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Other critical things mean more to you in business, and the last thing you want is to deal with business technology problems. It's also possible that you have concerns about your current information system. Why not partner with a reputable provider who's ready to offer quality, cost-effective, and client-focused Las Vegas IT support solutions with high scalability?

Orbis Solutions is your trusted Las Vegas IT Support Company providing a full suite of innovative, collaborative, and comprehensive IT support services. Whether you need to out-task a single function or require IT infrastructure built from the ground up, we are here to offer the help you need.

From cloud solutions, network security, business continuity to data analytics and managed communication and collaboration, Orbis Solutions provides unmatched Las Vegas IT support so that you can focus on the most important stuff – your team, clients, and business goals.

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Why Partner With Orbis Solutions For IT Support In Las Vegas, NV?

Timely response and its availability when you need it are some of the most critical characteristics of a managed IT service provider. We are available 24/7, 365 days, meaning you can contact us at any time of day to troubleshoot or maintain complex issues with your IT architecture. The reason we offer dedicated ongoing support is to alleviate any hiccups that may cause downtime, keeping you connected and up and running at all times.

We are a Las Vegas IT support company with a robust niche in the US and globally. Leverage our expertise and experience in managed IT services and stay ahead of your competitors. Our certified IT professionals are ready to collaborate with you to understand your specific needs. We'll then tailor our solutions to satisfy your unique IT concerns.

Additionally, we provide cost-effective managed IT solutions because we understand that you need not spend much on an in-house team or outsourced networking systems. That's why we provide hassle-free, firm-fixed quotes for our managed IT services. Besides, our flexibility and service scalability allows our clients to tweak the managed services we offer depending on the infrastructure and user count. You can worry less about your business IT network with us by your side. We have you covered from all angles. Whatever your IT need may be, you'll find a solution with us.

Our Support Options For Las Vegas Companies

At Orbis Solutions, we boast an extensive managed IT service portfolio with a concierge of solutions that Las Vegas businesses need. Our team of IT experts is skilled and sharp with a deep understanding of the IT world. They will help you set up an entire IT infrastructure or offer a single function that you prefer not handling in-house. Here are our IT solutions:

Managed IT services

Our objective in providing Las Vegas IT support is to free you up to deal with the essential things in your business and ensure you have a reliable IT infrastructure at your disposal. At Orbis Solutions, we only hire certified IT professionals with the sharpest mind in the Las Vegas IT sector. Once we know your business needs, we will use our know-how, business technologies, and process-improvement model to help you set up an optimally functioning IT network.

While an in-house IT department will learn about IT issues after they've occurred, we prefer taking a proactive approach to IT maintenance. We use powerful monitoring software to identify potential issues or threats before they occur. Our response is timely, and we'll perform diagnostics and troubleshoot any issues to alleviate downtimes for increased productivity.

Cloud computing services

Cloud is everywhere, providing critical data storage, improved team collaboration, and increased productivity levels to many businesses. However, you require a knowledgeable and expert partner to help you handle the complexities of transitioning to the cloud.

Orbis Solutions is your trustworthy partner when it comes to cloud integration. Leverage our know-how to accelerate your business growth with cloud services; our team of certified and seasoned IT personnel can guide you towards your company goal by planning and implementing a business-driven cloud platform.

We also understand that there are wide-ranging options in the market, and making the proper selection can be challenging. Any wrong decisions can be devastating to your brand, both financially and business-wise. Trust us to help you choose the right cloud solution that suits your business. Our job is to help you migrate and transition to the cloud easily.

Network security

The COVID-19 brought revolutionary technological adoption as many companies resorted to remote working. With such extensive connectivity, cases of cyber threats and attacks have become more and more frequent. If you think your mid-market enterprise is not at risk of cybersecurity breaches, you'll be surprised at how a potential target you are; perhaps today might be your last day to consider hiring managed cybersecurity services.

Forget about the typical cybersecurity programs that only provide a collection of software and policies; Orbis Solutions focuses on creating strategic multi-leveled cybersecurity programs that capture attempted breaches from the core of your IT infrastructure, navigate the complexities that come with vulnerability analysis, identify and neutralize any threats, anytime.

Other common sources of cyber threats (and some of which businesses grapple with) are internal breaches. One of your employees may unknowingly click a link or an email containing malware, opening a gateway for hackers to phish critical organization data, such as financial profiles, clients' personal details, and passwords. Orbis Solutions can provide employee training in cybersecurity, helping your team members identify malicious websites, phishing emails, infectious links, etc., so they can avoid them. It's an effective means of protecting internal data.

You can rely on us to provide the following network security solutions:

Business continuity

In the data-driven business environment that most companies thrive in, information storage and retrieval are critical to business operations. Disasters strike unexpectedly. These events can lead to data loss. The only challenge is that many businesses lack the know-how to implement a contingency plan that guarantees timely data storage and backup systems for data recovery.

That's a problem that Orbis Solutions can solve. We offer a comprehensive data-retrieval strategy through our business continuity services, encompassing planning, prevention, and protection of data, systems, and networks. No more downtime after a disaster-induced data loss; we are here to help you recover your data, get up on your feet and resume your operations within minutes, not days.

