Are you ready to get ready?


From power outages to terrorist attacks . . . hurricanes or tornado's . . . floods to fires . . . the most important message is simple:  Be Prepared.  Get Ready. Be Informed.

But how do you know if you are ready enough?  How do you know that you’ve done all the right things to be prepared?


As a business owner what should you do to prepare your business for a disaster? Let's start off with this question:

How long would it take before your business was back up and running as usual?

If you don’t confidently know the answer to this question, then I urge you to say “Yes” to our Disaster Recovery Audit

Most families have an emergency backup checklist and plan. Does your business have a plan? Have you ever lost an hour of work or a document because your computer crashed in the middle of working on something?   Remember how frustrating that was?

Now imagine losing FAR more data than that.   Imagine losing….

…..All of your accounting documentation and history…….

…..Your Client records, history and database……

…..Lost all the work files you’ve spent YEARS developing….

Can you even put a price tag on it?   Probably not – yet so many business owners aren’t 100% certain that they could be back up and running after a disaster and are purely hoping that their current tape drive or back up is working and storing a usable copy of their data.

Want To Know For Sure If Your Data Is Safe?

Prepare, Plan & Stay Informed

Depending on what we discover, we’ll either give you a clean bill of health or reveal gaps in your data backup that could prove disastrous.   Either way, you have nothing to lose except the uncertainty about whether or not you could quickly recover from a major data disaster.  


Our Las Vegas IT services clients have benefited from our business acumen and technical expertise.  Our clients tell us that they experienced immediate positive results when they selected Orbis Solutions as their IT provider, with fewer failures, greater employee productivity, huge savings on IT support costs and increased profitability. Something every business executive or owner wants for his or her company!

Not Ready To Call Us Just Yet?

If so, we would at least like to send you a copy of a recently published report, What Every Business Owner Must Know About Protecting And Preserving Their Network.

It will outline in plain, non-technical English common mistakes that many business owners make with their computer network that cost them thousands in lost sales, productivity, and computer repair bills, as well as providing an easy, proven way to reduce or completely eliminate the financial expense and frustration of these oversights.


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