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Frustrated With BAD Tech Support? You’re Not Alone

A recent wave of Reddit comments has surfaced, highlighting a series of unsatisfactory experiences with tech support. Although I usually avoid Reddit and its community of chronic complainers, I decided to browse through a few comments for research purposes, given my involvement in the industry. Some of the complaints were so bizarre—like the woman who claimed a technician took a bathroom break in her attic—that they seemed almost unbelievable. However, other, more common issues mentioned in the thread are ones I have personally encountered, and to be honest, they were frustrating.

When you're dealing with a tech emergency—whether it's a broken printer, hardware malfunctions, internet connectivity issues, login troubles, or something similar—poor tech support only exacerbates the frustration. It leads to employees who are unable to perform their jobs efficiently because they are busy troubleshooting tech problems and waiting on hold with an IT company that is "looking into it." This also results in irritated customers who just want a seamless experience when interacting with your organization.

Such issues can ultimately cause you to lose both customers and top-performing employees to competitors who don't face these daily challenges. At first, it might seem exaggerated to think that a few unresolved "tech issues" could have such a significant impact. However, as these problems persist without resolution, resentment builds, and people will eventually seek out organizations that don't have to deal with these hassles.

So, what can you do to get ahead of the problem? Start by polling your employees. Ask them questions that will help you evaluate your current IT company to determine if they are addressing your team's needs promptly and efficiently. Here are some questions to consider:

- Do you experience any recurring technical problems that haven't been fully resolved? If so, what are they?

- How would you rate the response time of the IT support team when you encounter a technical issue?

- Have you found the IT support team to be knowledgeable and helpful in resolving your issues?

- Do you feel that the IT company communicates effectively and keeps you informed about the status of your requests?

- How would you describe your overall satisfaction with the support provided by our IT company?

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Answering these questions takes just a few minutes and can provide valuable insights into whether your current IT team is effectively managing issues or if there are underlying problems within your organization that you may not be aware of.

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