Las Vegas IT Support By Orbis Solutions

If you're looking for the best Las Vegas IT support, focus on the services you most need. Learn more about Orbis Solutions.

by | Mar 19, 2021

Las Vegas IT Support By Orbis Solutions

If you’re looking for the best Las Vegas IT support in your area, focus on the services you most need. Then, you can simply find a company that has these features within the Greater Las Vegas Area.

Free Consultation for Las Vegas IT Support Services

One of the most important features you’re going to want is the ability to get a consultation completely for free. Companies that try to charge you for the initial service may not be as reasonable after the initial consultation.

You deserve to have a company that stands by its services and is willing to let you see what they can do without cost.

The consultation should not come with any risks or obligations. Ideally, it should be detailed and have a full analysis of your current Las Vegas IT support company or in-house department and how much they are helping you.

It should also have an action plan for handling potential issues that may be resolved in a different way. Plus, the consultation should propose a detailed potential budget for saving money and handling projects.

Las Vegas IT Support employee working with data.

Network Services

Any excellent Las Vegas IT support company should be able to aid you in a few key areas within the managed IT service category of network services. Here are some examples-

Improving Over In-house Options

If you’re having trouble with your in-house managed IT operations, a strong IT company should improve this situation. In other words, you should be much happier with the IT company than with what you were trying to do internally. Having an in-house department struggle with managed IT is a sure sign that you should be shopping around for something external instead.

These struggles could include constant network failures, or the network just constantly performing poorly. It’s also possible that they could include difficulty with keeping your files properly safe to the point where you no longer need to worry about them ever.

Pro-active Support

One of the reasons why an in-house team may be always behind is due to being too reactive. In other words, they just react to whatever problems once they arrive.

A proper Managed IT service will instead constantly search proactively for potential threats before they start to affect your systems. Having a team that is looking for and preventing problems will make the systems run much more smoothly so that you have next to no downtime or network headaches to worry about ever.

Development and Monitoring

A strong company should also be able to monitor network performance and aid with maintenance. They should be able to help you develop network tools including systems and software. Their efforts should include cloud services as well, and monitoring remote networks.

Las Vegas IT Support for Desktop Solutions

Las Vegas IT support professional coding new security measures.

An in-house team may often struggle with handling desktop solutions quickly enough. It can make your per-hour expenses less than efficient. Many staffers may also lack expertise in certain areas since they are trying to wear too many hats simultaneously.

A proper IT company can offer you desktop support that can help end-users find the exact solutions they need in an efficient manner, and complete with the proper expertise since an IT company will have much more expertise than a department ever could.

It helps if the company has professionals who are experts in areas such as-

  • Microsoft 365
  • Operating systems
  • Antiviruses
  • Many more.

This way, regardless of whether any problem an employee has is related to email, operating systems, Azure, or anything else, the proper expert will be right there to help.

The company should have round-the-clock help desk support every day of the year, with options for offsite tech support as well as constant system monitoring and the ability to troubleshoot any issue.


The importance of maintaining the security of your systems is hard to overstate. These days, even some of the largest giants in the industry have difficulty with preventing data leaks and unauthorized access. These efforts can help prevent or reduce damages through general protection, identification of threats, and fast-response tools. The best IT companies should be able to help in the following ways.


A full and thorough test of your systems on a regular basis is going to be key to making sure there are no potential vulnerabilities that could lead to the loss of files, or other threats like the installation of malware or ransomware, or just general data theft. Beyond testing, there are also just periodic assessments to determine how your systems are operating.

Email Protection

Phishing scams are a major problem across just about any industry. However, it’s possible to mitigate phishing or other threats that appear in your employee’s mailboxes through advanced filtering techniques and other security solutions to threats that occur through this medium much less.

Backups and Recovery

High-quality IT companies can offer advanced backup services so that you have options for recovering nearly any file on your system that is compromised or destroyed due to a disaster or breach.

Other Solutions

You could have features that make sure security threats are being monitored at all hours, every day of the week. These solutions could involve actively searching for threats rather than just passively monitoring them. You could have vulnerability assessments for when some potential issue is found. Some solutions help with making sure your employees remain compliant and get the help they need to keep your systems safe.

Getting Started

For more information about how to get started with a company that offers all of these services and more, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can begin to evaluate your systems and offer you information and support for how you can improve them.

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