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Many companies in Las Vegas struggle to choose whether to hire an external consulting firm or an in-house team. This is understandable, considering that the decision-makers understand how important yet risky technology is to a company. Today, any company looking to stay competitive must invest in the best and latest IT tools and services. The choice senior management have to make can have grave consequences for the business.

Considering the current economic environment, businesses must invest in technology, not just to take on the competition but also to protect their business. IT consultants have proven to have a massive logistical and financial impact on companies and institutions.

Here are five of the top benefits of going for an external IT consulting firm over hiring in-house IT employees.

1. Hiring an IT Consulting In Las Vegas Firm Saves Money

The most attractive incentive to hire an IT consulting firm is that it ultimately saves the business money. When you hire in-house employees, you have to pay full salaries, taxes, and benefits. A lot of money will also go to waste due to lost downtime, low productivity, and overhead costs.

A study by Forester Research commissioned by BCM Software found that US companies lose more than $100 billion every year in routine technology problems that they would save if they hired external IT consultants.

The best thing about hiring consultants is that you only pay for what you need, and only when you need it. It is an opportunity to pay for the best IT talent, but never having to spend on them when they are not required. These experts can go a long way in helping your company save money in sound financial planning and infrastructure investment advice.

2. Better Talent and Increased Security

Cyberattacks and online security threats have driven many companies in the US into investing more in security. These threats do not discriminate, and when they happen, they can lay a business to waste in a matter of hours. IT consulting firms are best placed to provide the much-needed security because that is their specialty. They hire the best IT engineers and developers in the market to ensure their clients, like you, can go to them for top-notch services.

Small to medium-sized businesses, in particular, cannot afford to take chances with the security of their data and IT systems. There is very little that one or two employees in the IT department would do should hackers coordinate to attack such businesses.

Additionally, IT consulting companies typically provide the support and training that employees need to recognize and prevent cyber threats. If your business already has an IT department, the external consultant can complement them by coordinating cybersecurity and IT support matters.

 3. Professional IT Consulting In Las Vegas and 24/7 Availability

There should be no such thing as downtime in the modern, technologically advanced, and connected world. Cyberattacks and security threats abound at all hours - day and night. This means businesses cannot sleep; they must be continually vigilant and be ready to take action should there be an incident.

An IT consulting service offering managed services and cybersecurity should be on standby to protect their clients 24 hours every day of the week. A study by IDC showed that the average cost of IT systems downtime ranges between $1.25 billion and $2.5 billion every year. The firm you hire should provide real-time monitoring reports of the company systems because - well, there is no downtime.

Managing IT and systems and services is a tricky affair because even the smallest problems can cause massive losses. IT service providers know this and should be prepared to apply quick fixes to emerging cases and lasting solutions to documented threats.

4. Objectivity and Outside Pair of Eyes

Entrepreneurs invest a lot of energy, time, and money to get their businesses running. The business is a delicate and treasured baby that deserves utmost protection and pampering for most of them. Employees who join the company may often become a part of the family and may end up viewing the business from the same perspective as the owner.

The problem here is that it is not uncommon for internal IT employees and teams not to see or catch the problems the entrepreneur will miss. Employee perspective bias and failing to detect problems because they are too close are a real problem in business. A company that hires an external consultant stands a better chance of finding and addressing critical issues that could mutate into severe future problems.

A consultant brings invaluable objectivity to the business. A good consultant with experienced staff brings a fresh viewpoint and will finger issues without the fear of what the business owner might think. For forward-looking entrepreneurs in Las Vegas, this is reason enough to choose a Las Vegas IT Consulting firm rather than in-house IT employees.

5. Leverage New Skills and Expert Industry Insights

A significant part of what an IT consulting firm must do to stay competitive is keeping up with the current IT services trends and technology services strategies. Company leaders can learn a lot from consultants - even during a brief update of system status.

Hiring an IT consulting firm offers a business an opportunity to expose their leaders to the skills the IT experts gather every day. When you contract a Las Vegas IT Consulting, you do not just hire one person or skill; you get the company's collective knowledge and expertise at your disposal.

Business owners that appreciate this can leverage what the consultants know to advance their businesses and stay ahead of the competition. This strategy also serves to embolden and inform company staff in ways that enable them to grow and advance individually. In the end, the company, staff members, and the IT consultancy all win in different ways.

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These five are just a fraction of the ways your business can benefit from hiring an IT consulting firm over an in-house team. Note, however, that they are all dependent on you finding the right IT consulting firm in Las Vegas that meets your business's needs.

If you are looking for an IT consulting firm in Vegas that will provide efficient technology solutions your business needs to have a competitive advantage, contact Orbis Solutions Inc. to talk to an expert.

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