In a nutshell, our business continuity solutions mean that:

Business telephone (VoIP)

Imagine losing business because you've missed a call from a potential client. That's a big deal, and you can do better to prevent a recurrence. In the current globalized market, having advanced telephony has become more of a need than an option. In fact, 58% of consumers reply to a missed call. It's critical to have over-the-internet telephone functionality that enables you to receive every call and text message, whether from a local or overseas client.

Orbis Solutions partners with reputable and acclaimed communication companies to offer reliable VoIP phone solutions to Las Vegas businesses. These tools enable companies to leverage enterprise-level capabilities while bypassing the hefty budgets associated with traditional landlines. Besides, you'll alleviate issues like missed deadlines or poor consumer experience due to dropped or low-quality calls.

Apart from reducing your communication costs, our business telephone services bring at your disposal innovative tools to streamline and manage in-house communication channels. They include automatic responses, voicemail to emails, Find Me/Follow Me, call recording, and many more. With our VoIP solutions, you'll always be connected to your clients, employees, and business partners.

On-site IT support services in Las Vegas

Some IT issues are better solved on-site for optimum IT infrastructural functionality. At Orbis Solutions, we have on-call and pre-scheduled IT consultants who provide field services that bridge technical gaps at your business premises. These services are designed to optimize your network and information systems to suit your business needs, because your business goals and technology change with time.

A significant challenge among most SMBs is that they don't have adequate funds to meet the cost of having a competent and skilled team of IT experts on a full-time basis. And even with the lower budgets they have, they partner with IT generalists who lack the cutting-edge skills and expertise to handle all the nitty-gritty and complexities of IT system management.

Orbis Solutions also specializes in on-site IT services that include:

Hire Orbis Solutions As Your Las Vegas IT Support Team

Are your networks steeped in speedbumps that hurt your productivity levels? Perhaps you're using more resources in an in-house IT team, but you don't get the results. In that case, partner with Orbis Solutions Inc and get cost-effective and business-driven Las Vegas IT support services. Contact us today at (702) 710-8950 or visit us online to learn more about our managed IT solutions.

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Does Your IT Company Understand Your Complex Environment?

For many companies, managed IT services can make the difference when determining if you will be left with a static business model or if you will have the resources you need to gain a competitive edge. When it comes to implementing managed services, casinos are presented with a unique set of challenges. While some businesses and organizations require Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS), the dynamic and high-traffic gaming and casino sectors often necessitate a distinct set of technologies.

There are few industries, including casinos, that are able to offer a wide range of services. As a result of all the services that casinos provide, casinos' IT and management requirements are not as simple as the requirements of other industries. The requirements of casinos can create a significant challenge for IT companies. However, high-quality managed services are needed and have proven to be a valuable investment for casinos that want to provide multiple services in one location.

Constant Need For Security

Casinos need to provide constant high-quality and high levels of security. Casinos have to be aware of what is taking place as far as the gamblers, machines, food venues, and more. Casinos also need to provide a high level of cybersecurity that will provide the proper protection for their machines and their internal servers. Managed IT services are critical because they can provide everything that a casino needs to establish a secure environment that goes beyond complex passwords and high-tech security systems.

High-quality managed IT services can provide the following:

Cybersecurity for Casinos

As mentioned, security is one of the most critical aspects of IT for any gaming company. Cyberattacks are on the rise, and the gaming industry is not exempt from attacks. An elite managed service provider will protect your business and your patrons' data using advanced and comprehensive security measures.

Comprehensive Solutions

The extent of services that are provided by a casino may make it incredibly difficult to keep and maintain records. However, with managed services, it will no longer be a difficult task to complete. A comprehensive document environment will help your casino maintain all of its records in a comprehensive location, allowing you to access anything when needed.

With this type of solution, your casino will be able to do the following:

Better Communication

There always needs to be better communication between management and the floor. Casinos are like mini-cities and have different departments that have different systems that need to communicate to each other.

Casinos have Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Finance, Casino, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Reservations, just to name a few departments.  For example, when the rooms are being cleaned, reports need to be made to the PMS which lets the front office team know that the room is cleaned and ready to be rented out.  The refrigerator in the rooms needs to communicate to the front desk and accounting department that something was removed and needs to be billed.

It is not uncommon for casinos to find difficulties keeping everything moving as smoothly and efficiently as needed, especially if there are gaps in communication. When your casino implements the right technology, it will pave the way for improved communication. Ensuring that you have smooth and efficient communication will allow your entire operations to run smoothly.

Better Compliance

It is no surprise that the gaming industry has to follow a variety of compliance regulations that will have an impact on every aspect of business operations. Compliance regulations in the gaming industry will take place at all levels, including the state level. Managed IT services will help casinos improve their compliance by ensuring the right hardware and services are being used, as well as the workflow process that will also meet compliance regulations.

Better Efficiency

A managed IT services provider should serve as an extension of your casino. The job of your IT company is to understand your casino's needs and address those needs. If the IT company cannot grasp an understanding of your needs and cater to those needs, your casino will have a variety of challenges along the way. An IT company should make such a key difference that it completely revolutionizes the way your business operates.  Casinos have few vendors to work with such as POS and/or gaming, etc.  Many of these vendors require complex environments to run their software.

