How To Send Large Files By Email

Sending attachments via email is something most of us are used to today. But there is one thing that bothers most people and is likely to give you headaches at some point. That is, sending files that are too big for email. 

How To Send Large Files By Email

Sending attachments via email is something most of us are used to today. But there is one thing that bothers most people and is likely to give you headaches at some point. That is, sending files that are too big for email.

It could be that your files are too big to be sent the normal way, or the client has placed some restrictions on the sizes of files you can send at a go. Whichever the case, you must figure out how to send your attachments in one go if they can't be sent separately.

We have created this piece to guide you on how to go about that. So, if you're unsure about how to send large attachments via emails, or you're interested in learning more ways you can turn to, this piece is for you. Here are free alternatives that allow you to send large files for free.

Best free options for sending large files


WeTransfer is an easy-to-use option that gives you the freedom to send up to 2GB without registering. Plus, it allows you to send attachments as many times as you want to as many people as you wish. You can comfortably use it to send large files to up to 20 people at a time.

Since uploading files can be a bit slow, especially during peak hours, the company recommends starting your uploads early. The download link is sent via email and expires after seven days. So make sure to notify the recipient to download them before then.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is yet another great service gaining popularity by the day that you can use to send large files. It is compatible with most platforms and gives you the flexibility to send even larger attachments than you normally do when the need arises. Normally, it allows attachments up to 4GB to be sent. However, if you're using Outlook or Chrome extension, you can send up to 10GB, and you can send 20GB on iOS or Android. It is unlimited to send files if you use the Windows app.


MailBigFile gives you the convenience to send files up to 2GB and the freedom to upload up to five files at a time. Plus, it is an easy-to-use option. You just need to input your email address, the recipient address, the message (optional), and hit send. Once you send the attachments, the recipient has a span of 10 days to download them.


Dropbox is a popular cloud option used by many across the globe. It has over 15.48 million paying users and has many cool features that make it the preferred option to many individuals and businesses. For example, recipients don't need an account to receive the attachments. However, they will need one to send them.

You can comfortably share as many files as possible and store up to 2GB for free with Dropbox. Premium plans exist at a small fee, and you can get up to 16GB free with referrals.

Dropbox's offline mode makes sure you or your recipients can access the files anytime from your iOS, Mac, Windows, Android, and Linux device. You will find it more convenient when you urgently need to access some files from the cloud when your internet connection is poor or during an outage.


Formerly YouSendIt, Hightail is a bit different from the other services as it requires you to set up a free account to send files. You can upload up to 100 MB with the free account, store 2GB, and have five e-signatures. You can upgrade if you wish to upload up to 25GB and access unlimited storage. Higher limits exist for teams and businesses.

If you are worried about sending sensitive information, Hightail gives you the peace of mind you need to send them. It offers you secure data encryption and receipt verification as part of safeguarding your information.

Google Drive 

Like Dropbox, Google Drive is yet another popular service that lets you store files on the web to access them from anywhere. You automatically get 15GB of free space, and you can always upgrade to paid plans if you need extra space and the flexibility of sending larger attachments.

The best thing about Google Drive is that it is easy to use. You just need to upload the attachments you wish to share. Plus, it is directly linked to your Google account. Hence, is it an ideal option if you're currently using Gmail.

Mail Drop

Mail Drop lets you attach large files if you are on Mac. Once in your Mail, hit the "Attach Files" icon, upload, and click done to share your files for free.

Mail Drop, just like Dropbox, works by uploading files to the web and generates a link your recipients can use to access the file. Best of all? Your recipients don't need to be on Mac or using Mail Drop to access the file. They just need the link to access and download any attachment you have shared with them.

If the recipient is already using Mail Drop, the files will automatically be downloaded as an attachment—just like the normal attachment.


Formerly known as SkyDrive, OneDrive is similar to Google Drive and Dropbox in many ways. If you have used Google Drive or Dropbox, you will be comfortable using OneDrive from day one. OneDrive makes it easier to send any file you have stored in it. To send, you just need to choose the file and hit the Share button.

You automatically get 15 GB to store files, and you can always upgrade to paid plans for additional perks. You can also get more perks for linking the app to your phone's gallery app or through referrals. If you wish to upgrade to a paid plan, it's worth noting that they come as part of the Office 365 subscription. However, you have the option to opt-in for a standalone 100GB for as little as $1.99 a month.

Securely send your emails

Taking the right precautions when sending your files is very crucial. Sometimes a few workarounds can be all you need to keep your email safe. Orbis Solutions can work with any email service you are currently using, to provide an additional layer of protection for your messages and attachments. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with the team from Orbis to review your complete IT outsourcing needs.

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