Best Video Conferencing Software for 2021

Video conferencing is becoming increasingly important. Here is the best and safest video conferencing software in 2021 for your business.

Video conferencing is becoming increasingly important considering the current state of the world. One of the largest concerns many users have about staying connected remotely is its safety. Here's some information about the best video conferencing software in 2021, including how to make whatever tool you're using safer.

Examples of the Best Video Conferencing Tools of 2021


One of the highest-rated tools of 2021 for video-conferencing is called ClickMeeting. It's rated 4.5/5 stars on PCMag and has several qualities that make it a good choice in the new year. For one thing, it's intuitive to understand and use.

On top of that, make use of the free trial to ensure that it works well for your purposes. Then, check that the safety features are up to your standards.

The video conferencing software doesn't need a credit card for you to try out at all, and it's known for being particularly effective for hosting webinars, which will be especially useful for companies that rely on this approach for their business.

Intermedia AnyMeeting

AnyMeeting is another solution that's highly rated by review sites. One of its primary benefits of using this approach is that you can have more than 200 attendees at a time. So, if you need to disseminate information quickly to many people, AnyMeeting is an excellent choice.

Additionally, it automatically optimizes videos for any and all devices that connect to it. Thus, regardless of whether employees use desktops, smartphones, tablets, or anything else to attend the meeting, it should have a crisp video.

The tool lets you share your screen from a browser, it has a whiteboard for sharing, and you can set it to automatically transcribe everything being said. This is particularly useful when you have a large number of people attending.


The RingCentral Meetings software is cost-effective and known for being flexible. For example, use dial-in for getting to meetings if there's a problem with your cable line. They have free plans that you can make use of to cut costs, and it's also flexible in the sense that the software works on just about everything, including all major platforms.

Zoom Meetings

The classic current video conference software includes Zoom Meetings, which even offers accounts for free with more features available if you pay for them. This software is also easy to use since so many people do it even after having never tried it before. The program is also known for having a company that resolves support tickets quickly. This could include issues you have with security, for example.

Using a tablet for video conferencing software to talk to her coworkers.

Keeping Your Favorite Tool Safe

If you instead prefer the tool that you have, and just want to make sure it's safe, that's a reasonable approach too. American businesspeople hold around 220 million meetings per year and it's on the rise for many age groups.

Considering the rise of security breaches concurrently with more and more video-conferencing use, especially during the time of COVID, it's important to find a way to stay secure regardless of how you do it.

Require Authentication

Regardless of what video conferencing tool you use, such as sticking to the favorite for your company or whatever software you are all using already, the important thing is to make sure that only the people authorized to use a particular program actually end up in the room. Passwords and authentication will help this remain the case.

Maintain Moderation

It's important that those responsible for maintaining the order of a room pay attention to what's happening within it. This means removing anyone who found their way in when they don't belong there. It also means making sure that participants who are ignoring the rules of civility set forth by the company are removed as well if they are pulling attention away from the point of the meeting.

Verify All Links

When people share links inside of a conference through video, it's important that you verify the link. In general, the moderators should prevent people from sharing links unless they have high confidence about what that link will be. Sharing links inside of a video conference is one of the primary ways that these conferences can be compromised.

Enable Security Settings

Some programs won't automatically start you off with the best security settings enabled. Before a conference starts, check the settings and make sure that your security options are all enabled.

Other Ways to Stay Safe

It helps to use end-to-end encryption if you have that software setting. If not, use another program that makes sure this is the case, such as a virtual private network or VPN. That way, no one will be able to access your video feed while the conference is in session by breaching your Internet connection.

Additionally, it's useful to keep checking about any updates that your program may be getting that could help you. In general, you're going to want to make sure you're always aware of what is in the background behind you, what your sharing with others on the call, how secure your password is, and whether your software is up to date.

Find the Best Video Conferencing Software for You

In the end, the best way to have the best video conferencing software possible and to make the best use of it is to consult advisors who keep up to date with the latest in this area of knowledge.

For more information about how you can create the best video conferences possible, please don't hesitate to contact us today. The faster you contact us, the faster we can schedule your free consultation. Then, we upgrade your videos' security and your company's effectiveness.

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