Reduced Downtime

Every business knows that business disruptions can cause patrons to leave at any moment. Minutes or hours of downtime can cut into your profits significantly because you are not able to adequately serve your patrons. Your casino environment needs systems that will function properly and reliably at all times to reduce your risk of experiencing prolonged downtime.

The gaming industry is a unique environment that continues to grow, in revenue and in locations. Casinos have to contend with a variety of challenges on a daily basis. For many, the growth in the industry is riddled with challenges, from an outdated IT infrastructure, difficulty reducing cybersecurity risks, to challenges in securing sensitive data.

However, managed services can have a major impact on the efficiency and security of each department. Managed services have proven to be a flexible and dynamic set of services that can meet a variety of needs. We all like choices, and that is what we provide at Orbis Solutions.

At Orbis Solutions, we have experts that have actually run and were on an Executive team in an IT role for Hotel/casinos and Gaming Manufacturing industries. We are also approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, so we are an approved vendor to work with gaming properties and gaming manufacturers.

In addition to offering value-added services aimed at optimizing your gaming environment's performance and ensuring your business needs are met, we provide some of the most top-of-the-line services to gaming environments, including cybersecurity protection.  If you would like to learn more about our services for your casino or gaming business, contact us today for a consultation.

Five Top Tech Trends Transforming the Gambling Industry This Year

Throughout the noted history of the gambling industry, the public has paid witness to numerous advancements and changes over time. In the past, gambling was viewed as something that people do in rundown buildings or in alleys. Over time, we saw the progressive rise of elaborate casinos that became instant hotspots. The gambling industry stayed this way for decades, that is until the world discovered how powerful the internet is.

The transition of the gambling industry into the digital space certainly did not happen overnight. Online gambling businesses started appearing in the 1990s, but they were not immediately popular. This was around the same time the internet was starting to become mainstream, and many people had apprehensions concerning gambling in a digital space. Also, not everyone has access to the internet during this time, and those who did have access to the internet had concerns about cybersecurity and the legal aspects of gambling online.

Fast forward to today and the gambling industry has been transformed by technology. More people have access to mobile devices and high-speed internet connections every day. Globally, more locations are opening up to the possibilities of online gaming opportunities. Change is on the horizon, and the gambling industry is part of this.

Major transformations have taken place concerning gambling services and bettors' experiences. The gambling industry is expanding quickly in various aspects thanks to multiple reasons, such as new technologies, improved applications, the COVID-19 pandemic, and more that have made gambling more popular than ever. What is it that is taking the world of gambling to greater heights, in the digital space and the physical space?

Let's take a look at the top tech trends that are transforming the gambling industry:

Online Casinos

While the COVID-19 pandemic certainly had a hand in the decline of gambling in physical spaces, online gambling is one of the main reasons why traditional casinos are not as popular as they once were. Today's younger gamblers were born into a world that has been online for decades, and the essence of today's digital world was already visible. Many of today's younger gamblers are attached to their digital devices, and they prefer to participate in online gambling rather than traditional gambling. For the younger gamblers, online gambling has been the ''norm'' for them. Casino providers quickly began to understand how many business opportunities they were missing out on, and made the necessary adjustments.

Mobile Gambling

As the number of smartphones and mobile devices continues to rise, it is becoming natural to see more players gambling online. Also, as online gambling because more available on a global scale, it is only natural to see more people testing new gambling and casino websites on their mobile devices. Many players prefer the mobile gaming experience because it provides them with more flexibility, allowing them to play whenever they want.

Smartwatch Gambling

Once new and improved technologies started to hit the market, mobile gambling quickly catapulted to the top, and it continues to be a major profit maker for the gambling industry. However, there is another major player that is transforming the mobile gaming industry. We are living in an era of the smartwatch, and developers are introducing a new gaming experience with smartwatches. Yes, players will be able to place bets through their smartwatch. There have been numerous trials for smartwatch gaming for quite some time now, and we anticipate that only gaming on smartwatches will transform the industry in a major way.

AR and VR Gaming

It is only natural for the gambling industry to embrace AR and VR technologies. Most of the smartphones on the market can augment reality in their gaming features. Those who have already been introduced to the world of AR and VR gaming understand the concept of virtual reality and will understand why AR and VR gaming will become major players in the gambling industry. Players will experience the feeling of being in an actual casino while sitting in their living room.


Do you remember when the bitcoin network came into existence and many people thought it was something that would quickly fade away? Well, this has certainly not been the case. Many businesses across the world are accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for products and services. Bitcoins are starting to dominate the world, and many casinos are accepting bitcoins and other cryptos as payment methods. Some casinos only accept bitcoins as a form of payment. Crypto payments are decentralized, and this allows transactions to be made anonymously. Bitcoins also allow players to bypass geographical restrictions because a player's location will not be revealed. For these reasons, we anticipate that bitcoins will always have a place in the gambling industry.

It does not matter if it is in the digital space or the physical space, casino owners are aiming to provide players with entertainment using the latest technologies. The top tech trends we mentioned have played a key role in taking the gambling industry by storm, in addition to transforming the gaming experience. We anticipate that some trends will begin to grow exponentially, especially AR and VR gaming.

