Does Your IT Company Understand Your Complex Environment?

For many companies, managed IT services can make the difference when determining if you will be left with a static business model or if you will have the resources you need to gain a competitive edge.

Does Your IT Company Understand Your Complex Environment?

For many companies, managed IT services can make the difference when determining if you will be left with a static business model or if you will have the resources you need to gain a competitive edge. When it comes to implementing managed services, casinos are presented with a unique set of challenges. While some businesses and organizations require Enterprise Print Management Solutions (EPMS), the dynamic and high-traffic gaming and casino sectors often necessitate a distinct set of technologies.

There are few industries, including casinos, that are able to offer a wide range of services. As a result of all the services that casinos provide, casinos' IT and management requirements are not as simple as the requirements of other industries. The requirements of casinos can create a significant challenge for IT companies. However, high-quality managed services are needed and have proven to be a valuable investment for casinos that want to provide multiple services in one location.

Constant Need For Security

Casinos need to provide constant high-quality and high levels of security. Casinos have to be aware of what is taking place as far as the gamblers, machines, food venues, and more. Casinos also need to provide a high level of cybersecurity that will provide the proper protection for their machines and their internal servers. Managed IT services are critical because they can provide everything that a casino needs to establish a secure environment that goes beyond complex passwords and high-tech security systems.

High-quality managed IT services can provide the following:

  • Integrated check-in and checkout processes
  • Leverage automation, machine learning, and AI (artificial intelligence) to sustain security
  • Ensure the privacy of guests is always maintained

Cybersecurity for Casinos

As mentioned, security is one of the most critical aspects of IT for any gaming company. Cyberattacks are on the rise, and the gaming industry is not exempt from attacks. An elite managed service provider will protect your business and your patrons' data using advanced and comprehensive security measures.

Comprehensive Solutions

The extent of services that are provided by a casino may make it incredibly difficult to keep and maintain records. However, with managed services, it will no longer be a difficult task to complete. A comprehensive document environment will help your casino maintain all of its records in a comprehensive location, allowing you to access anything when needed.

With this type of solution, your casino will be able to do the following:

  • Accurately track inventory and supplies
  • Maintain accurate records for accounting purposes, including tax purposes
  • Accurately record wins and losses

Better Communication

There always needs to be better communication between management and the floor. Casinos are like mini-cities and have different departments that have different systems that need to communicate to each other.

Casinos have Front Office, Housekeeping, Food & Beverage, Finance, Casino, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Reservations, just to name a few departments.  For example, when the rooms are being cleaned, reports need to be made to the PMS which lets the front office team know that the room is cleaned and ready to be rented out.  The refrigerator in the rooms needs to communicate to the front desk and accounting department that something was removed and needs to be billed.

It is not uncommon for casinos to find difficulties keeping everything moving as smoothly and efficiently as needed, especially if there are gaps in communication. When your casino implements the right technology, it will pave the way for improved communication. Ensuring that you have smooth and efficient communication will allow your entire operations to run smoothly.

Better Compliance

It is no surprise that the gaming industry has to follow a variety of compliance regulations that will have an impact on every aspect of business operations. Compliance regulations in the gaming industry will take place at all levels, including the state level. Managed IT services will help casinos improve their compliance by ensuring the right hardware and services are being used, as well as the workflow process that will also meet compliance regulations.

Better Efficiency

A managed IT services provider should serve as an extension of your casino. The job of your IT company is to understand your casino's needs and address those needs. If the IT company cannot grasp an understanding of your needs and cater to those needs, your casino will have a variety of challenges along the way. An IT company should make such a key difference that it completely revolutionizes the way your business operates.  Casinos have few vendors to work with such as POS and/or gaming, etc.  Many of these vendors require complex environments to run their software.

Reduced Downtime

Every business knows that business disruptions can cause patrons to leave at any moment. Minutes or hours of downtime can cut into your profits significantly because you are not able to adequately serve your patrons. Your casino environment needs systems that will function properly and reliably at all times to reduce your risk of experiencing prolonged downtime.

The gaming industry is a unique environment that continues to grow, in revenue and in locations. Casinos have to contend with a variety of challenges on a daily basis. For many, the growth in the industry is riddled with challenges, from an outdated IT infrastructure, difficulty reducing cybersecurity risks, to challenges in securing sensitive data.

However, managed services can have a major impact on the efficiency and security of each department. Managed services have proven to be a flexible and dynamic set of services that can meet a variety of needs. We all like choices, and that is what we provide at Orbis Solutions.

At Orbis Solutions, we have experts that have actually run and were on an Executive team in an IT role for Hotel/casinos and Gaming Manufacturing industries. We are also approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, so we are an approved vendor to work with gaming properties and gaming manufacturers.

In addition to offering value-added services aimed at optimizing your gaming environment's performance and ensuring your business needs are met, we provide some of the most top-of-the-line services to gaming environments, including cybersecurity protection.  If you would like to learn more about our services for your casino or gaming business, contact us today for a consultation.

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