Did you get a “Blue Screen of Death” message this week? Some Microsoft users did. This week Microsoft recalled its latest security patch, dubbed MS14-045, which included a fix of thirty-seven known security flaws with the OS and the Internet Explorer web browser. Unfortunately this security patch scared some users with a blue screen after applying the patch.

So, What Can You Do?

Notify your IT department immediately – if you don’t have one then you should call the TOP IT FIRM in Las Vegas Orbis Solutions Inc.

The bottom line for your company is this. Inform your employees to be on their guard until the revised patch is put in place. You’re essentially in a no win situation, but the safest course is to uninstall the patch and try to ride things out until the new one is put in place. Although there is a risk whichever path you take, remove the update or keep it installed. There are only two options in the short run, and both of them are fairly bad, it’s just that one of the two is slightly less bad than the other.

Ultimately, it’s the difference between running the risk of a possible hacking attack that, if it occurred could result in some data loss, versus the possibility of a critical server being completely offline via Blue Screen Of Death, which would essentially bring your entire company to a sudden halt. It’s your choice, and not an easy one to make.

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