We are no longer in the days when the only way you could gamble at a casino was by being in an actual casino. Today, slot machines are more like Playstation consoles or Xbox consoles that hold a player's interest for hours. Developers are aware of these trends and are doing everything they can to stay ahead of the competition. At Orbis Solutions, we have teams that have been a part of executive teams and have served in an IT role for hotel/casinos and gaming Manufacturing.

We understand the measures that need to be in place to ensure the online gambling spaces are secure and safe for everyone. Players do not want to have their personal information fall into the wrong hands while they are playing online, and casino owners do not want to become victims of cybercrimes. We are approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, so we are an approved vendor to work with gaming properties and gaming manufacturers.

We are committed to the security and success of your organization. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Who Offers White Label IT Services?

In today's world of business, business owners and leaders understand the importance of getting the most out of every solution they have access to. It is important for businesses to find multiple solutions and resources that can be used to improve their productivity and efficiency.

Businesses that have multiple ways to improve their productivity will have more time and available resources that can be used to improve other aspects of the business. White label IT services from a Las Vegas-based provider might just be one of those solutions that can help improve your business's productivity. However, before you try this kind of solution for your Las Vegas-based business, here are some things that you should know.

What Are White Label IT Services?

''White label'' is a term used when another company resells someone else's solution and doesn't want the client to know who they are partnering with. In the IT industry, a customer will receive a service from a Managed Service Provider, and that customer can then use that specific service and offer it to their clients.

A Growing Business

Whenever a business feels it is time to grow the business, some of the major conversations are centered around budgeting, staffing, and maintaining. Any business leader can have the mindset of wanting to grow the business, but this goal is not always achievable if the right tools and resources are not available. You will also have to factor in the amount of money that will be needed to grow a business.

For many businesses, reselling managed services from white label IT services from a Las Vegas provider is a sensible option. If all of your tools and systems are stored in-house, you will need a sizeable budget. Not only can you expect to spend a significant amount of money on storing your tools and systems, but you can also expect to spend a significant amount of money on maintaining your infrastructure.

If you take this route, you should anticipate needing an in-house IT team that will be responsible for ensuring your infrastructure is operating as it should. Your in-house team will also need to be trained and educated, which will require additional funding, time, and resources. On the other hand, if you outsource this need to a service provider, you will not have to worry about any additional funding or resources.

Growing a business is a high priority for many. If you want to maintain steady growth in the IT industry, you will need to find ways that will allow you to grow your business while utilizing the tools and resources you can afford. These are a few reasons why many have looked into white label IT services. White label IT services can provide your Las Vegas business the high-level support it will need when it is time to grow the business. Some of your most difficult tasks will become some of your easiest tasks when you use white label IT services.

Many businesses and organizations have made the decision to use white label services and make it their own business opportunity. In today's digital era and how technology works, it has produced a wealth of opportunities and possibilities. This is especially true for business owners who are looking to find new and improved ways to become more innovative and productive. With white label IT services, your business can arm itself with the right resources, tools, and systems, while having the support of experts and specialists who can help you deliver high-quality services to your clients.

What Can You Expect From White Label IT Services?

One of the things you should expect from white label IT services is an enjoyable customer service. The best white label IT service providers will deliver a top-notch customer experience that makes end-users believe they are partnering with you. This means more than just communicating as your brand- it also means having an understanding of your workplace culture and your reputation. A great white label IT services provider will become another member of your team.

Have you been looking for better ways to improve your productivity, availability, and the types of services that you can provide to your clients? While it can be easy to set out to find new solutions that will allow you to make adjustments, there is nothing wrong with making improvements to the solutions you are currently using. When your clients reach out to you for support, they will not want to hear excuses about why you have not delivered the services they were anticipating. They expect you to deliver the services you promised them.

When you partner with a white label IT services provider, your clients will no longer have to hear excuses, nor will they have to worry about experiencing prolonged downtime. You will be able to provide the high-quality level of services they expected to receive when they reached out to you for help. When you know you have a partner that will ensure you are providing your customers or clients with top-notch services and customer support, your team will be able to spend more time, resources, and energy on other aspects of the business, allowing your operations to run as smooth as possible.

Do you need a local company in Las Vegas that offers white label IT services that can work with your local team in Vegas? Are you a company Perfect with offices in other parts of the country? Are you an IT firm that needs local coverage in Las Vegas?

If you answered ''yes'' to any of those questions, and you have been searching for new ways to gain a competitive edge in the IT industry. Now is the time to obtain the right resources and tools, offered by the right team.

If you would like to add any IT support to your portfolio without providing it yourself, we can partner with you to deliver that service to your customers. Contact Orbis Solutions Inc. today for more information on white label IT services and to schedule your free consultation.

There are some new features, a new rejuvenated Start menu, new colors, and a few functions will not be available anymore. If you are excited about getting Windows 11 there are some system requirements and things you can do now to prepare.

Windows 11 And Why It Matters For Businesses In Las Vegas

There will be several differences between Windows 11 and all previous versions. New tools have been created or updated, such as Snap layouts, Desktops, and a new redocking tool. With Microsoft Edge, the new Microsoft Store, and a number of new Widgets, you can easily find apps you love and quickly stay up to date on news, information, and entertainment.

Windows 11 includes over 40 full localization languages in over 40 countries. Microsoft Teams will now be available on any device and you can call or chat anytime, instantly, for free. Windows 11 will take gaming to a whole new level with amazing graphics. You will have access to over 100 high-quality games through the Xbox Game Pass.

