appreciate the loving touch. Alternatively, you could find a takeout from her favorite eatery and serve her brunch in bed. Set up a virtual happy hour if you want to bring the whole family together. Send out a fun recipe in advance and ask everyone to find an exciting Zoom background for the meetup.

Indulge in Virtual Wine Tasting

Does your mom appreciate a good glass of wine? Set up a family wine tasting event. Select your list of varietals and bottles in advance so that no one misses out on the fun. You could also have a service deliver your preferred wine bottles to your doorsteps.  Compare notes while you all sip together.

Plan a Hike

Explore an outdoor Mother's Day celebration. Try out different picnic ideas or plan a hike if the weather is nice. Prepare her favorite food and find a scenic spot to dine al fresco. Remember to bring along her favorite desserts. If you can't spend it together, then give facetime a go!

Try out these exciting ideas and ensure that mom feels all the love. Contact us for more ideas.

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