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Las Vegas IT Support By Orbis Solutions

Other critical things mean more to you in business, and the last thing you want is to deal with business technology problems. It's also possible that you have concerns about your current information system. Why not partner with a reputable provider who's ready to offer quality, cost-effective, and client-focused Las Vegas IT support solutions with high scalability?

Orbis Solutions is your trusted Las Vegas IT Support Company providing a full suite of innovative, collaborative, and comprehensive IT support services. Whether you need to out-task a single function or require IT infrastructure built from the ground up, we are here to offer the help you need.

From cloud solutions, network security, business continuity to data analytics and managed communication and collaboration, Orbis Solutions provides unmatched Las Vegas IT support so that you can focus on the most important stuff – your team, clients, and business goals.

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Why Partner With Orbis Solutions For IT Support In Las Vegas, NV?

Timely response and its availability when you need it are some of the most critical characteristics of a managed IT service provider. We are available 24/7, 365 days, meaning you can contact us at any time of day to troubleshoot or maintain complex issues with your IT architecture. The reason we offer dedicated ongoing support is to alleviate any hiccups that may cause downtime, keeping you connected and up and running at all times.

We are a Las Vegas IT support company with a robust niche in the US and globally. Leverage our expertise and experience in managed IT services and stay ahead of your competitors. Our certified IT professionals are ready to collaborate with you to understand your specific needs. We'll then tailor our solutions to satisfy your unique IT concerns.

Additionally, we provide cost-effective managed IT solutions because we understand that you need not spend much on an in-house team or outsourced networking systems. That's why we provide hassle-free, firm-fixed quotes for our managed IT services. Besides, our flexibility and service scalability allows our clients to tweak the managed services we offer depending on the infrastructure and user count. You can worry less about your business IT network with us by your side. We have you covered from all angles. Whatever your IT need may be, you'll find a solution with us.

Our Support Options For Las Vegas Companies

At Orbis Solutions, we boast an extensive managed IT service portfolio with a concierge of solutions that Las Vegas businesses need. Our team of IT experts is skilled and sharp with a deep understanding of the IT world. They will help you set up an entire IT infrastructure or offer a single function that you prefer not handling in-house. Here are our IT solutions:

Managed IT services

Our objective in providing Las Vegas IT support is to free you up to deal with the essential things in your business and ensure you have a reliable IT infrastructure at your disposal. At Orbis Solutions, we only hire certified IT professionals with the sharpest mind in the Las Vegas IT sector. Once we know your business needs, we will use our know-how, business technologies, and process-improvement model to help you set up an optimally functioning IT network.

While an in-house IT department will learn about IT issues after they've occurred, we prefer taking a proactive approach to IT maintenance. We use powerful monitoring software to identify potential issues or threats before they occur. Our response is timely, and we'll perform diagnostics and troubleshoot any issues to alleviate downtimes for increased productivity.

Cloud computing services

Cloud is everywhere, providing critical data storage, improved team collaboration, and increased productivity levels to many businesses. However, you require a knowledgeable and expert partner to help you handle the complexities of transitioning to the cloud.

Orbis Solutions is your trustworthy partner when it comes to cloud integration. Leverage our know-how to accelerate your business growth with cloud services; our team of certified and seasoned IT personnel can guide you towards your company goal by planning and implementing a business-driven cloud platform.

We also understand that there are wide-ranging options in the market, and making the proper selection can be challenging. Any wrong decisions can be devastating to your brand, both financially and business-wise. Trust us to help you choose the right cloud solution that suits your business. Our job is to help you migrate and transition to the cloud easily.

  • Our cloud computing services include:
  • Cloud provider consulting for proper platform selection
  • Private Cloud or Microsoft Azure for easy data access and security
  • Cloud Backup for business continuity following data loss
  • Disaster recovery via cloud server replicas

Network security

The COVID-19 brought revolutionary technological adoption as many companies resorted to remote working. With such extensive connectivity, cases of cyber threats and attacks have become more and more frequent. If you think your mid-market enterprise is not at risk of cybersecurity breaches, you'll be surprised at how a potential target you are; perhaps today might be your last day to consider hiring managed cybersecurity services.