System Requirements

If your device is currently running Windows 10, you may be able to simply just upgrade to Windows 11. You’ll have to run a compatibility assessment to make sure Windows 11 can operate on your device. To do this, you can use the PC Health Check app or you can check with your PC Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). If your device does not meet the requirements, you will have to consider purchasing a new PC. These are the basic requirements to install Windows 11 on a PC:

Feature Requirements

In order to utilize Windows 11 to its fullest potential, your device will need to meet some feature requirements as well. Some features in Windows 11 have specific requirements beyond the system requirements above. These are just a few of the additional requirements for some key features:

If you plan on upgrading from Windows 10 to Windows 11, or installing an update to Windows 11, some features may be deprecated or removed completely as well. Additionally, 3D Viewer, OneNote for Windows 10, Paint 3D, and Skype will no longer be installed on new devices, but they will be available for download from the Store.

Create a Great Company Work Culture

Every Las Vegas organization has a company culture. Different people have a different understanding of what a company culture truly is, regardless, the benefits of a strong culture can’t be denied. It reflects on how the leadership of your business treats customers and employees. Basically, company culture is the set of shared core values, goals, attitudes, and practices that characterize an organization. Having a great company culture boosts productivity, decreases turnover rates, improves employee engagement, and will attract the right candidates for open positions.

This article lays out the “Do’s and Don’ts” of creating a positive company work culture that will inspire your staff and will help your organization thrive.

Company Culture Do’s

Company Culture Don’ts

Having a positive work culture will greatly benefit the productivity and success of your organization. You can create a great work culture by ensuring your employees feel valued, respected, heard, and protected. Great work culture will encourage employees to work hard, stay with your company, and strive to meet your organization’s goals.

Google's New Privacy Measures and How They Impact You

Google has recently announced the adoption of new privacy measures: most notably, discontinuing the use of third-party cookies intended to track users. This shift comes in response to the ongoing struggle users face when it comes to online privacy.

In the past, third-party cookies tracked the behaviors of users across the internet. These cookies could then be used for a wide range of purposes--most notably for targeting advertisements or even changing the search results users are likely to see when they use their login information or personal computer to search. The presence of cookies allowed for considerable tracking as users visited a wide range of websites. Ultimately, this means hyper-targeted ads based on users' current online behaviors and the websites they chose to engage with.

As a result, users experienced significant distrust in the content they saw and the ads they interacted with online. Safari and Firefox were among the first browsers to block or eliminate third-party cookies. Now, Google is stepping up to the plate.

The Introduction of Privacy Sandbox

Tracking is unlikely to disappear from the internet completely. By tracking user behaviors, advertisers can get a better idea of what types of content those users engage with and what they're most likely to respond to. It allows advertisers to target users based on past interactions with websites or to send them ads based on the things that they seem most likely to be interested in. All those online behaviors are important to advertisers, who want to be sure that they're seeing the highest possible return on their investment by getting their ads in front of the right people.

To help maintain user privacy, Google is introducing Privacy Sandbox. It hides individual users within a "crowd" or "cohort" of others who are engaged in similar behaviors.

The Android Police breakdown of the new Privacy Sandbox option includes a look at new settings that allow you to select whether you want to be part of a web crowd and ad management strategy. The setting window notes, "By joining a Web Crowd, you allow websites to make your web experience relevant without using personally identifiable information. Similar to a crowd in a concert, websites and advertisers can only know thousands of users share a similar interest."

Privacy Sandbox aims to make it easier for users to maintain their overall privacy online while still connecting advertisers to users who are most likely to be interested in their services and everything they have to offer.

The Importance of Privacy Online

For a long time, advertisers have been highly focused on created targeted advertisements that go directly to the people they feel are most likely to need or be interested in their content. They have targeted people based on their specific demographics, the searches they've performed, and the websites they've visited in the past.

Unfortunately, not all users are comfortable with that experience.

Some users have become increasingly uncomfortable with the idea that there is a third-party entity out there collecting all the information they provide online. While many websites now ask for users' permission to use cookies, accessing those websites without allowing the collection of cookies can prove more problematic--and many people aren't sure how to go about turning off those settings. They might choose to browse in incognito mode or to regularly clear their search history and visited websites. Unfortunately, some users still have growing mistrust in digital advertisements and the content they can access through search engines and other platforms.

While users often want customized content--the type of customized content that can be delivered most easily by using cookies, based on current technology--they also do not want their privacy invaded. Some users may visit sensitive websites that they do not necessarily want to have tracked. Others may simply want to enjoy their privacy regardless of what websites they have visited.

Privacy Sandbox aims to address those concerns. It comes in the wake of continuing pressure to provide a higher degree of privacy and regulation around the world. Many people are realizing, now more than ever before, just how important it is to protect their online privacy--and regulatory bodies are listening. By creating this shift to Privacy Sandbox, Google aims to meet the rising consumer expectations for privacy. Overall, that is the goal of this latest change and rollout: ensuring that consumers have a high degree of privacy no matter what activities they engage in on the internet.

Other companies may offer better tracking or more narrow targeting in light of this immediate change. While that may benefit advertisers, it may not benefit the average consumer--and consumers are likely to respond better to the privacy-first perspective.

