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10 Things Great IT Providers Always Do

At Orbis Solutions, we believe that top-tier IT support is distinguished by a multitude of factors, not just pricing or flat-fee services. When clients switch to us, they often discover that the issue wasn't necessarily bad support, but rather a lack of understanding of what good support entails. In this blog, we will outline 10 key characteristics that exceptional IT providers consistently demonstrate. It's time to leave behind tech problems and mediocre service that may be putting you and your business at risk. Exceptional IT providers...

1. Respond promptly during emergencies.

In times of emergencies, prompt assistance is essential. Trustworthy IT providers recognize the importance of urgency and will either pick up calls immediately or reply within 30 minutes.

2. Are easily reachable and responsive for non-emergencies.

Are small tech-support issues easily accessible to them? Seek feedback from your staff regarding their experience. If they are dissatisfied with the service, consider it a red flag.

3. Offer after-hours support.

Top-tier IT companies offer assistance beyond regular business hours, guaranteeing that support is accessible whenever necessary.

4. Proactively monitor your network.

Your IT company should proactively monitor your systems for issues and recommend solutions without the need for you to notify them.

5. Have a customer-centric system in place.

Their ticketing system needs to be user-friendly, allowing customers to easily submit requests and monitor the progress of issue resolution.

6. Provide cybersecurity plans and protection.

An IT provider you can trust will have a cybersecurity strategy in place to safeguard your business from risks such as ransomware and data breaches.

7. Provide transparent and detailed invoices.

Knowing exactly what you are paying for is crucial, so make sure you are not being charged too much for services.

8. Carry insurance for protection.

Make sure your IT provider has cyber liability and errors and omissions insurance in place to protect against any potential problems that may occur

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9. They insist on regular data backups.

It is critical that your IT provider prioritizes regular testing of backups to maintain data integrity and preparedness for disaster recovery. This practice is essential in preventing data loss.

10. Always on time, and always on budget.

Trustworthy IT providers consistently deliver projects on time and within budget. If your current provider is consistently going over budget or missing deadlines, it may be time to find a new one. Reliable IT partners communicate effectively and address any issues that come up during project implementation promptly and proactively.

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