Cybercrime Close Call In Las Vegas

Orbis Solutions shares a near cybercrime situation where a local organization in Las Vegas got hit with a cybersecurity event. What happened? Orbis Solutions shares all the important details of this near cybersecurity event in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Organizations Learns Important Lesson From A Cybercrime Close Call

One of our colleagues in Las Vegas experienced a major cybersecurity breach and needed a fast solution—this is how we helped them.

Cybercrime Close Call In Las Vegas


Less than a year ago, this business's team got in touch with Orbis Solutions because they needed our help.

They had suffered a major cybersecurity breach and weren’t sure they could fix it on their own. They knew that hackers had penetrated their systems, and they needed their technology to be properly secured.

A key issue, however, was that they didn’t have an IT staff member on-site to deal with the issue right away…

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“We had had someone handle IT internally for a number of years, and they were getting closer to the sunset of their career,” says a member of this organization’s C-Suite. “When we had a security breach, and we didn’t have any boots on the ground.”

As serious as the data breach was, the situation was made much worse by the fact that the company’s only IT staff member was unable to directly address the problem.

This staff member, late in their career, had recently moved out of Las Vegas and began working remotely.

While they were more than capable of overseeing the day-to-day maintenance of this company's IT systems, they weren’t prepared to deal with a cybersecurity event like this.


Once this company got in touch with our team we sprung into action to limit their exposure and solve the problem.

We immediately visited onsite to assess and address the problem directly:

  • We determined the source of the breach.
  • We analyzed their systems to identify other potential vulnerabilities.
  • We patched all cybersecurity risks and ensured it wouldn’t happen again.

“Orbis helped us navigate what was a very scary situation,” says a staff member from this company. “We were always appreciative for their help, prior to us becoming a client.”


The leadership at this organization knew they couldn’t risk a similar cybercrime attack in the future. They learned that they need to properly invest in their cybersecurity, and decided to look for an IT partner.

They executed an RFP process with Orbis Solutions and a few other local IT companies. While our rates were higher than the others, they knew they could trust us to deliver.

“Although Orbis’ price was significantly higher, the quality of what we get is significantly greater than the other options,” says a member of this organization’s C-Suite.

Thanks to Orbis Solutions, this company didn’t suffer any monetary or reputational damage, and now has a robust and confident cybersecurity posture.

They learned the hard way that you can’t make any assumptions about your cybersecurity—you have to be committed and diligent in protecting your business.

How Long Until You’re Breached By Hackers?

Have you made the necessary investment in your cybersecurity?

If you’re worried about whether you could survive a cyber attack, don’t wait until it’s too late. You may not be as lucky as the company in this story.

Get in touch with Orbis Solutions to get the expert cybersecurity support you need to protect your business before you get hacked.

Client Success Stories

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“Orbis’ experienced team assessed our situation, listened to our concerns, and educated us to the ever-changing world of technology. Not only are they professionals at what they do, they’re a pleasure to work with and always have a unique, personal approach to our needs.”
Jane Doe
“Thank you Orbis Solutions for providing me and my staff with your monthly Tech Tips. As a Las Vegas business owner I don't have time to keep up with changing technology and your tips are always on point. Always professional and attentive to our growing business needs.”
Jane Doe
“We are a small business in Las Vegas, and therefore do not have the revenue to staff full time IT personnel. So last year, we partnered with Orbis Solutions Inc. and they are the “IT Department” for our company.”
Jane Doe
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