IT Company In Las Vegas: Choosing The Right One

Orbis Solutions Inc., an IT company in Las Vegas, caters to businesses within Las Vegas. Learn more about our offered IT services.

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IT Company In Las Vegas: Choosing The Right One

Any business wants to make profits, and a business owner has to weigh each decision’s consequences through a cost-benefit analysis. When it comes to IT needs, companies debate between an in-house IT team or a Managed Service Provider. However, the choice is evident when you learn that a skilled professional’s salary can be as high as $58,000. When you consider outsourcing will have you forking out only a few thousand dollars per month, and only if you require the services, then it is a no-brainer. However, with so many service providers, choosing the right one can be a daunting task. The good news is Orbis Solutions Inc., an IT company in Las Vegas, caters to businesses within Las Vegas.

Major Services Your Reliable IT Company in Las Vegas Should Offer

Cybersecurity Solutions

Although Moody’s, a credit ratings agency in the US, concluded that the four business sectors with the highest cyber risk are hospitals, market infrastructures, banks, and securities firms, every business that has incorporated technology in its operation faces cybercrime threats. Orbis is committed to keeping your system secure, and our main clients are in the manufacturing, casinos, telecommunications, retail, healthcare industries, and professional organizations.

Our cybersecurity solutions entail:

Mobile Device Security to Minimize Data Breaches

With mobile devices able to access company data, any malware launched in employees’ personal mobile devices is a potential risk. It is reported that at least 60% of mobile devices access corporate data, yet the average cost of a data breach stands at $3.86 million.

When you contact our IT company in Las Vegas, we shall advise on various strategies to minimize data breaches through mobile devices. We can recommend you adopt:

  • A BYOD (bring your own device) policy
  • Have a mobile device management platform with features such as remote data wipe and location tracking
  • Virtual private networks

Web Gateway Security to Block Internet Threats

This prevents unauthorized traffic from entering your network by limiting users to accessing approved sites.

Employee Security Awareness

Employees may not be aware of the dangers lurking on the internet every time they visit insecure sites or open infected files. We, therefore, implement SETA (security education, training, and awareness) program after assessing what your staff needs to know. We then develop a plan that best addresses the knowledge gaps in their mobile security awareness.

Managed IT Services

Consider the benefit of hiring a skilled team of professionals for a fraction of the cost of maintaining an in-house IT department. Then, you will see the importance of having managed IT services. When you have a team from our IT company taking care of your IT needs, you can focus on your business’s core areas. Some of the managed IT services we provide include:

Expert System Installation and Upgrades

Once we visit your company and establish the kind of software you need, we can develop bespoke solutions. Besides system installations, we check on any software upgrades and update your infrastructure to blend with the improvements.

24/7 Help Desk and Remote Support

For every hour your business has a crashed application, you are likely to lose at least $10,000 hence the importance of having a readily available technical support team at your beck and call. Orbis is dedicated to offering 24/7 remote support. Indeed, our help desk ensures you get timely professional assistance whenever you need it.

Continual Maintenance and Monitoring Solutions

Being proactive significantly reduces the likelihood of downtime and save costs. Through remote monitoring, we can run updates when they are due and spot problems with your antivirus before they infect your systems. Failure to update your security measures leaves your system vulnerable to hackers.

Employee working for an IT Company In Las Vegas

Co-Managed IT Services

Suppose you already have an IT department but would like to take advantage of the professional services an IT company in Las Vegas can offer. In that case, we can provide a strategic partnership. Through our co-managed IT services, you benefit from:

High-Tech Equipment at Affordable Rates

Orbis has been in business for so long and has developed long-term relationships with companies that provide original products. For this reason, partnering with us will be guaranteed high-tech equipment. Of course, since there are no middlemen, our affordable prices suit every client’s budget, especially small and medium businesses with limited resources.

Access to a Professional Team

In-house IT technicians’ knowledge may be limited to only what they learned in school, and they lack the experience of dealing with varied technological problems. On the other hand, our professional team has extensive knowledge due to the different client’s needs. Besides, having a team of skilled professionals at your disposal is far better than a few overwhelmed technicians.

After-Hours IT Coverage and Enhanced Security

Your in-house IT technicians are on a payroll which puts them on the clock. You will have to pay overtime every time if you call on them after hours. That is a problem you never have to face when dealing with co-managed IT services because we provide after-hours coverage.

Get in Touch With the Best IT Company in Las Vegas

Orbis Solutions Inc. understands that each business has different needs, so we provide tailor-made solutions for all our clients. When searching for an IT company in Las Vegas to offer you reliable and affordable services, look no further than Orbis. We have glowing recommendations from our clients, and you too can experience the best IT services once you contact us and schedule your initial consultation at no cost.

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