What Does Privacy Sandbox Change?

With the discontinuation of third-party cookies, Google will change several key aspects of the way consumers interact with the internet. Over time, it aims to create a higher degree of trust in the online environment. Instead of tracking users directly, it clumps them into a "crowd" or "group" of users that share similar interests and other demographic information. Advertisers will still be able to target their advertisements directly to the crowds that are most likely to make use of that content, but those third-party cookies will no longer track every movement that a single user makes online.

For the average user, it means enhanced privacy. For businesses, it may mean slightly reduced tracking capability--but it will also mean that they can more easily get in front of users who might otherwise fail to view their content due to an overall lack of privacy online and their unwillingness to allow that tracking.

The latest changes to Google's privacy requirements may take some getting used to, but they will, in the end, likely prove well worth it for businesses and private individuals alike. Are you interested in how the changing privacy requirements could impact your internet use or how they might impact your ads? We can help. Contact us today to learn more about those changes and how your business needs to adapt in order to make the most of them.

2021: Critical Frauds to Look Out For in the E-commerce Marketing Space

During the 2020 pandemic, e-commerce increased exponentially. US online sales increased by 44% as an increasing number of consumers took their business online, rather than taking the chance of going into the stores for their purchases. With that increase in online sales came an immense shift for businesses as they changed their overall models to correspond with the changing needs of their audience.

It also created a shift in cyber threats. Not only were more cybercriminals also spending more time at home, which could provide them with the freedom to create more attacks and find more vulnerabilities, but the increase in online shopping also served to underscore the opportunity available to those criminals. As a retailer, you must be aware of the rise in fraud in the e-commerce marketing space. Are you familiar with--and prepared for--these frauds, which are a more potent threat in 2021 than ever before?

ATO (Account Takeover) Attacks

Account takeover attacks increased 282% in 2020 alone. An account takeover attack is exactly what it sounds like: an opportunity for a hacker to take over someone else's account. That may mean that the hacker breaks into a customer's account, using that information to make fraudulent purchases, especially in the online gaming industry, where the conversion between real and virtual currency happens in the blink of an eye. Throughout 2021, those account takeover attacks are set to increase substantially, particularly as hackers gain access to more automated strategies that can help them break into accounts more easily.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks, according to the FBI, nearly doubled in 2020. In order to conduct a phishing attack, fraudulent individuals pose as a representative of a trusted company and try to use those false credentials to get access to vital customer information. Often, the representative may claim to be from a large company: someone with whom most people have accounts and, therefore, are likely to trust. PayPal and Amazon, for example, are common targets. Other scams, however, may target small business accounts, which people may be more likely to assume are not worth the time to breach--and all too many people fall prey to those scams. Hackers can then create fraudulent transactions on those users' accounts, which may take time to remedy--and cost a great deal for a business that allows those fraudulent transactions to go through.

Synthetic Identity

Most people have robust credentials that make it possible for them to create online accounts. They have accounts with major retailers and may even use biometric scans, including facial or fingerprint recognition, to help them establish their accounts. That presence on other websites and with other major retailers makes it easier for them to establish accounts in other locations.

Then the truth comes out: the identity used to make those purchases doesn't really exist.

For retailers, that can come as a heavy blow. If the retailer does not recognize the synthetic identity for what it is in time to stop a transaction, usually one made with fake payment information that does not connect back to an actual person, the retailer can end up out the money for that attack. Criminals use real-life details, like real addresses, to create completely fictional people. They may even use fake biometric scan data to make it easier to bypass security controls on the websites they use most often. While these may create fewer identity threats for private consumers, they can create immense challenges for businesses, who may find it hard to recognize the difference between fake profiles and real ones.


Chargebacks offer a vital opportunity for consumers to dispute charges on their records that they did not make. Unfortunately, chargebacks, also known as "friendly fraud," can create serious problems for retailers due to the lost costs. The switch to online retail led to a significant increase in chargebacks--and more than doubled fraudulent chargeback requests. Customers make a purchase, pick it up or have it shipped, and then deny getting the items they requested. Unfortunately, many stores have few resources available that will allow them to prove that they did, in fact, send out exactly what the customers requested. Buy Online, Pick Up In-Store shopping--which increased substantially throughout 2020--can also substantially increase the result of chargeback fraud since most stores do not have good systems in place for checking potential errors in what they provide to their customers.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Many popular online payment options allow for "buy now, pay later" shopping: a choice that can allow consumers to pay off larger purchases, or even smaller ones, over time. With the economic uncertainty present in 2020, many customers chose this option to spread out the time needed to pay for their goods. Unfortunately, it can also open up more avenues for fraud, since there is a longer delay between the time of the initial transaction and the point at which the customer pays off the purchase.

Refund/Promotion Fraud

Economic uncertainty has hit a wide number of consumers throughout 2020. Many people are struggling to recover from the financial losses they may have faced throughout the pandemic. As a result, they're taking advantage of whatever promotions they can. Some are bringing in items for refunds, including pressing for refunds that may be outside the policy or that will prevent a retailer from reselling an item. Others are taking advantage of promotions, from using a one-time-use promotion more than once to convincing unwary cashiers to "stack" promotions that aren't intended to go together. Over time, this can substantially damage a company's profits, especially in the case of small businesses, which may have fewer resources on hand in the first place.

