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Orbis Solutions - one of the most professional Las Vegas IT services companies. Managed security, managed IT support, network services, cloud computing - our team has a perfect service, guaranteed to meet your business needs.

IT Services in Las Vegas By Orbis Solutions

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Orbis Solutions has a great reputation of being one of the most ethical Las Vegas IT services companies taking care of local businesses throughout the Las Vegas metro area. With a strong focus on managed security, managed IT support, network services, cloud computing, our team has a perfect service, guaranteed to meet your business needs.

Speak with a member of our team by clicking the consultation button below and discover why having a local service desk that proactively takes care of your business needs and why having an IT services company in Las Vegas that offers a complete end-to-end service-delivery solution is the right choice to outsource your IT management, IT solutions and IT infrastructure services is the right choice for you.

Las Vegas IT Services

Las Vegas IT Services: Second To None

Today’s hyper-competitive market environment compels companies to enhance innovation and deliver value to customers. At the same time, consumers demand affordable products, efficient buying processes, and faster, reliable service. These demands apply to all businesses irrespective of the industry.

To improve innovation and gain a competitive edge, businesses need robust information technology infrastructure. For many companies, the challenge is to implement and manage the infrastructure while enhancing innovation. Thankfully, managed service providers (MSPs) like Orbis Solutions assist small and large companies in tackling technology challenges to unlock their growth potential.

Las Vegas IT Services by Orbis Solutions make it easier to optimize the infrastructure to ensure optimal performance at all times. In turn, companies benefit from the service by improving efficiency and productivity across all business units and departments. A well-managed IT environment enables teams to handle more tasks with minimal resources.

Efficient day-to-day operations allow organizations to focus on bolstering competitiveness through innovative products and services. IT service providers assess the client’s needs and formulate a viable plan to achieve the cost and scope of the specified deliverables.

It is no surprise that the demand for reliable IT service companies in Las Vegas shows no sign of slowing down. Small and midsize businesses turn to service providers to access newer technologies and highly skilled IT teams. Expert technical support places businesses on a path to enhancing innovation and overall business success.

Orbis Solutions Provides Reliable IT Services To Help Las Vegas Organizations

IT companies provide a wide selection of technical services to meet our client’s business goals and objectives. These services include:

  • Managed Security
  • Complete Outsourced IT Department
  • IT Strategy
  • Technology Consulting
  • Managed Network Services
  • Network Operations Center
  • Managed IT Service & Support
  • Cloud Infrastructure (Including Hybrid Cloud)
  • Data Center Management
  • Managed Hosting
  • VoIP
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Business Systems Management

Call Orbis Solutions For All Your IT Service Needs In Las Vegas

Orbis provides efficient information technology solutions to suit your needs. The firm makes it easier to reduce exposure to cybersecurity threats by providing proven technologies, such as web content filtering systems, advanced data encryption, and next-gen firewalls. These interventions help mitigate risks associated with various types of cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity experts at Orbis have many years of experience designing hardened network security solutions. At the same time, the team implements a proactive detection system to thwart threats.

You can also count on Orbis Solutions to provide robust business continuity services, which help deal with downtime issues. Its team achieves this objective by implementing redundancies and backups. In the end, you minimize downtime, thanks to the IT company’s highly responsive recovery approach.

When it comes to managed IT services, Orbis provides custom solutions to keep your infrastructure performing optimally. The MSP handles various aspects of your IT environment, including network security, cloud services, IT support services, and system audits. You can leverage dynamic services to maximize efficiency, reliability, and productivity.

The IT experts automate the majority of routine maintenance tasks to ensure efficiency. As a result, you minimize breakdowns and disruptions to business activities. With enterprise support, it becomes easier to gain a competitive advantage, boost revenue, and grow your business.

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“Orbis’ experienced team assessed our situation, listened to our concerns, and educated us to the ever-changing world of technology. Not only are they professionals at what they do, they’re a pleasure to work with and always have a unique, personal approach to our needs.”
Jane Doe
“Thank you Orbis Solutions for providing me and my staff with your monthly Tech Tips. As a business owner I don't have time to keep up with changing technology and your tips are always on point. Always professional and attentive to our growing business needs.”
Jane Doe
“We are a small business in Las Vegas, and therefore do not have the revenue to staff full time IT personnel. So last year, we partnered with Orbis Solutions Inc. and they are the “IT Department” for our company.”
Jane Doe
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