Forget about the typical cybersecurity programs that only provide a collection of software and policies; Orbis Solutions focuses on creating strategic multi-leveled cybersecurity programs that capture attempted breaches from the core of your IT infrastructure, navigate the complexities that come with vulnerability analysis, identify and neutralize any threats, anytime.

Other common sources of cyber threats (and some of which businesses grapple with) are internal breaches. One of your employees may unknowingly click a link or an email containing malware, opening a gateway for hackers to phish critical organization data, such as financial profiles, clients' personal details, and passwords. Orbis Solutions can provide employee training in cybersecurity, helping your team members identify malicious websites, phishing emails, infectious links, etc., so they can avoid them. It's an effective means of protecting internal data.

You can rely on us to provide the following network security solutions:

  • Cybersecurity infrastructural management
  • Cyber-threat detection and response
  • Ongoing vulnerability assessment and management

Business continuity

In the data-driven business environment that most companies thrive in, information storage and retrieval are critical to business operations. Disasters strike unexpectedly. These events can lead to data loss. The only challenge is that many businesses lack the know-how to implement a contingency plan that guarantees timely data storage and backup systems for data recovery.

That's a problem that Orbis Solutions can solve. We offer a comprehensive data-retrieval strategy through our business continuity services, encompassing planning, prevention, and protection of data, systems, and networks. No more downtime after a disaster-induced data loss; we are here to help you recover your data, get up on your feet and resume your operations within minutes, not days.

In a nutshell, our business continuity solutions mean that:

  • We create cloud replicas of your servers as backup
  • Your IT infrastructure can be operational again within minutes after a disaster
  • We constantly test our data restoration processes to ensure straightforward and seamless data recoveries

Business telephone (VoIP)

Imagine losing business because you've missed a call from a potential client. That's a big deal, and you can do better to prevent a recurrence. In the current globalized market, having advanced telephony has become more of a need than an option. In fact, 58% of consumers reply to a missed call. It's critical to have over-the-internet telephone functionality that enables you to receive every call and text message, whether from a local or overseas client.

Orbis Solutions partners with reputable and acclaimed communication companies to offer reliable VoIP phone solutions to Las Vegas businesses. These tools enable companies to leverage enterprise-level capabilities while bypassing the hefty budgets associated with traditional landlines. Besides, you'll alleviate issues like missed deadlines or poor consumer experience due to dropped or low-quality calls.

Apart from reducing your communication costs, our business telephone services bring at your disposal innovative tools to streamline and manage in-house communication channels. They include automatic responses, voicemail to emails, Find Me/Follow Me, call recording, and many more. With our VoIP solutions, you'll always be connected to your clients, employees, and business partners.

On-site IT support services in Las Vegas

Some IT issues are better solved on-site for optimum IT infrastructural functionality. At Orbis Solutions, we have on-call and pre-scheduled IT consultants who provide field services that bridge technical gaps at your business premises. These services are designed to optimize your network and information systems to suit your business needs, because your business goals and technology change with time.

A significant challenge among most SMBs is that they don't have adequate funds to meet the cost of having a competent and skilled team of IT experts on a full-time basis. And even with the lower budgets they have, they partner with IT generalists who lack the cutting-edge skills and expertise to handle all the nitty-gritty and complexities of IT system management.

Orbis Solutions also specializes in on-site IT services that include:

  • End-user management and CX
  • On-site system optimization to current technologies and business goals
  • IT infrastructure management
  • IT service management that mates high-level IT with frontline technology personnel

Hire Orbis Solutions As Your Las Vegas IT Support Team

Are your networks steeped in speedbumps that hurt your productivity levels? Perhaps you're using more resources in an in-house IT team, but you don't get the results. In that case, partner with Orbis Solutions Inc and get cost-effective and business-driven Las Vegas IT support services. Contact us today at (702) 710-8950 or visit us online to learn more about our managed IT solutions.

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