2020 brought with it a number of opportunities in the e-commerce space. Many of those opportunities seem likely to continue as customers maintain some of their new buying habits--especially the ones that offer a higher level of convenience. However, some of those conveniences also offer immense opportunity for fraud. Is your business prepared for the frauds likely to appear in the e-commerce marketing space in 2021--and the ones that are already there? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help support your business and decrease the losses you face from fraud during this challenging time.

The Top 4 Technology Challenges Manufacturing Firms Face

The manufacturing industry is a critical sector in the US economy, accounting for 11.39 percent of the total GDP output while employing 8.51 percent of the country's workforce. Available data from the National Association of Manufacturers reveals that as of 2018, the sector was employing an average of 12.8 million people with a total output of $2,334.60 billion.

Unfortunately, the manufacturing sector is not immune to the challenges facing other industries in the country. Currently, the manufacturing firms face a unique set of IT challenges threatening to have massive ramifications that impact business's bottom lines and the industry growth. This piece looks at some top technological challenges that small to medium-sized manufacturers deal with year in year out and how modern manufacturing IT can help avoid these problems.

Managing Downtimes

Downtimes are arguably one of the oldest IT challenges in manufacturing. Downtime refers to any period when a machine is not in production because of planned and unplanned stops due to maintenance and repairs or equipment failures.

Every minute a manufacturer's machine isn't up and running translates to a substantial revenue loss. One study reveals the cost of downtime sits at around $260,000 per hour. However, this could rise substantially depending on the type of manufacturing a firm specializes in. For example, a study reveals manufacturers in the automotive niche stand to lose up to $3 million per hour whenever their systems are down. With estimated losses of 800 hours to downtime each year, this problem continues to impact the entire industry-leading to massive revenue losses, job cuts, and reduced margins.

There is no doubt better IT plays a critical role in reducing downtime. The right manufacturing IT enables predictive maintenance critical to minimizing the interruptions related to downtimes. Innovative IT solutions allow machines to relay critical data at a granular level so that manufacturers gain visibility on their production lines and take action to avoid breakdowns. For example, whenever parts are under abnormal strain levels, the machines automatically send alerts for proactive actions to be taken. Other technologies enable tracking machine wear and tear for timely replacements that guarantee zero downtime in the future.

At Orbis Solutions Inc., we recommend that you strive to avoid or reduce manufacturing downtimes if you are to remain competitive. To accomplish this goal, you must integrate top-notch IT systems that guarantee process dependability and agility.

Data Management

Data management is arguably one of the leading challenges that manufacturers of all sizes face. Ironically, the main issue here is not the lack of data but rather the inability to utilize available data to generate crucial insights.

The technological platforms in the manufacturing sector generate massive amounts of data on production lines, supply chains, employee performance, but a lack of robust integration means all this information is useless. For example, if data on employee performance is not integrated, the manufacturer will miss great insights that inform production line activities.

The good news is that modern IT manufacturing solutions can help you utilize available data in a meaningful way to make informed decisions. Specifically, the IT solutions offered by Orbis are designed to provide greater visibility into product demand and inventory management for you to have a better grasp of your production processes. With greater visibility into your processes, you will be better positioned to account for all parts of the production line while enhancing efficiency and optimizing the processes to meet any changes in demands.

Adoption of New Technologies

Manufacturers looking to remain competitive in the current highly volatile marketplace must be willing to implement new technologies. However, the current pace of change in manufacturing technology and the colossal costs involved makes it hard for most manufacturers to keep up with new innovations.

Manufacturers can overcome this challenge by assessing and prioritizing the most crucial technologies that significantly impact their operations. When evaluating the technologies to adopt, considerations such as lead times, specialized machinery, skilled workforce and operators, maintenance requirements, production hardware designs must be kept in mind. In a nutshell, manufacturers should be strategic in implementing new technologies while emphasizing the innovativeness, usefulness, costs, and security of any new technology they intend to adopt.


There is no doubt manufacturers are currently battling intimidating cybersecurity issues. Cyberattacks targeting the manufacturing process have significant implications, including downtimes, loss of revenues, and other impacts.

A recent study by Deloitte's Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) reveals 40 percent of manufacturing firms had cyber-attack in the last year. Out of this, up to 38 percent incurred over $1 million in damages.

The study further reveals that a big part of the cyber threats experienced by the manufacturers comes from internal employees through direct abuse of IT systems, phishing, errors and omissions, and mobile device usage. Surprisingly, the study reveals up to 87 percent of manufacturing companies have developed a disaster continuity plan for all data security, but only 37 percent have it in a tested and working state, implying that manufacturers ignore the threat posed by cybersecurity and the benefits of a data continuity plan.

When you have a robust data continuity plan, you can seamlessly shift your operations to a different database should an attack occur in your on-premise database. Ideally, you can locate your secondary databases on cloud platforms for you to access data within a minimal time after the disaster. Additionally, manufacturers should also go for IT solutions that offer robust cybersecurity services to help manufacturers minimize these risks. These solutions include enhancing security policies, updated approaches to managed backups, and leveraging powerful approaches to network hardening.

Orbis Solutions Inc. Can Help Solve Your Manufacturing IT Challenges

Manufacturing IT problems are often easy to diagnose but complex to address. However, any manufacturing company that can manage these issues conclusively will have a better chance to stay one step ahead of their competition. At Orbis Solutions Inc., we provide exceptional IT and client services to help your business navigate today's ever-changing business climate. We understand how stressful technology can be, and we are here to provide the best managed IT services your Las Vegas organization needs.

Our experts are ready to handle all your IT issues so that you get the time and freedom to focus on what matters most– your team, your clients, and your business. Contact us today to learn more.

The Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack: What You Need to Know

The Colonial Pipeline delivers approximately 45% of the fuel used along the Eastern Seaboard every day. Unfortunately, its weakened cybersecurity system left it vulnerable to hackers--and DarkSide, a gang of criminal hackers, took advantage of it.

DarkSide locked down the pipeline with ransomware, shutting down the flow of gas throughout the Eastern Seaboard and demanding that Colonial Pipeline pay a ransom in order to get its systems unlocked and gas flowing again. Ultimately, the company paid the ransom.

The Consequences of the Colonial Pipeline Attack

The Colonial Pipeline attack had both immediate and long-term consequences. As knowledge about the attack hit the news and customers realized that the flow of gas was shut down, many consumers rushed to the pumps to buy gas as soon as possible. Despite warnings not to panic buy, many customers feared the possibility that they would run out of gas.

With the system shut down, gas shortages occurred quickly as lines at the pumps spread around the block.

Gas prices skyrocketed.

While the Colonial Pipeline was restored within a few days and most people were able to easily get the gas they needed, the impact of the attack will be felt far beyond those initial days. Gas prices rose immediately, and they seem unlikely to go all the way back to their earlier levels.

More importantly, however, the Colonial Pipeline attack exposed just how vulnerable many elements of society are--and how reliant they are on the cybersecurity measures that help protect them against attacks like this one.

What Can Businesses Big and Small Learn from the Colonial Pipeline Attack?

The Colonial Pipeline was hit by a ransomware attack. Ransomware is a piece of malware that scrambles and encodes data within a system. It can prevent victims from accessing vitally necessary data and even the programs and platforms necessary to keep their business running smoothly each day. Ransomware attacks can freeze entire systems, especially those without adequate backup plans--and until the victim gets the encryption key, usually by paying the ransom, little can be done to mitigate those effects.

Ransomware has become a serious problem across the nation. While the Colonial Pipeline attack was widely publicized, due in part to the fact that it impacted so many people, other businesses and organizations have felt the sting of increased cyberattacks over the past year. Hospitals, schools, state and local government organizations, and even police departments have been hit with ransomware attacks. Many businesses have no idea what to do next. President Biden has even deemed ransomware attacks a national security threat--and the Biden administration is taking steps to provide vital additional guidance that will help protect government institutions against future threats.

What can your business--whether large or small--learn from the Colonial Pipeline attack? There are several key details to keep in mind as you consider your cybersecurity plans and responses.

1. Simple compliance is no longer enough.

Compliance standards across many industries, from PCIS compliance for payment systems to HIPAA compliance in healthcare organizations, is no longer enough to offer the high degree of protection most businesses now need. Cyber threats grow exponentially, especially in times of crisis like the past year. Cybersecurity protections grow quickly, as well--but it takes much longer for industries and institutions to reach a point where those additional protections become standardized. Compliance standards may lag years behind the latest best practices in the industry, especially if no one takes fast action to help protect them.

For your business, that means that simple compliance is not enough to help ensure your safety and protection. You need to work with an IT company that offers robust security solutions: not just the solutions needed to keep your business in compliance, but the more robust solutions necessary to offer a higher degree of protection.

2. Data backups are critical to your organization.

Your business runs on data. Your technology, from AI technology to the vital platforms and programs your business uses every day, is essential to your overall functionality.

You cannot afford to lose that data. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have an adequate data backup system. Still others never test it, which means they may have no idea if that system will be effective in an emergency or not. Regular testing is the only way to find out for sure if you have the right tools on hand to protect your business in an emergency.

With an effective data backup system, you can keep your business running even in the event of a ransomware attack like the one on the Colonial Pipeline. How much data you lose and how much that attack hamstrings your business may be based primarily on the effectiveness and efficiency of those data backups.

3. A disaster response plan is essential.

Colonial Pipeline was able to get its systems back up and running within a matter of days after the incident. A longer delay could have led to more severe problems: greater gas shortages, challenges in supply chains across the Eastern Seaboard, and devastating expenses for the company as a whole.

A disaster response plan is critical to maintaining your continued functionality in the midst of an attack or getting your business up and running again as soon as possible. You need to know who needs to be notified of a disaster, what steps you need to take, and how to contain the problem as much as possible. A robust disaster response plan can even keep your business functioning so smoothly that your customers or the people dependent on you to maintain their supply chain never realize the full extent of the problem. Without those tools, on the other hand, your business could end up struggling immensely--and you may lose more money and more customers as a result.

Do you have a robust disaster response plan, effective cybersecurity, and the tools that you need to protect your business in the event of a disaster? Contact us today to learn more about our cybersecurity solutions and how we can help protect your business.

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